Foxconn H81MXV LGA 1150 Motherboard

Foxconn H81MXV LGA 1150 Motherboard

Foxconn H81MXV is an entry level powerful MicroATX board that features LGA 1150 socket (support for 4th Generation Intel Core i series CPU). It is a portable powerhouse for those who need a budget gaming and media center pc. It is also ideal for day to day usage. The board has Intel H81 chipset that targets consumer desktop. That means a pc that you use daily. You can add upto 16GB of RAM (1600 MHz) on provided Dual RAM slot. Being MicroATX port the memory and PCI slots are limited. It is not good to expect much for gaming here. According to me this board is quite good for media center and entry level gaming. You can buy a standard 1GB graphics card and go ahead with low resolution gaming on the same. Or you can simply hook your big size TV on it and enjoy budget media center configuration. Overall Foxconn H81MXV is quite good. It lies around the budget price of Rs.3500. It is also sold on Newegg for $49.99. This price makes it extremely cheaper board compared to existing model on the market.

With 4th Generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3 support and Intel H81 chipset you can make a powerful budget pc. It also officially supports Windows 8.1. This board has a close competitor in the market. It is Gigabyte GA-H81M-S1. This one comes for Rs. 4200 and has almost the same configuration. The benefit Gigabyte gives you is more durability. They are using some solid capacitors on it. Both of these boards are not meant for overclocking. So the durable part can be ignored for time being. Foxconn gives additional things like Fox Care. This is a kind of customer care support to deal with various board issues.  This board does not support overclocking. Smart Charger feature helps you to charge your devices through usb ports. Fox Live helps you to get the latest bios updates that enhance the performance and add more stability and Easy Pin that allows you to use simple jumper configuration.


  • Processor – 4th generation Core i7 / Core i5 / Core i3 processors with Socket 1150 Max 84w
  • Chipset – Intel H81 Chipset
  • Memory – 2x dual-channel 1600MHz DDRIII slots, up to 16GB
  • Onboard Graphics – Intel HD Graphics, support VGA,HDMI display interface
  • Expansion Slots – 1x PCIe x16 slot & 1x PCIe x1 slot
  • Serial ATA(SATA)/RAID – 2x SATAIII , 2x SATAII
  • Audio – 5.1channel HD Audio
  • LAN – Realtek GigaLan
  • Ports – PS2 keyboard, PS2 Mouse, 1 HDMI port, 1 VGA port, 1 Serial port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 RJ45 port & 1 3-port audio jacks.
  • Internal I/O Connectors – 1 ATX 24-Pin power, 1 4-pin ATX 12V power, 2 4-pin CPU/System FAN, 1 Front panel header, 1 Front Audio header, 2 SATA2 connectors, 2 SATA3 connectors, 2 USB 2.0 headers, 1x CLR_CMOS header & 1x Speaker header
  • BIOS Features – 64Mb flash EEPROM w/ LAN boot PnP, ACPI, WfM, DMI 2.0
  • Form Factor – mATX form factor 8.5 inch x 6.8 inch


Foxconn H81MXV mATX board is a Windows 8.1 ready board with USB 3.0 and SATA 3 connectivity. The board features small size which is ideal to fit inside in mini and regular size CPU case. Following the traditional design, ports are placed on the backside for easy accessibility. It comes with limited connectors and ports. Due to this I recommend this board for home usage.

Foxconn H81MXV has a small size. It will be complicated to fix it in a regular atx cabinet. On the top you can see the board has only two ram slots. This slots support upto 16GB of RAM. But not above 1600Mhz. At the lower side lies a single PCI 3 slot.  There are overall 4 SATA ports. Among which two are 3.0 and other two are 2.0. Adding storage is not a big issue here.

LGA 1150 socket is placed in the mid. The CMOS battery and speaker lies below that. You have a very less space for fan here. It is better to go with stock fan only because if you go with any bigger size then the GPU might come in way. There is no additional heatsink here. And the capacitors placed look non-durable.

Following are the connectivity options available. This board has a 5.1 audio channel for multimedia. The sound quality is good.

Performance and Features:

Foxconn H81MXV follows the entry level mATX product line. Here you are getting a budget board with high end support. If you are looking for affordable system powered by Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor then this board can help. I recommend you to stick with Core i3, 4GB RAM, 512MB GPU and around 2TB hard drive. This hardware configuration is more than enough for a media center usage. What I did not like in the board is the build quality. In the first paragraph I had already mentioned a Gigabyte model which comes with ultra-durable features. This adds a bit peace of mind while using your system for long hours. We had not yet tested this board on any processor due to lack of available hardware. But we can still assume that this motherboard will be great for average systems. LGA 1150 socket offers you the power to use 4th generation Intel processor on mini platform.



Foxconn H81MXV is a budget board. It comes around Rs.3500 approx. The price can be bit lower. It has all latest features through which you can build a nice PC for day to day and multimedia usage. You can also expect a bit of gaming from it. 4th generation Intel processor with H81Chipset add power to that. But it is limited. MicroATX form factor lets you to save some space by adding this board in small case. This can be also a good choice for office usage where photo and video editing jobs are common. Using high amount of RAM is recommended if you are expecting good output. You won’t get dissatisfied by this. The only thing that lacks is durable elements. So that it can be constantly used for long hours without overheating too much. In terms of price competition this board does not has any rival model, but when we add a bit more amount in the cost, then we have some really durable boards in the market.


  • Intel 4th Generation processor support.
  • 5.1 Audio Channel
  • Ideal for Media Center


  • Non Durable design
  • Not ideal for gaming even after having LGA 1150 socket.


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