Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB Hard Drive

Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB Hard Drive

Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB is an ideal high storage solution. The drive features 2TB Space with solid performance. WD has designed the drive with a motive of high performance. With lowest adjustment you can create your own network share instantly. For storage people spend wisely on high space drives. But what matters the most is reliability. No one likes to place 2TB of data on an unreliable drive that has low guarantee of life cycle. Western Digital at that point can be trusted well. The drive features a common Sata interface that most of the internal hard drive comes with. With 64mb cache you can expect a bit boost to the performance also. It is a 3.5” hard drive that is quiet thicker compared to the regular one. It is obvious for getting that much space more platters are required. The drive is suitable for both business and home usage. If you are planning to go for storage upgrade, then it is recommended to invest wisely once. The drive is designed with technology that reduces the power consumption and allows it to stay cooler. On heavy operation the drive gets hot a little bit.

Western Digital offers Caviar series hard drive in 4 different colors. They are Blue, Green, Black and Red. Each one of them specialize in different kind of performance output. Series under Blue are specifically designed to give reliable storage solution for Desktop PC and Enclosures. While the Green series features a low noise and gets less heat up. They are not optimized for performance but for giving support to your existing hard drive. They are best used as secondary hard drive. The Black that we are going to review today features maximum performance only. Good rpm, better caching, low temperature, heavy usage, etc; are some of the prime aspect. While the Red one offers power to NAS. They are designed to work 24×7. Right now we will discuss more about 2TB Caviar Black.


  • Dual Actuator Technology
  • StableTrac
  • NoTouch Ramp Load Technology
  • Dual Processor
  • Colossal Cache


  • Interface: SATA 6GB/s
  • Width: 3.5inch
  • Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM
  • Capacities: 500GB to 2TB.

Design and Features:

Caviar Black features a thin low vibrating enclosure. It is also quiet low on noise. Designed for desktop users, they may find the drive a bit costly. But above all it is offering you a 2TB storage which cannot be ignored. Somehow in terms of reliability this drive lands at the top. The architectures feature rock good mechanical components that offer more durability and life to the drive.  For example Dual Actuator. The head is supported by two actuators. The actuator is a panel that moves the head from one place to another. In Caviar Black there are two actuators that add more accuracy. The head is positioned exactly on the right data tracks that increase the precision to great level. The motor or media in between is one that creates maximum vibration and noise. Somehow WD has been able to keep it quieter. No Touch RAMP Technology is available in many other models of WD hard drive. This technology allows the head to stay away from platter. In conventional hard drive the head has to touch the platter to write data and number of time due to improper design the head crashes which result in dead hard drive. In Caviar Black this thing is completely avoided.

The hard drive runs on a dual processor chip that offers more boost in data transfer speed. It also maximizes the caching. In our test we found the drive gives 100mb per second of transfer speed on any regular system. The internal transfer speed on regular system is around 100 to 130 mb per second. But somehow we found a bit fall in data transfer speed. Ample of time the speed fluctuates and lies around 40mb/s which can be due to hardware limitation. The speed varies on different system based on hardware you are using. Like on the Sata interface. We tested it on Sata 3GB/s interface. The same on Sata 6GB/s interface would be much better. As you can see the current transfer speed lies around 138.6 Mb/s of read speed. That means the drive is capable of delivering good data transfer speed. The write speed also lies near to read speed. That makes the drive better in terms of output. The operating temperature of the hard drive lies between 40 to 60 Degree Celsius.  Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB is an optimum solution for personal usage. You can use it for gaming, video editing job, animation, graphic designing, etc. The drive performs really well under all conditions.

Conclusion :

WD Caviar Black 2TB is a performance hard drive for home and office usage. The drive offers an ideal solution for data backup and storage. Dual Actuators used inside Caviar Black increases the data precision. The device gets a bit hot when you use it continuously. With a HDD temperature monitor we found that the temp basically lies between 40 to 45 degree Celsius which not so good for a normal hard drive. The cost of this hard drive is around Rs.12000 which really makes it an affordable drive for high storage output.


  • Large Storage Space
  • Good Performance
  • Low on Noise
  • Low on Vibration
  • 5 year warranty


  • Overheating



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