HP Officejet Pro 3620 Review

HP Officejet Pro 3620 Review

HP Officejet Pro 3620 is a multi-featured budget printer loaded with fax, scanner, copier and online printing options.  It is easy to use and provides affordable printing solution. HP marked it as a performance printer that offer you laser like print quality. It is great for office use. Some prime aspects which are truly great about it are that you can access it online, and you can also print through LAN via web access panel. This adds more to the accessibility. I had tested some more models recently which belong to the MFP category. Different things I notice are with noise, operation and usability. HP Officejet Pro 3620 makes disturbing noise while printing. That is a big drawback here. The print/copier is slow depending on the quality. While for operation it is very easy. You can use the web based features instantly without messing with complicated settings. It comes loaded with EWS (Embedded Web Server) via which you can print and scan through LAN. That means there is no need to physically connect the printer to your pc via usb cable. Webscan allows you to scan and download document directly on your pc. All you need is to connect the printer on your LAN network.  Print quality is great here.  It has a durable design. For office it is a reliable printer.

Officejet Pro 3620 is a black and white printer. It has a single cartridge head inside. HP offers two different set of black and white monochrome inkjet cartridges. The output print quantity is around 1600 pages per cartridges depending on the type.  There are two series in it. The first one is CZ665AA which comes for Rs.595 offering you 700 pages print and the second is CZ666AA that comes for Rs.999 offering 1600 pages prints. If you use the second then the cost of per print is around 60 paisa which is not bad. And if you go for cheaper one then per pages cost increases to 90 paisa per print. The print output can differ on the basis of print quality and non-hp cartridges. HP Officejet Pro 3620 offers you good and affordable printing solution. Under budget you are getting overall features which are required at a business premise. FAX, Copier, Scanner and Web Based Printing options makes it very easy in terms of usage.


  • Print, Copy, Scan and FAX.
  • Affordable Compare to Toner and Refill.
  • Upto 19ppm Print Speed
  • 12000 Pages Duty Cycle
  • Duplex Printing
  • Internet, Ethernet Based Support
  • Print through Tablet, Mobile via ePrint
  • Print documents by sending to ePrint Mail ID
  • 250 Sheet Paper Tray
  • Energy Start 2.0 Certified – Low Power usage


HP Officejet Pro 3620 is a full size All in One Printer. Or it is better to say it is an affordable MFP printer. Weight lies around 8.25kgs which is heavy and you have to reserve space for it. Compact style offers a great look which does not look cheaper from any side. Following the traditional design, the front part covers up everything. The scanner is placed on the top and at the back lies a Duplexer with all connectivity ports. Compared to a high end MFP Printer there are certain things which are removed to make it budget friendly. Like usb port, memory card slot, wifi printing, etc. But still HP has left Ethernet and ePrint. This helps us to use the printer through internet. All you have to do is hook the printer on a wifi network and leave it on sharing. ePrint allows you to print via Smartphone and Tablet PC running on Android and iOS with a tiny app which is available on Google Play and iTunes App Store. Install this and sync the print with it. ePrint is a web based service which operates on a account signup. The printer is connected to the account and you just have to add that in your device. Print is done through internet. Officejet Pro 3620 is a black and white printer. So printing photos is not a good idea. You can stick with documents and emails. Also the ePrint button on the printer provides you an email address, on which you just have to send the text that you want to print. The only requirement here is to keep the printer connected to internet connection. All this features makes it a must to have printer for office usage. You have to give up color printing here. Lets checkout the printer design in more detail.

At the front side lies a black and white Control Panel Display. It has minimum options. The display provides you simple settings to print, copy, scan and fax. Once connected to your LAN network you can directly scan a document on a network pc. The scanned file is saved in My Documents of the LAN PC.  This is very useful and time saving feature. The LCD offers you all kind of controls that are required to adjust the scan and copy quality. You can print multiple pages, receive or send a fax, or even find the ePrint email id. If you are confused you can press the “?” button to print help pages. The Control Panel Display is a basic screen with 9 keys to control all the aspect. There is a full number pad for dialing fax numbers. The best way to configure printer is via web access panel that is also called as EWS. You can find the IP address by hitting the setting button and select Network. If your LAN network is configured on DHCP then the printer receives a new IP on every boot. It is more beneficial to keep it on static IP. You can also access the web access panel via Officejet 3620 Printer Software. It is installed at the time of running setup.

At the center lies the cartridge compartment. Cartridge is visible after opening the front door. It is recommended to turn off the printer to remove cartridge. At a time you can use only one cartridge on it. Officejet Pro 3620 works on black and white ink cartridges. You can see that in the image below. There are two forms of cartridge available. I had already mentioned that in the first paragraph. The printer runs on ink cartridges. Compared to regular one, these are bit costly. But they are affordable in terms of print output. They offer you more pages to be printed out. And the quality also lies near to a LaserJet printer. Also this kind of printers requires more frequent cleaning. Instead of a powder form, Inkjets work on liquid ink due to which the print can take some seconds to dry up. That is not a drawback here. But the issue lies with leakage and cleaning. A regular service is necessary here.

There are two parts of paper tray. One is input tray that can hold upto 250 sheets and the second is output tray that holds upto 75 sheets. Both trays come separately. They are quite easy to add. The output tray is placed just above the input tray and you can also lock the papers below.

On the top lies a Flatbed ADB scanner with automatic document feeder. The scanner offers you different document formats like bmp, jpeg, pdf, png, rtf, txt and tiff. You can scan upto 1200dpi. The top paper handles can hold upto 35 sheets at a time. The same is also used for copier.  Depending on the scan resolution the print speed relies upon it while using it as a copier. If the resolution is high the print speed also remains low. At a time you can set upto 99 pages for copy. The scanner looks good enough for scanning anything. Officejet Pro 3620 is loaded with usable features like scanning directly to a LAN pc. From the front display you can choose scan and you choose the computers which are shared on the network. The scan copy goes directly in it.  Automatic document feeder on the top works only for copier.  You can add upto 35 pages at a time for copy.

All connectivity ports and duplexer is placed on the back side. The lower part is covered with a duplexer. This printer offers you a two sided printing solution.  It is quite helpful for multiple page print. It is easy to remove. You just have to press the edges and it comes out. In this way you can also remove paper jam. For connectivity it provide you a usb cable connection, Ethernet network port, power jack and two fax ports.

In terms of look Officejet 3620 Pro is great and durable. It has a reliable body design. It is easy to configure. If you want to use it on your pc you can connect it via usb cable or simply share it through the LAN cable on a network. It offers you wide range of printing solution, simple scan and copy option. Even after being an affordable printer it is powered by unique features that make it more useful.

Setup and Connectivity:
Officejet 3620 is easy to setup. You can connect it via usb cable first so that you can configure the drivers and printer software. The printer software allows you to check a number of things. Later on you can hook it on LAN and control it via EWS. It is mostly a plug and play device. You will not require any messing up with any manual settings here unless you want it on a static IP address. The below image is a screen shot of printer software. You can control various options from here directly. The tool also gives you information on ink level. And you can directly order official HP cartridges from here. The software offers easy settings so that you can control a number of things. You can also enable Scanner settings.

The second way to control the printer is via EWS. To find the IP address, go to Utilities and click on Update IP Address. A Window will appear showing you the current IP of printer. You can type that in the web browser to access EWS. There is more advance option available here, like managing the scanner settings. You can scan and download the page on your pc directly through it. The option is known as WebScan. If you face any error while using this then it means the service is disabled. You will have gp under Settings > Administrator Settings > Add a tick maker for Webscan. Webscan helps you to scan directly from a lan network. There is no need to use any third party software. You can see an image preview and you can download the file on your system. Under Fax you can configure the FAX settings. In the same way you can also enable ePrint. This is a common feature which many hp printer support. ePrint allows you to print through an app. This app is available for Android and iOS. And some Symbian phone also supports this.

All network settings can be configured and controlled through Network Section. Just click on that and click on IPv4 configuration. You can assign static IP in it. If you are not aware which IP to assign just click on Suggest a Manual IP. The benefit of having a manual IP is that you can instantly get access to EWS. You can also check AirPrint, Bonjour and Internet Printing Protocol from here. Another important feature that you can try here is Schedule On/Off. HP Officejet Pro 3620 is a power efficient printer. You can configure auto on-off settings and apply it as per weekly schedule and time.

Overall Officejet Pro 3620 is a functional printer. It offers a nice mixture of basic and advance feature at an affordable price. It can also be termed as a heavy duty printer under small scale. Online options make it more helpful. Through Ethernet connection the printer is not just limited to a single PC. It can be indecently shared with others. ePrint helps you to use it on various portable devices, which is a kind of time saving feature where you do not have to transfer your documents from once place to another for printing purpose.

Competitive Models:

Conclusion :

HP Officejet Pro 3620 comes for Rs.11,999/-. The price lies under an affordable range. Loaded with Fax, Copier, Scanner and web based printing option it is quite easy to operate. You can manage the printer through EWS also. The printer is loaded with rich features for advance and affordable printing solution. There are more competitive models in the market. Some of them are cheaper and offer laser printing support. If we talk about heavy duty usage then Officejet Pro 3620 falls at mid-range performance. It is wrong to say that this is capable of giving you heavy output. HP has designed this printer for office usage where print quality and quantity both matters. Being an all in one printer it lacks a usb port, through which you can instantly print your documents. This limits the usage. Officejet Pro 6320 justifies the price in terms of features it offers. It is not at all costly. Compared to a LaserJet printer, it offers you laser type printouts at affordable price.


  • Affordable Multifunctional Printer
  • Good Print Quality
  • Power Saver Model
  • Mobile Printing & EWS


  • No USB
  • Disturbing Sound from Printer head
  • Slow Copier


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