Gigabyte E350N Motherboard Review

Gigabyte E350N Motherboard Review

Gigabyte E350N offers a power pack board with better graphics and portable power. The board delivers nice output through APU that act as the processor and graphic memory at single time. The board is well suitable for HTPC. Loaded with ample of new features you can simply expect good performance from E350N. There are other more models available in the same series, in which one is capable of giving you USB 3.0 connectivity and other one is optimized for Windows 8. The edition that we are testing is 1.0 which is suitable board for HTPC. Buying a mini board is not easy. The most important doubt is graphic performance. Even for office usage today we have some application that depends on graphic memory for performance. At this point, investing on the right product matters the most.


Another complicated aspect is to locate what you are looking for. To be clear Gigabyte E350BN is a Mini board with dedicated on board video memory (DX11 support) and Dual Core processor. I will not say that it meets the requirement of high end gaming system. Specifically designed with durable circuit and multimedia requirements the board works fine at low power. That means it is quiet energy efficient. Below you can get a short list of features and specification that tell you more about E350N Rev.1.0. You can also check the video review for this product here.



  • Ultra Durable 4 classic
  • Integrated new generation of AMD Dual-Core E-350D APU
  • DDR3 1333+ RAM Support
  • Integrated AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics
  • PCI interface Support
  • 8-channel ALC887 high definition audio CODEC
  • Integrated HDMI interface for Full HD 1080  PlayBack
  • Hi-Speed USB and LPT/RS-232 connectors


  • APU: Built in with an AMD E-350D Dual-Core processor. Built in with an AMD Radeon HD 6310 (DirectX 11) graphics core
  • Chipset : AMD A45 FCH
  • Memory: 2 x 1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets. Support for DDR3 1333.
  • Onboard Graphics : Integrated APU wity 1x D-Sub and 1xHDMI port
  • Audio : Realtek HD audio codec / High Definition Audio / 2/4/5.1/7.1-channel / Support for S/PDIF Out
  • LAN : Realtek GbE LAN chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)
  • Expansion Slots : 1xPCi Slot
  • USB : Up to 8 USB 2.0/1.1 ports
  • I/O Controller : iTE I/O Controller Chip
  • Unique Features : Q-Flash,  Xpress Install & Recovery 2, EasyTune, Smart Recovery, Auto Green, ON/OFF Charge &  Q-Share


Design and Features:
Gigabyte E350N REV.1.0 is an entry level pc. It comes with integrated processor. That means you just have to buy DDR3 RAM, HDD, Mini CPU Case and you are done with your setup. Not very complicated E350N delivers you simple way to setup systems for work. For personal and home usage you need a decent computer. It is the one that can give you long performance on applications that you are using with some entertainment. And on the same hand a additional benefit of some games that can work. I am not talking about heavy games.  Gigabyte E350N has everything. The ultra durable body makes the board powerful to give you long lasting performance because mostly in office systems are used for hours and hours. And at that point you need a board that is capable of handling the pressure. By Ultra Durable I mean to say, that the board circuit is capable of tolerating humidity, electrostatic and power failure with high temperature. It features some Ultra Durable Classic 4 standard which Gigabyte mark on performance boards. The PCB is made up of glass fabric that is powerful and works better.


Gigabyte E350N is loaded with tons of features. But what really matters is how reliable it is. Will it be wise to spend on mini board instead of buying a full size motherboard? That is a common doubt. For office or educational institution the investment on computer increases with number. At that point the buyers mostly look for system that has all new features with budget price.


Gigabyte E350N REV.1.0 operates on AMD E-350D Dual-Core processor.  It is an APU. It is designed integrated with AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics. The motherboard full fills your 2 prime requirements. First is a decent processor and good onboard graphics performance. It would be complicated to give you the exact clock rate of E350D Dual Core processor. But you can expect this between Dual Core and Core 2 Duo processor and the graphic output between 512 to 1GB. Performance point of view it is also capable of running some heavy games on lowest settings flawlessly. So for those who want to use graphic editing application on this can be expect good output. It features AMD A45 chipset. Below is the bloc diagram of this motherboard.  You can see the provided features and connectivity options on it directly.


For multimedia E50N offers you HD audio codec. You can use a 7.1 audio system on the same. There are two ram slots provided which can support maximum 8GB of memory. There are 4 usb ports on the back panel and connectors are provided for other 4. For graphic cards there is only single pci slot provided. So you can use a single graphic card on it if you need better graphic output.  Just below the fan lies the APU which is embedded on the motherboard. You cannot remove it. for upgrades in future you have to contact AMD and I think right now on this model it is not possible.



The bios of Gigabyte E350N offer M.I.T features. It is an intelligent tweak utility through which you can boost the system performance. Through MB Intelligent Tweaker you can modify the CPU Frequency and DRAM Config. Under CPU Frequency you can adjust the same to maximum 16000 MHz. It is recommended to keep everything in auto if you are not so good in tweaking. DDR3 configuration on the same hand offers you a bit more output by modifying the ram current frequency.

Gigabyte E350N delivers a ideal output for HTPC systems. And for those who need a portable system for professional work only. The board has integrated APU that means it is going to handle both processing and video output of the system. So to some extent that can be pressure on the system is used for gaming. Otherwise it works well with ample of application that I had tested on the same. For office apps, social networking games, web surfing, etc the board works well without giving much trouble. Due to mini size you can simply fix it on mini cpu case and save some space. The price of this board lies around Rs. 4,500/-. The price is just well for a mini board, but I will recommend you to check out the different edition available in the same series.


  • Ultra Durable PCB
  • Integrated Video Memory
  • High Performance


  • Not Upgradable



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