RAPOO 6610 Wireless Mouse

RAPOO 6610 Wireless Mouse

RAPOO 6610 offers dual mode connectivity with simple pairing mode. The wireless mouse comes packed with dual mode which is a 2.4G mode used widely to connect through usb dongle, and a Bluetooth 3.0 pairing mode through which you can hook the mouse on your tablet pc or Smartphone. You can use the mouse on all those devices which has a Bluetooth and supports wireless input device. Rapoo 6610 is a functional device offering simple to use feature and amazing design. But I am not happy with the range it offers. I tested the mouse on a projector and tried to use it from the distance of 3 meters. The mouse failed to respond. The best way to use the mouse is to keep it near to the system on which it is connected. The range is bit higher if it is connected via Bluetooth. It features a hybrid connectivity mode with long battery life. Unique energy saving technology helps the mouse to work for around 9 months continuously on a regular 1.5V AA battery.

At the time of testing the mouse worked well. No wireless mouse comes with a battery indicator showing up the amount of power left. That is because it is never needed. You can preserve more power by turning it off when not used. Rapoo 6610 has a stylish design. The size is not very small, nor large. It remains constant a fix ratio which is comfortable to handle. For complete control and smooth usage the mouse is powered by 10000 DPI HD Tracking Engine. This enhances the cursor control offering you smooth response on every usage.


  • Dual Mode: 2.4G + Bluetooth 3.0 Connectivity solution.
  • Long Lasting Battery: Upto 9 months battery life
  • Smooth Performance: 1000 DPI High Definition Tracking Engine
  • Sleek Design: Portable and durable design reliable for long usage.
  • Complete Control: Work well with portable device, pc and laptop.


RAPOO 6610 features a sleek and durable design. The body material is tough. It looks build with rich elements which from no corner make the mouse cheap on eye. It has a glossy black finish on the top side with gray lining covering the scroll wheel at the top end. The scroll wheel has a rubber coating on over it to give more grip and easier scrolling control for moving pages up and down. The same also act as the center key when pressed. A light indicator lies between Rapoo logo and scroll wheel. This turns to green for once, when the mouse is connected to a pc/laptop through Bluetooth dongle. It also turns to blue when you are paring the mouse with tablet or Smartphone’s.

We had used the mouse on Galaxy Note 2. The mouse has amazing comfort to hold on. Your hand fit well on the top side, giving no slippery problem. At the right and left the mouse features a thin rubber element coating that puts less pressure on your finger to lift it or move from side to side. Right and left keys are the part of glossy finished plastic body. Clicks are instant and you can listen sound when pressed. This can bit annoying then you keep on hitting it constantly while playing a game. But still the mouse has an amazing design. It looks better compare to a regular small size mouse in the market.  I am really happy with the build quality that looks amazing and rich.

At the bottom side has an on/off switch. To preserve the battery life more you can turn off the mouse when you are not using it. Overall Rapoo claims to use some power saving technology in it. That extends the battery life up to 9 months. The mouse operates on AA 1.5V battery easy to find in the local market. There a Bluetooth pairing button also available at the bottom side. If you have a device like a tablet pc, a Smartphone or a laptop with Bluetooth adapter, you can hook the mouse on that. There is no need to use the usb dongle. Just hold the Bluetooth button for a while and the light indicator on the top side will blink in blue. In the battery compartment Rapoo has smartly added a block for keeping Nano Receiver. This is a tiny usb dongle which you can place it inside and lock it. So that it does not get lost. I really appreciate the design here. Rapoo 6610 is a highly efficient optical mouse. That works well for day to day usage and bit helpful in gaming also.


Due to Dual mode ability, Rapoo 6610 works well with different devices. The mouse is independent from usb dongle. Even if you loss it you can connect or pair the device via Bluetooth adapter. This makes it more useful device. But I am not happy with the wireless range. It works around 1 to 2meter that’s all. If you try to move it far the mouse fails to work. This makes it a bit less useful. I had already mentioned that I tested the mouse on a projector. I thought this would be handy while watching movies. But when I moved it ways from the projector it stopped responding. I have to stand near and use it. So this is the place where it lacks. Low connectivity range due to which you cannot sit comfortable back on your couch and control your multimedia files. I think there is more powerful mouse available in the market but what they lack is design and dual mode connectivity.


Rapoo 6610 is an ultimate wireless mouse with smart features. It has a sleek and durable design. Due to dual mode support you can use it with or without usb dongle. It is a plug and play mouse offering hassle free connectivity. The cost of Rapoo 6610 lies around Rs.2,000. This is a bit costly compare to what we are already getting in the market. But the mouse can be value for money if it is counted on the basis of sleek design and features. Overall it is a good quality device and wroth if you are going to use it near to your system. As I said above it is not fair enough to expect more in terms of wireless range. It has a smooth output and simple paring mode through which you can use it on portable device also that are compatible with input device.


  • Great Design
  • Dual Mode
  • High Performance Mouse
  • Great battery life


  • Overpriced
  • Low wireless range


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