TAG 3608 2.1 Multimedia Speaker Review

TAG 3608 2.1 Multimedia Speaker Review

TAG 3608 2.1 is a reasonable desktop speaker offering you good audio output with usb and memory card slot. The speaker also has a FM connection. Good 2.1 speakers widely available under a budget price of Rs.1500. But they lack additional connectivity option. Overall the most important thing is to get a decent audio output. After spending around 2000 bucks no one wants a dull outdated product with poor performance especially in terms of multimedia. Tag 3608 is not really the best but can be an average multimedia speaker with loud sound and low bass quality. Voice clarity is good heard, but I am not really satisfied with the audio output. There is a reason for that. The speaker comes for Rs.2800(marked on the box). Under lesser price I have access to tons of fresh models. In that there is no FM, USB and Memory Card port. Due to which TAG 3608 becomes a more prominent choice. When it is a matter of audio, I love to stick with a surround sound quality. The experience of listening to music on a good quality speaker is more satisfying. Otherwise a major time is wasted is messing with the settings. At first when I turned on TAG 3608 on full volume, the iss is that, it lacks a clear sound with good bass output. It gives more treble that makes the voice sharp. It is completely un-bearable. Low bass affects cannot be fixed via enhancement settings. This is because this speaker does not feature any unique audio correction technology. Being a straight forward model, TAG emphasis more on connectivity and usage.


  • FM Radio
  • USB and Memory Card Slot
  • Volume and Bass Control Knob
  • Built-in 3 Channel Amplifier
  • Remote Control


TAG 3608 comes packed with two 3” satellite speaker and 4” subwoofer packed inside a wooden cabinet. The weight is minimal. Build material here does not look so impressive. In terms of look TAG 3608 is simple. Satellite speakers feature a typical 3inch driver that is capable of giving you proper audio output. The s woofer has a 4inch driver a bit bigger and powerful. As per the features and specs, TAG 3608 sounds to be powerful. But the actual output is really different. It does not look to as great as I was expecting. In terms of look it is decent. The build material is also reasonable. But if compare this with build material of iBall Tarang or Creative speakers then they are better. The rough finish over the body with complete black paint does not have much impact.

All connectivity ports and controls are placed on the woofer. At the front side lie two sliver knobs with volume and bass control. This is effective to reduce the audio instantly when you find it too loud. A small screen lies on the front between those knobs that helps you to find out the active mode. With the help of remote you can adjust the mode, switch to FM, USB and MMC.

ON the top lie two ports with additional button control. The first on is for a full size memory card. And the last one is usb 2.0 port. In between you can see there are 4 buttons. The first from left allows you to choose from different mode. The next one for forward, while in the middle lies a play/pause button with backward button at the end. All this keys are functional on fm usage also.

Connectivity options are placed on the backside. A set of 4 rca jacks for input/output connectivity and power key at the button. There is an fm antenna also at the backside which is fixed. The connectivity ports offer you feature to use the speaker on different devices. There are two cables available in the package. With the first one you can hook the speaker on a home theater, dvd player, etc While other one comes with a 3.5mm jack by whom you can use it on a Smartphone, tablet, pc, etc.

Overall design of TAG 3608 makes it a budget speaker but the price stated is higher. Because if we remove the fm and connectivity features aside then we are having more prominent models in the market. They are better in terms of sound output and voice clarity.

Audio Quality:

The audio quality of TAG 3608 is average. I am not really happy with the maximum bass output it offers. Compare to that iBall Tarang sound much better. Though it does not have an fm or usb port, it looks to be working great in terms of audio quality. The same is application for creative speakers. Other things look to be working fine here. In terms of usage it is simple to handle. You can just enjoy a set of different modes on it. The FM settings require a bit work here. Try to place the antenna somewhere to on the top side to gain more connectivity. TAG 3608 lacks very important features in terms of audio output. It works well when you are not serious about sound settings. I am talking about different enhancement here. Like some audio player support Dolby Digital. But on TAG 3608 the effect does not work. The same is applicable for surround sound only. The speaker would be much better choice if the price was lesser. The benefit we have here is the fully functional remote control. Through which you can manage the volume control, fm and different mode setup. Still it looks that TAG 3608 is missing a lots of stuff.


TAG 36800 comes for Rs.2800. The price is marked on the box but at some retail shop you can find the same at cheaper price. The speaker offers a decent build quality with functional remote control. Through which you can control the audio system. Somehow it does not stand well in terms of competition against audio quality. There are brands like Portronics, Intex, F&D, Edifier, iBall, etc which stands well in terms of good audio output. Major players like Creative, Logitech, Mitashi, simply stand aside with better products in the market. TAG 3608 looks a bit overpriced. Product cannot justify the cost completely. Overall the main aspect of any speaker is counted on the basis of audio quality it offers. TAG 3608 is quiet annoying on full volume. There is no audio processing which can help to deliver a crisper sound and clean audio. It is not soothing for ears. TAG 3608 works well at low or mid volume. Even after keeping the bass effect at full, the audio quality remains similar to non woofer speakers.


  • USB Port
  • Memory Card Slot
  • Volume and Bass Control Knob
  • Integrated FM and functional remote


  • Poor Bass Output
  • Average Audio Quality


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