AOC LE19A1331 18.5inch LED TV Review

AOC LE19A1331 18.5inch LED TV Review

AOC LE19A1331 TV offers true HD experience in best quality. The screen features around 47cm (18.5inch), giving true life like image quality. Compared to others this one is capable of competing with any HDTV in the market. AOC belongs to some of those few manufacturers’ list which really works hard on quality. AOC LE19A1331 offers HD Read features with simple connectivity options. For connectivity the TV offers 2 HDMI ports for high definition media streaming. While additional 2 USB ports help you to connect external storage, digital camera, Smartphone, tablet, etc; to the TV and stream your videos and photos instantly. The size is relatively small but also thin and less heavy for moving the monitor. Screen output is crisp and vibrant. The maximum resolution it offers is 1366×768. This is quiet enough for all kind of videos. The best part of having a small screen size TV is that video which lies under low resolution does not get’s blurred on the screen.

While the drawback is you have to maintain a reasonable distance for watching videos. If you keep the TV too far away then you may not get good viewing experience. 5ms response time is quiet common on ample of TV models. What difference lies here is true HD display at reasonable budget. The screen is powered by Real Color Engine Technology. For audio, the AOC LE19A1331 offers Dream Surround Sound Technology.  DSS tries to improve the sound output of a movie or a song by cutting out the background noises, hush and other effects, and the audio goes clear and sharp. The speakers on the top at the back side maintain proper surround sound effect. AOC LE19A1331 is an ideal TV set for everyone. Being a budget model TV it does not fall back on features.

However, you might not love to watch it from long distance, as I said earlier. The viewing experience lies better if you are near to the TV set. Wall mounting would be the best alternative here. It supports almost all connectivity standards. You can use it with a PC, Laptop, Home Theater System, CD/DVD Player, Blu-ray player, etc.


AOC LE19A1331 comes with a nice glossy finish border and a simple stand. The body does not resemble any basic elements. The look just reflects a traditional thin size flat pc monitor. There are no buttons on the front part.  The screen lies around 18.5inch which is enough for watching videos. A single blue light lies towards the left corner which glows when the TV is off. The net weight of AOC LE19A1331 is around 2.6kg. So that makes it light weight also. I did not like the stand below. It is a flat and has no adjustment features. The LED panel lies suspended over the top side. While on the backside, we get all the connectors and speaker. Along with this, the TV also supports wall mounting. You can see the screws holes that are provided. At the top lies the speaker. Powered by Dream Surround Sound Technology, you get a good sound output. The TV comes in small size range so you cannot expect cinema type output here. But still I was happy with the existing audio quality. At the right you can see all the connectivity ports. Among which the first two are HDMI ports. So that you can enjoy some good video output over high definition media interface. Next to that lies a VGA port also. You can connect the TV directly to the computer for watching movies or even web surfing. As per my usage I am not really happy in using the TV as a computer. It is really complicated to work on text files. The screen is not at all designed for reading purpose. It is quiet bright and affects eyes easily when we are very near to the screen. For pc work like internet surfing, reading, gaming, etc; the monitor is not good at all.+

Next to the VGA port lays pc audio jack where you can connect pc speakers. Any speaker that supports 3.5mm jack will work on it.  A regular 2.1 surround sound speaker set can add more benefits here. Below lies the traditional set of jacks to hook the TV on CD/DVD Player, TV Tuner, Blu-Ray player etc. And at the top corner there is a coaxial connector for cable service. At the bottom we had a tiny thing, a strip to tie up unwanted cables altogether. That is a bit of smart work done here. Because in CD/DVD player or in Home Theater System we have a multiple set of wires that can mess up the back part. Through this we can hook them properly with good cable management.

At the extreme right AOC has placed all the physical buttons and single usb port. I found it a bit uncomfortable. Most of the TV models have these things on the right edge only. But still it is a bit deeper. Connecting and removing any usb device is really irritating. You have to move the entire set to put your hand on the backside to remove a pen drive. While below the usb lies a headphone jack. Above that lies 5 physical keys to control the monitor. Starting from the lowest side, the first is a power button, second one is input, third is ok or select button and the last two are volume keys. 

From the front side, AOC LE19A1331 gives a decent look. It is a kind of TV that fits really well for personal usage. You can put it in your bedroom or in your office and enjoy good video viewing experience. Being a budget TV set it is really worth to go for it. What matters here the most is video output. That is better on HDMI interface.

UI: We will checkout the TV interface one by one. This includes files viewable via usb and on regular TV. Now there are different menu in each section. When you connect the TV on a DTH or Set Top Box you have access to menu through which you can modify the color, change movie mode, etc. While if you are selecting the default input as usb then the same changes. You have limited accessibility here. We will first checkout the regular one. OSD of AOC LE19A1331 is not so great. It looks average. It is not really old or new. But a reasonable menu that is easy to understand here. From the remote you have to first select TV. Then you have to press the Menu button to enter settings. There are five different sections here.

OSD under TV Output: Picture: Allows you to customize the picture settings. Select from 8 picture mode to get the right video output. They are Vivid, Standard, Movie, Mild, Sport, Game, Eco & Personal. While through advance settings you can separately manage the backlit output. This backlit has nothing related to Brightness/Contrast control.

Audio:  Here you can choose from 5 audio preset modes. They are Standard, Music, Speech, Theater and Personal. Also you can simply enable DSS (Dream Surround Sound) technology to enhance the output. Automatic Volume Level just manages the audio output on the basis of video.

Channel: Only works with TV. Under this you can simply update the channel list available.  The auto search feature usually looks for all available frequency and loads the channel list. Kind of good option for you if the cable guy updates new channel and you are not aware. You can simply run an auto search option to restore everything.

Child Lock: This section allows you to block access to your TV channel. It happens ample of time when you are not at home; kids might watch TV  all day. From here you can block TV, Video, YPbPr (input connector for CD/DVD player), VGA, and HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 port. Once you select the same and apply the settings, then anyone who tries to connect the TV via any of those above medium will get a password lock screen. But it does not work for USB. So here we have a security hole. It is possible to block everything to access USB. That might still work. It works on simple 4 digit password. Also you can lock the remote from here.

Settings: This section has a bit helpful items. From here you can simply control the standby output of TV. You can also enable and disable the Freeze Switch. At the end lies Time setup. Through which you can configure Sleep Timer up to 120 minutes. This is helpful when you are watching movies in night. You can just enable sleep timer and it will go down after a set of time period. Through the same section you can also enable Power On and Power Off time. Good options to keep kids under control for watching TV. When you turn ON Power the TV will turn on automatically at the set time. The same is applicable for Off also.

OSD under USB Mode: Now we have some more additional options when you are using an usb as the multimedia output for AOC LE19A1331. There is a single usb 2.0 port on the side. From the remote you just need to press the usb button. The OSD here is very simple with straight forward features. 4 prime categories. That’s all. Photo, Music, Movie and Text. The remote is helpful with simple navigation feature. Through arrow keys you can select the folders and images you want to see. It comes with an auto slideshow feature that keeps on playing image at a time interval. There are no configuration settings available for that. We will checkout each section with the type of multimedia format that it supports.

Photo: This section is dedicated for photos only. AOC LE19A1331 supports jpeg, bmp and png file format. For jpeg the viewing is great at 1028×768 resolutions. The maximum it supports is 1560×6400. While for bmp it offers maximum 9600×6400. The same resolution lies for png also. The integrated slideshow feature works well with an interval of 3 to 4 seconds only. Inside Photo, but pressing the Menu button you can modify the thumbnail size or simply sort all the photos by Date and Name. From the same menu you can go in another section by pressing Media Type button.

Music: AOC LE19A1331 supports mp3 only. The default audio player gives a basic info on songs. While it also supports background play option. I am really missing visualization stuff here. As the TV supports background play option you can just load songs on usb and let the TV play it one by one by default. You can simply press the Return key back twice to come on the home screen.

Movie: This part, as usual, is dedicated for all videos. AOC LE19A1331 supports rm, rmvb, mpeg and mpeg 4 video formats. Along with this it also reads dat and avi files. Flv files do not work on it. Whatever format it reads is visible on the TV screen while other remains hidden. For video the output is really great if you are having video over 480p. It is clear and sharp. After testing some HD 1080p video I am really happy with the output. But as it has usb 2.0 support the fast forwarding is slow. The internal video player also has resume option through which you can start watching video last from where you left.

Text: According to me this is a useless section. AOC LE19A1331 supports only .txt files. And they are displayed in the form of black and white screen. The text is in white color with black background which is really annoying to read. It does not even read pdf files. In terms of readability AOC LE19A1331 is not at all good enough.

Multimedia Output:

The multimedia output of AOC LE19A1331 goes above average. It works great with HD video format. Real Color Technology here adds more improvement to images. They are more vibrant and clear on the screen. For audio the integrated low powered speakers are powerful enough to give clear audio output up to 10 meters. DSS plays a vital role in improving the audio quality. The internal TV Tuner is capable of locating PAL D/K, B/G; NTSC M; SECAM I; TV signals. Color correction is not so well on it. There are no settings to improve dark videos. They are too dull on the screen. Most of the HDTV works great with HD videos only. They lack a good video correction ability that can simply adjust the brightness/contrast level to give proper output. AOC LE19A1331 can be ideal for personal viewing experience. Not for a family. This TV reflects a kind of personal reserved space. What I was really expecting more from this TV is a good OSD and more audio settings.


AOC LE19A1331 lacks some enhancement in OSD. That makes it limited in usage. A single usb port is also not enough here. It can be of great choice under entry level small size LED LCD TV. Being reasonable in cost it offers better output compared to other similar cheaper products available in the market. What additional we get here is Real Color Engine that enhances the image quality and Dream Surround Sound Technology that boost the audio output. AOC LE19A1331 come for Rs. 9,000/-. It can be a reasonable choice under budget TV. The 18.5inch screen is enough for watching any of your favorite videos and images. It is not a full LED TV. It has LCD panel LED backlit display that makes it more vibrant in looks. Backlit set of 100 gives maximum clarity. It is also a low power consuming TV set. It works on just 35w power output.  


  • Great Audio/Video Output
  • Real Color Engine & DSS
  • Child Lock


  • Single USB Port Only
  • Outdated OSD


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