Benq GW2760HS 27inchMonitor Review

Benq GW2760HS 27inchMonitor Review


Recently we reviewed BenQ XL2720T 3D Gaming Monitor Review which was one of the best 27-inch large screen Gaming monitor we could have at such affordable price. Today we are having yet another 27-inch monitor from Benq with impressive features. It is “BenQ GW2760HS” Flicker-free LED monitor. Probably this would be the first Flicker Free monitor users can avail at affordable price of Rs. 20,000/-  Infact there are few e-commerce portals like Snapdeal who is selling this monitor at even cheaper (Rs.19,000/-) with EMI facility. With a large Full HD 1080p display the monitor also offers built-in speakers, 3000:1 native contrast, 20M:1 dynamic contrast ratio, slim bezel, and true 8-bit panel performance. The display is brighter, sharper with awesome colors and better response time. This could be abetter choice for beginners looking for a huge monitor, no matter for PCs or for their gaming consoles. BenQ also provides several OSD Menus to adjust or enhance your viewing experience. Lets find out how impressive this Flicker Free monitor is.

Design and Build Quality

Being a budget monitor the build quality of GW2760HS is not as good as XL2720T which we reviewed earlier but still it manages to impress us. The entire body is build up of glossy plastics material which looks attractive however it picks up dust very easily. What make it look stylish is the 11.5mm slim bezels at the top and sides of the display. They have also kept the bezel clean with just a BenQ logo at the middle bottom, model number at the top right and HDMI, Senseye and LED written at the bottom left. Benq has done a good job to make the monitor appear look rich although being a budget monitor, infact it could be a great competition for other costly monitors.

In order to keep the body clean BenQ has placed all the menu buttons behind however the small dot icons are at front to allow us accessing the menus comfortably.

Coming to the back we will see a Oval shaped block in the center which holds wall mounting as well as all connectivity ports. You also need to fit the stand properly in this same block. Unlike GW2760HS this is not the adjustable stand, but a normal one which wont allow you to rotate the display or adjust its height. At the bottom left of the rear view, you can see the Menu buttons.

On the top of the rear body we can see the BenQ logo and the built-in speakers just below the same. In order to make these speakers work, you will require a 3.5mm audio cable which brings the sound from CPU Port to the monitor.

Talking about the connectivity, we have a Power port placed at the left of the stand while Audio input and output, HDMI, DVI and VGA ports are provided on the right.

And at the center, of course we have a 27 inch Flicker Free LED display coated with anti-glare panel offering 190 X 1080 pixel resolution.
Navigation and Keys:

All OSD menus are placed at the rear of the monitor but their labels are provided at the bottom right of the display. To access the menus we need to go from the below which sometimes appears bit difficult. There are total 6 buttons including 5 OSD keys and 1 of Course the power key. Except the power key when we press any of those 5 buttons, it brings up the main options as you can see in the image below:

For the first few hours you may face some problems to understand the keys properly, atleast I did because of the arrow keys to scroll up/down or to go back. Now coming to the functions, when we press any of these five key for first time, it brings up five icons as shown in the image above which consists of the Picture Mode, Input, Volume, main Settings menu and the exit button. However the first three options can also be access from the main settings menu, BenQ has provided them separately for quick access as they are used more frequently. You can also change and assign any menu for these buttons by going into Settings > Custom Key 1 or Key 2 or Key 3.

Pressing the first icon (dotted circle) brings up the Picture Mode which includes options like Standard, Movies, Game, Photo, sRGB, Reading, Eco and User defined.

Second icon (Arrow) brings up the Input menu including options like D-Sub, DVI and HDMI.

The third is the Volume icon allowing you to increase or decrease the built-in speaker’s volume.

Now coming to the main settings menu, you get the options to customize everything as per your requirements. First is the Display menu where you can change the H Position, V Position, Pixel Clock, etc.

Next is the picture setting where you can change Brightness, Contrast, Color Temperature, etc. There is also upto 5 level of Gamma which can be very useful while gaming.

Then comes the Pictures Advanced where you can change   Color Format, Picture Mode, Display Mode, etc.

Next is the Audio setting that allows you to select Audio source or increase decrease the built-in speaker volumes. Finally comes the Settings Menu which holds all important settings about the monitor. Here the first you get is OSD settings allowing you to change Languages of Menu, Display Time upto 30 seconds or even you can lock the menu.

Next are the Custom keys 1,2 and 3 where you can assign any of your favorite shortcut to be accessed quickly. Thereafter we get DDC/CI and HDMI Auto Switcher. And next comes with Auto Power Off. You can set timer upto 30 minutes to auto turn of monitor.

The last option provided under Settings is to Reset the monitor settings. If anything going wrong with the display or you have done wrong settings and not able to fix it, simply use this option to reset the monitor to its factory settings.

Flicker Free Display:

The biggest problem human being face after working for long hours on computer is headache. Usually after years of working on computer most of the users face blurry vision problem. This is all because of the screen flickering in monitors. In order to deal with the same BenQ has used non flickering technology with GW2760HS Monitor. BenQ made this possible by replacing the standard LEDs with conventional LED backlight. For normal users it would be difficult to notice whether the display is flickering or not but they can test it out simply by taking their Mobile camera on the display. Usually on other monitors or displays we see few lines flickering in our camera but with GW2760HS we didn’t found any such thing. Have a look at this comparison pictures.


We cannot say the performance of BenQ GW2760HS is the best but its 3000:1 native contrast ratio and 20M:1 dynamic contrast ratio make it much better   compared to other 27-inch LED Monitors in this price range. Surprisingly, no matter watching HD Movie or High quality Picture or high graphical games,
the monitor manages to offer real depth and detail, with vibrant colors. With its IPS LED panel, as promised by BenQ, we get best viewing from any angle. No matter you are sitting right in front of the screen or watching it from its side, with GW2760HS we get the accurate colors and vision. Usually on other monitors though having IPS panel, the picture gets bit blackish or won’t appear proper from 178%. This is not the case with BenQ GW2760HS. Have a look:

Apart from multimedia, we even found it impressive in doing our work like browsing, designing, and other jobs. Its Reading Mode offers much comfortable reading experience whether it is on Web Browser or any document. Only problem I noticed here is the built-in speakers. They are very slow. You just cannot depend on these speakers if you really want to enjoy your Movies or Songs. Make sure you have external speakers connected with the system.

List of important Features:

1. VA LED: Packed in slim and sleek body,  BenQ GW2760HS could be one of the best monitors for your Home as well as Office use because of its brilliant viewing angles and vibrant colors. It could be used for official work, for Multimedia or for Gaming purpose without any disappointment.

2. Flicker-free: As mentioned above, flickering is the most possible cause that cause strains or headaches after working for a long time. BenQ is the first to take a step against this by replacing the standard LEDs with conventional LED backlight. Now we can use the monitor at any brightness level without flickering issues.

3. True 8-bit Color: GW2760HS‘s true 8-bit VA panel enables a stable color transition between adjacent colors to generate smoother and more naturally layered images.

4. Better Eco Mode: BenQ has offered a new and better Eco Mode to get higher energy efficiency with GW2760HS. Due to this power consumption gets reduces up to 37% because the backlight brightness level gets adjusted automatically to offer best display quality along with highest energy efficiency. The power consumption gets even better upto 44% while gaming.

5. 3000: 1 Native Contrast Ratio and 20M:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio: As we mentioned above the monitor comes with 3000:1 native contrast ratio and 20M:1 dynamic contrast ratio which adds color depth and definition to darkened and complex motion pictures, so that everything you see, from the brightest white to the darkest black, is perfectly rendered to deliver the clearest, smoothest picture performance during movies and video games.

6. Full HD 1080p resolution with 16:9 Aspect Ratio: Now enjoy Full HD Movies like it should be enjoyed. GW2760HS offers 1080p resolution with 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

7. Senseye 3 Technology: We have seen Senseye technology in BenQ monitors earlier as well. It delivers only the best viewing quality in each of its pre-set viewing modes –Standard, Movie, Game, Photo, sRGB, Reading, and Eco – with the Eco Mode especially designed to save power and money.

Assembling: Assembling BenQ GW2760HS is quite simple. You just need lock the Stand’s holder properly to the blocks provided on the rear side and lock it with a single screw which is already provided. If you want you can download the User Manual from here which has step by step process with pictures to attach the stand. It also offers you to wall mounting process.



According to our tests and the results we found, I must say BenQ GW2760HS is one of the best Monitors you can have with 27-inch Full HD display with Sensye 3 and other features mentioned above. Viewing angles are very good from any side of the monitor, it generates awesome color and details to offer you best output. The best thing about this monitor is the Flicker free output which takes care of your eyes and let you work strain free for longer hours. Apart from this its slim bezel finishing gives a rich look to the monitor. This could be a good choice for beginners looking for Multimedia and working purpose at the price of Rs. 20,000/- However users can get it at even cheaper rate from online vendors like Snapdeal who is offering it at Rs.19,000/- and Indiatimes offering at Rs. 19,200/-


  • Flicker-free backlight Display
  • Awesome contrast and brightness
  • Better colour production and high details
  • Good viewing angles (upto 170%)
  •  Slim and Sleek packing
  • Budget price


  • Slow speakers, still external speakers required
  • No USB ports


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