Tekfusion Twinwoofers Black Chrome Edition Earphone

Tekfusion Twinwoofers Black Chrome Edition Earphone

 Tekfusion is a Bangalore based company, specialized in portable audio products. Right now they are selling earphones only. The company aims in giving premium quality audio products. They have 2 earphone types named Ecoofers and Twinwoofers. Both are different in terms of output. Under Ecoofers you can buy earphones if you are really serious about audio quality. This in-ear headphone delivers perfect sound quality without modifying or messing with the audio level. Tekfusion Ebony and Tekfusion Bamboo are two editions under Ecoofers. They feature dynamic drivers and flat cable. Also the design is amazing. It has a handcrafted wooden chassis that reduces vibration and offer maximum comfort.  The second type is Twinwoofers, which we are going to review today.  This ear-phone is designed to deliver hi-fi audio. Ideal for those who loves loud music with minimum disturbance from outside. We are going to test Tekfusion Twinwoofers Black Chrome Edition Earphone that has built-in HD dynamic speakers. A very tiny but powerful 10mm speaker to give rich audio quality. Twinwoofers Earphone has bass optimized audio drivers. After using this for few hours I am quite satisfied. It is a value for money ear phone. The cost of this headphone is Rs.1550, officially marked on the box, but different online shopping websites are selling it cheaper.  The cost lies between Rs.1400 to Rs.1200. We will move ahead to find out more about this product, before that you can have a look on the features and specification.


  • Metal Chassis Design
  • Ergonomic Shape
  • Lightweight
  • Set of 4 different size eartips
  • Dynamic Speaker Design
  • Sound Isolation


  • Frequency Response – 19-21 KHz
  • Impedance – 16 Ohms
  • Pressure Level – 113 dB
  • Net weight – 30g
  • Color – Black Chrome
  • Cable Length – 1.2m
  • Cable Type – Symmetric
  • Connector Type – 3.5mm


Tekfusion Twinwoofers Black Chrome Edition Earphone has a sleek and stylish design. Ear buds are not very large nor are they small. They perfectly fit in your ears comfortably. You can see set of different eartips that comes in the package. In total there are 5 pairs among which one is on the earphone. Along with size they also have different design. Tekfusion Twinwoofers is extremely lightweight. As we are testing the Black Chrome Edition, you can see the packet below. A complete black box with window in center, where you can see the headphone and pair of ear tips. More are inside the package.  At the backside you can find the primary features.

The package also comes with a cable clip and carry pouch. The pouch and manual is placed on the backside.

The carry pouch inside the box is also sturdy. You can easily place the earphone inside and keep it in your pocket. The cable clip and cable management design allows easy adjustment.

Pair of eartips commonly comes with many earphones. There is nothing special here. I had tested all of them. The benefit of having extra ear tips is that if you find the ear phone too loose you can apply a bigger one. And if you want more proper audio, you can use with different shape. This is rubber eartips that fixes well and are able to block outside disturbance at a reasonable point. 5 different sizes are available.

The earphone features a regular 3.5mm audio jack. One of the most common connectors for mobile, tablet and pc. You can use this easily on your laptop, netbook, Smartphone’s, mp3 player, etc. Connectivity is not a big issue here.  At the center lies a mic with simple cable management.


Tekfusion Twinwoofers Black Chrome Edition will surely satisfy your audio needs. It is hard to hear constantly with maximum volume. Optimized bass makes sound quality better. The sound quality simply matches to some of the costliest headphone model in the market. It is quite amazing to have this at a budget price. It delivers clear vocals. You will be able to understand and identify each and every word of the songs played in any device. The same is applicable to instrumental music. In which different music instruments are used altogether. In a regular headphone it is hard to determine what is going on in the background. But in Tekfusion Twinwoofers you will be able to clearly identify each and every beat. It has a high sound accuracy. For bass it is nice. Not really high or very low, but the exact amount which we need to enjoy. Using an equalizer on your device you can boost that to more as well.

Durable design is one of the prime factors. The cable is long enough to give you comfortable listening experience. It does not mess up at the time of moving. It is recommended to keep the headphone in the pouch. It is made up of metal chassis, due to which it does not crack easily when fell off. It is common that we all drop our headphones. But if you have Tekfusion Twinwoofers Black Chrome Edition then you have less to worry.


Tekfusion Twinwoofers Black Chrome Edition Earphone is a value for money product. At a reasonable cost you are getting durable design, with amazing sound output. The cost of this headphone is around Rs.1250. It is capable of giving great sound output that you can find in costly ear phones. Sleek and stylish design gives it a rich look. Bass optimized 10mm audio driver offers sharp sound quality. Durable design also increases the life. Different pair of air tips minimize outside noise to minimum. The mic quality is average. It is not a noise cancellation mic. Overall Tekfusion Twinwoofer is a good choice for music lovers.


  • Durable design
  • Good audio output.
  • Simple cable management.


  • Average Mic Output


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