Asia Power IND801 UPS Review

Asia Power IND801 UPS Review

Asia Power IND801 UPS offers uninterruptible power for single pc upto 30 mins. Without UPS any pc can face severe damages due to power failure that is constant at many places. UPS adds a sense of security against power failure. Asia Power IND801 is an entry level UPS for single pc usage only. It offers you maximum 30 MIN output in case of power failure. It is controlled by microprocessors inside, that offers stable power. It also offers protections from short circuit. It works on dual power Yuasa batteries which features faster charging qualities. Also the power stored remains for a long time. You can simply connect it to your power socket and hook your pc on the UPS. It works fine and there is no need to worry about power fluctuations. It is essential today that PC should need a constant power output in order to operate well. The life of hardware components are degraded when you are not having a stable power output. At that point you can add up UPS like Asia Power IND801 to ensure more reliable power source.


  • Microprocessor controlled digital UPS
  • 140-300V input AVR range
  • Cold start feature
  • Short circuit, overload protection
  • Battery deep discharge protection
  • Battery over-charge protection
  • Superior low loss transformer for higher efficiency
  • Dual Power Yuasa Battery


Capacity – 1 PC Load (max 600VA)


  • Voltage – 230V
  • Frequency – 40-65Hz
  • AVR – 140V-300V
  • Generator Compatible – Yes
  • Connection – 3 Pin 10A, Indian Plug, 1.2 mt wire
  • Voltage on mains – 230V +10%~-15%


  • Frequency on mains – Follows Input
  • Voltage on Battery – 230V ±10%
  • Freq on Battery – 50 Hz ±1%
  • Waveform – Modified Sinewave
  • Power Factor Lagging – 0.6
  • Efficiency – >80%
  • Sockets – 3 output sockets
  • O/p Short cc – UPS output cutoff immediately


  • O/p overload shutdown – 110% for 1 min / 130% for 3 sec

Transfer Time – Mains to Inverter 4-8 ms


  • DC Bus – 12V
  • Internal Battery  – Dual power Yuasa Battery
  • Protection  – Auto Discharge Protection
  • Typical Recharging Time – 6 hrs (to 90% full capacity)
  • Backup time – 30 min on 1 PC Load


  • Battery Backup – Slow beeping sound (about 0.47 Hz)
  • Battery Low – Rapid beeping sound (about 1.8 Hz)
  • Overload – Continuous beeping sound


  • Ambient Operation – 0-40°C, 0-95% humidity non condensing, 3500 meter max.
  • Audible Noise – <40DbA (1 meter from surface)
  • Storage Condition – 15,000 meter max. elevation


  • Weight (Net) – 6.4 Kgs.
  • Weight (Gross) – 7 Kgs.
  • Dimension – WxDxH (mm) – 100 x 330 x 140

Above you can get ample of information on the UPS output. Its detailed specification simply states that it is great for minimum usage. It is not recommended to add more than one pc or additional hardware on the UPS. The voltage output is 230V that is stable for single pc only. For adding higher number of devices you will need to find a better battery power. The design of this UPS is thin and straight. Even after being small in size it is really heavy to move. The weight of Asia Power IND801 is around 6.4 Kgs. It is better to place it at once location. At the front side lies three light indicators. That offers you information on the battery output and power supply. A power button is placed at the center to turn it on and off and when not in use. Asia Power IND801 supports cold start and battery charging in turned off mode. You can simply find it out by pressing the power button where there is charge left or not. While if you turn off the UPS and it is connected to the power outlet, the battery will still be in charging state. So this is some smart things that make it a necessary solution. Along with this it also features ABM technology that increases the UPS battery life much higher compared to other regular UPS.

Advance Battery Management (ABM) technology deals with a special algorithm that take care about battery charging period, as we know that batteries performance keeps on degrading as time goes on. This is due to electrochemical components. Through ABM the battery power usage is simply monitored and controlled, so that the batteries are not affected due to continuous charging. The UPS is managed by a Microprocessor, due to which it offers much more stability. Ample of actions are controlled by an internal CPU that deliver continuous power source for longer period with minimum maintenance. The UPS selects an automatic frequency on the basis of power usage.


Asia Power IND801 UPS comes for Rs.3,499/-. At the price range it delivers great features and performance. The output is better here with single pc only. As I said the UPS has limitation of using more devices on it with surge protection. But still it lands well on personal needs. The microprocessor controlling ability makes the UPS more stable under extreme condition, while it keeps your system safer from short circuit and over load.


  • Stable Power Supply
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Microprocessor Controlled


  • Low Battery Capacity



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