Nokia Lumia 625 Windows Phone Review

Nokia Lumia 625 Windows Phone Review

Nokia Lumia 625 is a great 4.7inch 4G Smartphone powered by Windows Phone 8 Amber. Recently many Lumia devices received Amber update. This adds more features and makes the device stable in terms of output. Nokia, a giant mobile manufacturer known well for its quality and durable products. After when Microsoft takeover Nokia, a new series Lumia was released in the market. This series promise power, performance and durability. Time was not soft with Windows phone, due to fierce Android competition. Still Nokia Lumia series occupy a small portion of trusted consumers. Lumia series is awesome in terms of design, camera and output. Windows Phone 8 OS on it adds professional features. The output is amazing. Once you use Nokia Lumia devices you will not switch to any other. These phones are for professional. People who need a reliable device, that can stay long on battery, provide amazing camera features and durable body design. Today we are going to discuss about Lumia 625. Last time we had tested Lumia 620 which is a small version of the same series. Lumia 625 is a big size phone with super touch sensitive screen. It is one of the reasonable 4G phone available in the market, offering you fast internet accessibility. Till yet 4G connection is not so popular in India. It is provided by few telecom providers at a very costly rate. But if will in future, if price drop, then surely Lumia 625 will be first choice for many.

Lumia 625 is loaded with great hardware specs. It makes it is powerful device. But as we know that Windows Platform does not provide much application support, it remains limited to professional usage. Leaving the app requirement aside other powerful thing which we have in the device is great camera features and durable design. Almost all Lumia series comes with identical features. But they different in configuration and camera output. Almost all of them have the same kind of application and interface. Lumia 625 comes for Rs. 14,990. Compare to the features which it provides the device is not costly at all.


  • 4.7” Scratch Resistant Super Sensitive Touch screen covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 2
  • 4G connectivity
  • 5MP Primary Camera with Autofocus and LED
  • Dual Core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 cpu
  • 512MB RAM
  • 8GB Internal Storage
  • MicroSIM
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
  • 2000 mAh Battery


Lumia 625 has stylish look. It comes in 6 different colors. 4.7inch IPS LCD screen lies on the front size. This big size screen is great for watching videos, playing games, reading eBooks and web surfing. The screen is optimized through Super Touch Sensitive technology. That makes it fast responsive and great. The Metro UI which is the default home screen offers you simple way to add various icons. Unlike Android, we have no home screen here. The display offers a maximum resolution of 800×480. It is a WVGA screen that provides better readability under sunlight also. 24-bit True color display makes content more readable and 16M colors add vibrant output on images and videos. The maximum aspect ratio you can get on the phone is 15:9 and pixel density of 201ppi. The screen is future supported by Ambient light Sensor that preserve your battery by turning off the screen when not used, Accelerometer and Proximity Sensor. To protect the screen from damage it is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 2. It is 20% more powerful than older version and it is used in other high end Smartphone likes Samsung Galaxy S3. It is thick and scratch resistant. At the bottom there are three navigation keys. They are return, home and search keys. At the top lies a front 1.3MP VGA camera.

There is nothing on the left, while on the right side lies three buttons. On the top side you can see a volume control key, a power key is located in the center with camera key in the end. The phone is bit thick here. But it is slim compare to Lumia 620. The device is also larger and offer good grip while holding. You can see the thickness in below images. It fits well in your hand and the back plastic cover with rough finish adds more t the grip. On the top side lies a single 3.5mm audio jack and at the bottom you have a single Micro USB slot.

At the back we have a removable cover. The phone looks like having a unibody. But the back cover is removable. It is very easy to remove. The cover is bit thick compared to some recent high end phones. You can buy more cover colors from Nokia. After removing at inside you can see a locked 200mAh battery. You cannot remove it. It is fixed with the body. On the top right lies a combo slot. The top one belongs to Micro SIM while the bottom one belongs to SD Card. You can add up to 64GB of storage on the phone. At the bottom lies a speaker.

A 5MP camera also lies on the backside with LED flash. Lumia 625 is a budget phone and offers you decent camera quality. LED flash add more light to dark photos. The camera helps you to instantly capture photos. Overall the design of Nokia Lumia 625 is amazing. It is sleek and stylish. It has a very classy look. Form no angle this device looks cheaper. If this device is kept with others, you can easily identify Lumia 625 due to unique design. It looks Nokia has taken special care in designing the product. They made it durable and distinct.


Lumia 625 comes with dual camera. A vga camera lies on the front side. The maximum resolution it offers you is 640×480. It has features like still camera capture, video call, etc. It is quiet basic. For video call the output is reasonable. You have to sit under more light. Or else a major part will be dark. Being a VGA camera it has low resolution output. But taking pictures outside is great. It works well with all video chatting applications. Second camera lies on the back. It is a 5MP camera. This is not just a plain camera with led flash and autofocus. It is a smart camera. Nokia Lumia series specialize in Camera quality and apps. Almost in all devices they give you amazing features. The back camera gives you option like Auto-Focus with Two Stage Capture Key. You can instantly get amazing photos with less noise. It has 4x digital zoom support. This is ideal for nearby images. 1/4inch sensor is ideal for portrait photos. Long distance photos are not so clear. You can record a 1080p full HD video on it. The max resolution video on it is 1920×1080.

The focal length of camera is 28mm. If you need average camera output with smart features then you will remain satisfied with what Lumia 625 provides. It has a touch focus support. When you are taking a picture you can tap on the area to focus. The camera adjusts the focus and then you can hit the camera key to take pictures. Landscape Orientation offers you to capture wider area. You can manage the exposure manually or set it on auto model. The same thing is application for white balance. It has a full screen view finder with geo-tagging. You can connect your SkyDrive account with it. So that whenever you capture any image or video it will be uploaded automatically. The settings are available under Photos and Videos. Apps like Nokia Smart Camera, Cinemagraph lens, Panorama lens, Bing vision and Nokia Glam Me provide you to get more outstanding images.

Windows Phone 8 Amber

Almost all Windows phone recently got Amber Update. This new update improves the phone output and adds better camera features. New updates are also good for increasing phone stability. It specializes in camera performance. The main focus lies with increasing the camera output. It helps you to capture more clear photos under low light. It has an enhanced noise filter that manages the clean photos. Amber update brought Nokia Smart Camera application. This camera app helps you to create sequence of photos. Through which you can remove unwanted objects from the shot and get the perfect picture out of it. The update also gives you Nokia Glance Screen back. This is a lock screen feature where you see time and notification. You cannot modify it. So here Amber update adds some really impressive feature making the device more functions. There are very few customization options available in the same. All you can do is add your favorite picture on the Lockscreen.

Nokia Lumia 625 Performance

Lumia 625 is powered by Dual Core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 CPU. This CPU is great enough to give you multi-tasking output. I had used this device for few days and did not face any freezing issue. It does not matter how many number of apps you run. It works really fine and has no problem at all. It has a clean interface and the apps which are designed for Windows phone looks lighter compare to what I had seen on Android. I first thought that 512MB ram might fall low on usage. But I was wrong. You can lave wifi on at background with upload and updates. And you can use the phone for web surfing, video calling or downloading your files at the same time it will not freeze. Nokia Lumia 625 has amazing performance. 1GB ram can only help in terms of gaming. For gaming you can find ample of decent games on Windows Store. We have very few of them. Compare to Android, Windows Phone platform is not really meant for gaming purpose.

Multimedia :

The 4.7inch screen on the front is great for watching movies and for viewing images. 800×480 resolution does not fall short in terms of playing HD video. We had done a sample test on your video review, where you can get more general idea about the multimedia output. The default video player in the phone is capable of playing all kind of video formats. There is no good third party video player available. But still you can stay happy with the existing one. I will reocmemnd you to convert all your videos into mp4 and play them. Playing a video of 480p or 720p or even 1080p is smooth on Lumia 625. It works lag free. It can be an ideal comparison for watching movies at the time of travelling.

Audio speaker quality is average. The speaker is placed on the backside. When you keep the phone on desk the audio volume is affected. As it is blocked. Many devices have speaker placed on the lower left or at the bottom. So that you can get proper audio output. You have to keep the phone a bit high from the surface. This also affects the ringtone volume but the audio quality on headphone is amazing. The phone come loaded with Nokia Music and Mix Radio app. The music player offers you Album cover display. Lumia 625 offers you Dolby Digital audio support on headphones. Nokia Music is a music streaming app that provides you access to 22millions songs. You can stream them and enjoy latest music. The audio player is capable of playing huge amount of audio lies.


Nokia Lumia 625 is powered by 2000mAh battery. This device has the same battery capacity which you will find in Lumia 925. The output is decent. Thanks to Windows Phone operating system. I had tested phone with similar battery output on Android. I have to recharge them twice in a day if I keep my wifi on. Because all application associated with online storage, chat messenger, updates, etc will work when wifi is active. The battery drains out really fast. In Lumia 625 I am not facing any of this issue. The battery remains stronger for long period. Once it is fully charge you can use it for entire day. It comes with battery saver feature. It turns of things when not used. So that you have more power left at the end of day. Automatic brightness control preserve maximum amount of battery. The battery is locked inside the body. You cannot remove it. It is capable of offering you 23days of standby time.


Nokia Lumia 625 is a great device that comes with amazing build quality. It is rich from all side. Dual camera support with rich app allows you to capture amazing photos. This is a phone of productivity. You can boost your work and get great battery life from the same. At a cost of Rs. 15,500 you are getting more than what you are paying for. It is a value for money product. Durable design, reliable battery power and amazing interface make this phone great budget Smartphone in the market. If you are planning to switch on Windows, then go for Lumia 625. This pone remains at a mid range. It is not very costly not very cheap. And above all you are getting a screen covered with Gorilla Glass. Buying Lumia is a onetime investment. You are not getting delicate models here.


  • Great Design
  • Windows Phone 8 Amber
  • Amazing Camera Apps
  • Long Lasting Battery


  • Poor front Camera
  • Lack of HD Games


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