Kingston HyperX BLU 4GB 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM

Kingston HyperX BLU 4GB 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM

Kingston HyperX RAM series offers you reliable and extreme performance. RAM chips under this category are ideal for those who need an entry level gaming pc. This RAM is designed to give you stable output and long lasting solution. The design features a streamlined clipless design which boosts the heat management. When it comes to RAM we do not put much stress on the quality and brand. We buy what is available in the market. But those who are crazy about gaming and overclocking, build up their own system by choosing specific hardware manually. This is the place where requirement of powerful hardware is necessary. Extreme systems require bit high quality hardware compared to what we use in our regular system. They are costly and have unique design. They are more reliable and can stand long when used on extreme level. For memory chip, Kingston has ideal solution for everyone. Products under this are sorted under three primary categories. The first one is System Specific memory. This is ideal choice for desktop, server and notebook upgrades. The second is Value RAM that adds more reliability to your existing system and ideal for server and professional systems. And the last category is the HyperX which is an extreme series of memory chip ideal for gaming and overclocking. There are further three more categories under this. The first is BLU series which belong to entry level gaming, the second is Genesis which is a bit advance RAM and better compared to BLU. The last one is the Predator series which is an extreme series RAM offering maximum performance and reliability at the time of overclocking. Here we are going to talk about Kingston HyperX BLU series. HyperX is not just limited to RAM. It also has SSDs, USB and CPU fan. I have added a RAM list to give you more information on different RAM models available under each category.

Kingston HyperX BLU is the starting RAM module under HyperX series. We had tested 2 RAM stick of 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz CAS 9 RAM. It looks impressive in terms of usage. The system works fine with less lagging and freezing output. On my regular system I use 4GB RAM and later on adding 8GB just boosted the output. The only things I need to do is to format my system and install a 64bit version of Windows 8. I love customization so I keep on changing the themes, apply new live wallpapers and even change dreamscene wallpaper every week. It was really a pain on the regular RAM. The system lags a lot. But after adding HyperX BLU things are going smooth. One thing I have found after using this sticks is that they are capable of giving you flawless output. Spending a bit more money on good RAM chips is not bad at all. Checkout the below features and specs:


  • Unique Design in three different colors – Blue, Red and Black.
  • XMP Profile support for configuring maximum performance.
  • Reliable for gaming.
  • Compatible with wide range of platforms.
  • Life warranty and free technical support on any issue occurred.
  • Available in single and paired kits.


  • Capacities up to 8GB (single) and 16GB (kits)
  • Frequency (speed) : DDR2: 800MHz, DDR3: 1333MHz and 1600MHz
  • CAS latencies: CLS for DDR2. CL9 and CL10 for DDR3.
  • Voltage: DDR2: 1.8V. DDR3: JEDEC standard at 1.5V +- 0.075V
  • XMP Ready hand-tuned by Kingston engineers, specific to particular memory module. Higher-performing frequencies and timings are attainable by simply enabling Intel’s Extreme Memory Profile in the BIOS
  • Compatible with P55, H67, P67, Z68, Z77 and H61 Intel chipsets; as well as A75, A87, A88, A89, A78 and E35 AMD chipsets


Kingston keeps things straight. Instead of making their product flashy in looks they give you something with performance. If you are spending a good amount of bucks on the RAM then you will surely get happy if you have something from Kingston. This company is offering powerful RAM models for various platforms from long time and has a good reputation in the market as well. HyperX series consist of different models and we are going to check out 1600 MHz BLU series. The RAM came paired with two sticks of 4GB each. Kingston offers us factory tested products. They are tested for maximum performance and then only released in the market. On the basis of that the company offers you a life time warranty. This shows their confidence. This simply means you are having something reliably good for long run. The RAM which we got has standard packing.

HyperX BLU features streamlined clipless design. It has heat spreader over the body that keeps the RAM cooler under extreme usage. It is good for gaming and running heavy applications. The model supports Intel XMP profile.  You can easily overlcock the RAM on Intel boards. This will add a bit more power at the time of playing games. As you can see in the image above. At the backside lies the label. From the label itself you can identify what type of RAM it is. You can see text KHX1600C9—. Here KHX means Kingston HyperX, 1600 means 1600 MHz and C9 means CAS 9 latency. Compared to older RAM, DDR3 has high latency. Here RAM with low latency means faster. The maximum RAM latency you will get is CAS 10. So if you are getting a 1600 MHz CAS10 RAM then it will be slower compared to CAS9.

Placing the RAM onboard is extremely simple. Hook it on your RAM slot on the motherboard and it’s done. 2kits of 4GB RAM is enough to give you good performance. Always verify your motherboard specs before buying an extreme RAM. Some board does not support over 1333 MHz. For using all 8GB you have to install a 64bit operating system on your system.


Kingston HyperX BLU is an entry level gaming RAM. It is not going to surprise you much if you are going to use this for overclocking. I do not really recommend going for that. Kingston offers higher end series that can help you to push your system at extreme rate. To completely utilize the RAM power you need a good system. Or you can just hook this on your existing board to get flawless output in day to day job. After testing the RAM on an AMD FX-8350 system, there was a bit difference in the performance. AT some point the system gets overloaded with background process and starts freezing. But on Kingston HyperX BLU things goes fine. You can open tons of browser tabs, run a video conversion tool in the background or simply use your system for gaming. It is going to work nicely. Remember that your hardware must match with the RAM and if you are willing to use it on old system then your system can bottleneck.

For overclocking it is bit safer if you remain below limit. Intel XMP Profile support can help beginners to play with the RAM settings. It is ideal for gaming if you skip overclocking. You don't have to spend huge amount buying extreme RAM if your need is only restricted to gaming. I am sure Kingston HyperX BLU will fulfill the entire requirement offering flawless output. A certain benchmarking test does not show up high results, but proves that this RAM is better than what we get in the regular market. The design keeps the RAM cooler under room temperature.


There is no doubt that Kingston HyperX BLU is a high performance RAM. 1600 MHz DDR3 8GB RAM is quiet enough to deliver high end performance. The cost of single 8GB RAM stick is around Rs.5200. While two sticks will be bit cheaper. HyperX BLU 4GB comes for Rs.2300. You can buy a pair kit which is more reasonable. But very few websites are selling it. Most of them are selling only single stick version. Kingston HyperX is a good quality RAM which is ideal for gaming and for day to day usage. It has head spreaders that keep it cooler under extreme usage. This is one of the best RAM modules under entry level series. You might get cheaper alternative on web but there is no guarantee whether the memory stick is reliable or not. HyperX BLU is very efficient.


  • High Performance
  • Heat Protection
  • Good Design


  • Not Recommended for Overclocking




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