Zebronics IronHead Gaming Headphone Review

Zebronics IronHead Gaming Headphone Review

Zebronics IronHead is a 7.1 simulated gaming headphone. It features great sound quality and decent style. This headphone is released with 3 more models ideal for gaming and multimedia. We will talk more about IronHead. As the name says, it is a big size durable headphone loaded with amazing sound features and great audio quality. It looks stylish. Being an usb powered headphone you can use it on pc, laptop and consoles. But you cannot use it on portable devices due to 3.5mm audio jack. After using it for some hours I found it effective in usage, but costly. The cost of this headphone lies around Rs.2750. at that price we have some good and cheap models in the market. Overall IronHead is a good headset for music lovers. Sound enhancement works well on it.

You can boost the bass output through third party software or through your audio player equalizer and enjoy great music. For movies also it is amazing. Zebronics add a simulated 7.1 audio enhancement. This boosts the audio quality and gives a clean output. Most of the headphone promise you amazing sound output. But when you buy it you know that those are false conditions. In Zebronics IronHead you will not find that. Whatever features mentioned are available in it. The body is durable; it is covered with soft cushion all over the body so that you can use it for long term. In terms of look and appearance. IronHead is a good headset. We will look forward to check out the features, and then see it in more details.


  • 7.1 Simulated Sound Channel
  • 40mm Audio Driver
  • USB Powered Headphone
  • 3m Long Sleeved Cable
  • 4 Piece Padded headband
  • Comfortable Cushion cover
  • Nine Level Headband Adjustment
  • Integrated Mic Support
  • Control Pod


Zebronics IronHead features a glossy finish with glossy finish with black and red color combination. Most of the gaming headphone has the same colors. But this one looks better. It has a nice glossy body cover made up of rich plastic element. IronHead is not cheap from any angle. All parts look separately attached. The headband has an extra large cushion at the lower part headband. This remains soft on your head when you are wearing it for long time. At the topside it features a rough finish. It looks strong and durable. The headband has a 9 level of adjustment through which you can adjust the height. It is suitable for all. Extra large cushion covers the left and right area. This makes it more comfortable while wearing. It is made of rich fabric.

The ear pad are also covered with soft cushion and designed to fit well on ears. The headphone has 40mm big size audio driver with an audio processing chip inside. This adds more to the music output. Audio processor works separately in enhancing the sound quality, an ideal feature for gamers. Regular headphone does not have that stuff. Due to which the sound on them is annoying. Black color cushion looks impressive with red inside. It is thick and soft. The ear cups are not fixed. They have a flexible design. Fixed ear cup adds extra pressure on the ear. But this flexible design removes the problem. It has light movement.

The mic remains fixed in the headset body. But it is rotating. You can push it down to use and push up when not using it. Compare to other this headphone is embedded in the ear pad. Once it is pushed up, it is hardly visible. This is a regular mic. It does not feature noise cancellation. Gaming headphone requires nice cancellation support that helps in voice talk while playing games. So this thing is missing in all new models released by Zebronics. The mic looks impressive with decent performance. The mic adjustment is limited. You can move it up and down but you cannot push it near to your mouth. Like the one we had seen on Zebronics RattleSnake.

At the end lies a 3meter long sleeved cable. It is thick and strong. Small cable causes space issue. You have to sit near your system. But due to long cable you can sit at a long distance and enjoy movies and games. It becomes easier to handle due to that. It does not matter whether you are connecting it on the backside of your system case or on the front, you have ample of long wire left. Another issue lies with small cable is stretching. When you push back or when you move this cables can break easily. But sleeved one is powerful. At the center part lies a control pod with light in it. This control pad has 4 buttons. You can use it to control and mute volume + mic. It is an usb powered mic due to which it is able to give you decent audio output. But this limits the usage.

Audio Output:

Zebronics IronHead is a good headphone with great audio output. 7.1 Simulated Audio enhances the music quality making it really impressive in terms of usage. It is great for gaming and multimedia. Leaving the other features aside, if we specifically target the sound quality then this headphone does not fall short. It has high quality sound output. Adding some music enhancement will add more.  I had tested the same on Windows Media Player but turning on full TruBass. It worked fine. Compare to other models, this would be a bit costly, but not bad in terms of audio quality. Overall this headphone is good enough for various audio works. You can use it for gaming and for multimedia also. You will remain satisfied with the audio output.


Zebronics IronHead Gaming Headphone is ideal for multimedia and gaming console. It cost around Rs.2750. At this price Zerbronics IronHead has two stiff competitions from Philips SHC 2000 that comes for Rs.2500 and provides you wireless support. But it has 32mm audio driver. And the second one is Skullcandy Agent Galactica S6AGDZ-122 which comes for Rs.2600 offer you 40mm audio driver, 1.2 m Nylon Braided Cord, 3.5mm Gold Plated audio jack with flexible ear pads. Compared to both still Zebronics IronHead gets more points over long cables, amazing audio output and soft cushion used over the body.


  • Great Design
  • Great Audio Output
  • Long Cable


  • Tough Headband Adjustment
  • No LED



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