Seagate 4TB Desktop Hard drive

Seagate 4TB Desktop Hard drive

Seagate belongs to the list of most trusted storage solution. It offers hard drive for all type of systems. Today we are going to talk about Seagate 4TB Desktop Hard drive. A high capacity drive, ideally designed for Desktop PC. Everyone needs a reliable storage. We keep almost everything in our hard drive. When it comes to capacity, then I had seen people buying hard drive of different storage size. This adds more to the cost. For example if you go with four 500GB hard drive then you have to pay around Rs.11,000 to Rs.14,000. Above that the drives will consume more space inside the case and also put a huge impact on the power. And if you go for Seagate 4TB Desktop Hard drive, you are just paying around Rs.12,000. This is the price on which it is sold by many online website. You are paying less and your entire space is managed into one single product.  The drive which we are going to see today belongs to Seagate Barracuda product line. It is the highest capacity drive till yet.  4TB is an enormous size. It is ideal for backup, file storage, raid, mid range gaming system, nas, das, etc. I recommend this drive as ideal for secondary storage. You can have a SSD or SSDH drive with Seagate 4TB Desktop Hard drive for extreme performance. The primary drive will take care about application performance and the secondary will act as reliable storage solution. It is a 5900 rpm drive further supported by Seagate OptiCache and AcuTrac technology. We will check that in more detail later on. Before that you can have a look on the features and specification of this drive.


  • 4TB Storage Space
  • 1TB-per-disc hard drive technology
  • SATA 6GB/s Interface
  • AcuTrac servo Technology
  • OptiCache technology
  • Free Disk Wizard tool to apply  4TB limit on your pc


  • Model Number – ST4000DM000
  • Interface Options  – SATA 6Gb/s NCQ
  • Cache, Multi-segmented (MB) – 64
  • SATA Transfer Rates Supported (Gb/s) – 6.0/3.0/1.5
  • Seek Average, Read (ms) – <8.5
  • Seek Average, Write (ms) – <9.5
  • Average Data Rate, Read/Write (MB/s) – 146
  • Max Sustained Data Rate, OD Read (MB/s) – 180
  • Heads/Discs – 8/4
  • Bytes per Sector  – 4,096
  • Voltage Tolerance, Including Noise (5V) – +/–5%
  • Voltage Tolerance, Including Noise (12V) – +/–10%
  • Startup Power (A) – 2.0
  • Operating Mode, Typical (W) – 7.5
  • Idling, Average (W) – 5.0
  • Standby Mode (W) – 0.75
  • Sleep Mode (W) – 0.75


Seagate 4TB Desktop Hard drive has nothing special in design. It looks simple like any other internal hard drive. It is thicker compared to the regular models it the market. Most of the high capacity hard drive comes in standard size. They are heavier compared to regular models. The drive has SATA 6GB/s interface. The average read and write speed as per specification is around 146mb/s. The speed might fluctuate on the basis of system. Due to 4TB space, this single drive can be enough for your system. You don’t have to use multiple hard drives as there is good amount of space available here.

It is essential that you must protect the drive from shock. It is a desktop hard drive. Seagate provides different type of drivers for different work. Like we had recently tested NAS drives. This drive is bit different in terms of output. They are more reliable as they are built for data backup. Desktop Hard drive on the other hand is regular drives which are designed to give optimum output on the basis of day to day work. But when it comes to extreme performance this 5900rpm drive might fell short. Many old systems and older operating system does not support large capacity hard drive. To remove that issue Seagate offers you Disk Wizard software. Through this tool you can remove the 2TB limit on old system.


Test Machine:

  • CPU Cabinet – Corsair Graphite 600T Cabinet
  • Processor – Intel Core i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz (LGA 1155)
  • RAM – 4GB Kingston HyperX Blu RAM (2×2) 667Mhz
  • Motherboard – Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH-CF
  • Graphic Card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST 2GB
  • Hard Drive 1 – Western Digital 3TB
  • Hard Drive 2 – Seagate 4TB Desktop Hard drive ST4000DM000
  • PSU – Antec NeoEco 620C PSU

Seagate 4TB Desktop Hard drive offers you satisfying performance. As per the specification this drive offers you 146MB/s of average data read and write speed. We had performed few tests through which we were able to get a standard 80 to 100mb/s of speed all the time. We had created a single partition of the entire drive. The drive is detected well on my system. I have a Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH-CF motherboard that does have 4TB drive limitation. But if you are using an old pc then you have to use Free Disk Wizard to get maximum space. Seagate 4TB Desktop Hard drive is an amazing storage solution. With large space it offers you good speed also. To maintain good performance you must defrag your drive from time to time.

Manual Copy Paste:

On regular copy paste Seagate 4TB Desktop Hard drive is capable of giving around 108MB/s of constant transfer speed on my system. Sometime this hikes up to 122Mb/s also. Data transfer speed is amazing. The minimum speed I got was around 90Mb/s. 10GB of data took very less time to move.

CrystalDiskMark Test:

HDD Tune Pro Test :


Seagate 4TB Desktop Hard drive is available or Rs.12,000 on flipkart. I had seen positive feedback from many buyers. It looks that the drive is able to satisfy all desktop requirement. Being a thick drive it is really hard to use it in enclosure. The drive is specifically marked as Desktop hard drive, which means it is not recommended for extreme usage. If you are looking forward for a budget but reliable storage upgrade solution then Seagate 4TB Desktop Hard drive is not at all a bad choice. Having a high capacity drive also help you to save space. You can eliminate low space drives. For new system Seagate 4TB Desktop Hard drive works nicely, but I am doubtful about old system. On 6GB/s SATA interface the transfer speed easily reaches upto 100MB/s or higher. But on 3 GB/s SATA interface this would be less. There can be 50% of higher fall back in the output.


  • High Capacity Hard drive
  • Good Data Read/Write Speed
  • Ideal as secondary storage


  • Ideal for mid range Desktop only


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