Zebronics Rattlesnake Gaming Headphone Review

Zebronics Rattlesnake Gaming Headphone Review

Recently Zebronics has released 4 different headphones for gaming. Each of them follows different features that affect the price. They are Zebronics Ironhead, Zebronics Rattlesnake, Zebronics Stingray and Zebnronics Colt. Today we are going to talk about Zebronics Rattlesnake. As the same says, this is a high end headphone with attached mic and great design. The body looks durable with comfortable wearing options. It features a 40mm driver that offers great audio quality. The attached mic is also good enough for voice chatting. In looks great. The glossy finish over the body gives a costly look. From no angle it looks a cheap headset. After using this for some hours I found this head phone really effective. It has loud noise. The bass quality is good here, and with the help of equalizer you can make it better. It does not add any discomfort when you are using it for long time. Being a gaming headset, it is design with comfortable pads all over it. Clean audio is the prime aspect of many gaming headphones. Also it is necessary to buy something under budget. Zebronics Rattlesnake comes for RS.1450. According to me it is not costly. As per the feature and usage it is an ideal choice for day to day usage also. It has a really long cable which is around 3meters. This length offers you ample of space while connected. It is an usb headphone. IN a regular 3.5mm headphone jack the audio quality remains limited.

Compare to that an usb port is much faster and better. Through usb port you have option to use this headphone on gaming console also. But you cannot use it on portable devices like Smartphone or gadget. the usb connector provide more power to the headphone making it more louder and better in terms of audio quality. Easy controls are provided to instantly control volume. Zebronics Rattlesnake is designed for long usage. In some models which I h ad seen recently that belong to the same price range, has a problem with adjustment. Due to tough body elements after few hours of usage you might face irritation. That thing is fixed in Zebronics Rattlesnake. The closed earcups avoid noise from outside giving out complete theater quality sound.


  • Digital USB streaming audio
  • Light-weight padded headband
  • Ear cushions for hours of comfort.
  • Handy headband.
  • Hidden microphone for stylish display
  • Volume control
  • USB plug-and-play connection.
  • 40mm Audio Driver


Zebronics Rattlesnake has a rich design. It is thin and portable. The weight is minimal here. I found it more sleek compare to Stingray. The body is made up of glossy plastic element. That makes it durable. Glossy finish add rich look on the top side with red cushion over ear pad and headphone. Overall the look is good. When you use it, you will feel like using a costly headphone. It is comfortable for everyone. For gaming, you need more audio precision. Zebronics Rattlesnake delivers that at a budget price. Adjustable headband offers you smooth adjustment while wearing it. The earpad are fixed. Each of them has 40mm driver which is great enough for getting clean audio quality. Listening to music on it is simply great.

Headband offers you 9 level of adjustment through which you can use it more easily. It has a soft cushions on the below part that does not put much pressure on the headband. The same cushion is also used on ear pad offering more comfortable usage. However I was expecting a bit adjustment in the same. Like some headphone has a rotating ear cups. They do not put much pressure on the ear. But this one does not have that type of design. Sometime while using it for hours you might face bit pressure. You can take a break at that time.

Zebronics Rattlesnake is great for gaming.  The mic remains inside the body. This makes it sleeker. It has an inner compartment where the mic is pushed when not used. In regular models it is hooked on the left side and has a rotating feature. This can be breakable. But in Zebronics Rattlesnake with simple push the mic reset inside. It is easy to adjust while talking. Audio recording quality is also decent. The mic does not feature any noise cancellation support. This is an important feature when you are talking with your friends. While playing game.

Zebronics Rattlesnake has a 3m cable. It is long and strong with an usb 2.0 port at the end side. Most of the high end headphones come with usb support. This is because it offers you more better audio output. But it also limits the usage. By default a 3.65mm headphone jack is most widely used. Almost all Smartphone, tablet, and portable gadget come with this connection. By having an usb port you cannot use them on other devices. It also does not work well on usb hub. At the centre lies a volume controller. Instead of using a wheel, Zebronics has added buttons. Like you can see there is a volume control keys with mute buttons for headphone and mic. This function is quiet handy.

Overall the design of Zebronics Rattlesnake is great. But if there were led’s on the ear cups, it would look more amazing. Light is only provided on the volume controller.  I found the design durable compare to other models. The long cable adds more comfort. But sometime it messed up easily. Through usb port you can get rich audio quality but you cannot use it on other devices. That is where the usage is limited. In terms of look Zebronics Rattlesnake is great.

Audio Output:

Zebronics Rattlesnake offers satisfying audio output. 40mm audio driver deliver rich quality sound. It has quiet loud audio support which is painful when you are hearing them at maximum volume. It is always good to keep the audio at a decent level. If you increase the same at much high point it will affect you hearing. The mic on the front also looks reasonable. It provides you average audio recording. I was expecting noise cancellation mic here. Zebronics Rattlesnake is good for multimedia and gaming. Through pc audio player you can use enhancement/equalizer to boost the audio quality and bass output. It is easy to use
and a plug/play device. Without sound enhancement the headphone gives average quality audio output. The effects are nicely visible when you apply them. Like if you configure your equalizer on different settings you can find the effects instantly. This is one of the best point of Zebronics Rattlesnake. But it has certain limitation. Even at maximum bass settings it will remain limited. That is because of the internal audio driver.


Zebronics Rattlesnake is a great headphone at a price of Rs.1450. it has rich design and great looks. It is build up with durable material with glossy finish on the top side. A mixture of black and red makes it better. It is less flashy but attractive. 40mm audio driver are great enough to give clean and theater type audio quality. The mic is can be pushed inside the body which is the unique part of design. Headband gives you nine level adjustments so that you can fit it well on your head. It has a nice set of volume control keys with really long cable. The audio quality is amazing due to usb powered support. Overall quality is amazing here. Zebronics Rattlesnake can be counted as a good and budget gaming headphone. You are not really paying high here.


  • Great Design
  • Good & Loud Audio Quality
  • Comfortable for long hour usage


  • Supports USB only



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