Antec Advance Accent Lighting (RED)

Antec Advance Accent Lighting (RED)

Add life to your monitor, cpu cabinet, keyboard through Antec Advance Accent Lighting strip. It comes in three colors. Red, Blue and Green. Antec Advance Accent Lighting is a add-on accessory for your pc. You can place it on the backside of your monitor to add more live effects. Also it will help you to stay awake for longer time when you are playing games or working. After adding the lights the first difference I noticed, is changed in light source. Before monitor reflection was high. A direct impact on eyes, but after adding the lights on the backside this impact is limited. So if you are using a very high brightness and contrast on your monitor screen, this lights can surely help you. Also do not place it on a place where it is in direct contact to your eye. This LED light strip is very bright. It distracts quiet easily. It is designed to be used with various pc component. You can add it on the monitor or on the cpu case. Placing at the bottom of your keyboard affects text visibility. It is good to paste it on the top side of keyboard slider so that light can reflect the keys alphabet. Antec Advance Accent Lighting is just an fun thing. The strip comes in different price range depending on the strip size. The one which we are testing today is a 14.5inch strip. You can order a 51inch strip for $11.98 from Amazon.


  • USB 2.0 Powered LED Lights
  • Simple to use.
  • CE, RoHS Certified
  • 6 LED
  • 28.3 g Weight
  • Convenient on / off switch activates / deactivates light
  • Antec Quality 1 year parts and labor warranty

Antec Advance Accent Lighting comes in form of flexible strip. You can bend it. There are in total 6 led lights on it. Compare to Red and Green, Blue color is more eye soothing. The strip has a on/off button with a bit long cable. After attaching it on your monitor or on your cpu case it will occupy a usb port. You can also use it through usb hub. Best recommended placement is behind the monitors. Applying 4 strips in all 4 corners add nice effects on a dull screen. Very comfortable when you are working in low light.

The only issue here is that it comes limited in size. For applying it on the monitor back you have to buy 4 separately. You can use combination of different colors also. That will provide more impressive effects. The benefit of adding this lights is reducing impact on eye when you are playing games in dark room. It is good to slow down the effects of eye fatigue. For gamers this can be a good choice. Instead of relying on your room light, you can add a dedicated led strip to the pc monitor.

For keyboards you can place it at the bottom or on the top of your keyboard desk. It will not help much in reading. You can look like a serious gamer by adding thigh lights on your keyboard.

It is bendable. You can place it on curve corners easily. It comes sticky adhesive on the backside. You can also use tap on that. The strip has a single power on and off button. This is a convenient feature. You can easily turn it off without removing it from the usb ports. Cable is quiet long. It easily reaches to the cabinet ports.


Antec Advance Accent Lighting can give your dull computer a sci-fi look. You can use it on laptop or on desktop as per your need. It works on usb port. The power consumption does not looks very high. It is easy to fix also. For those who need some light effects on their monitor or on cpu case can go for this. It would be more better if it has different colors that change automatically. It looks like a entry level product for pc decoration. You can also wear it by connecting on a portable mobile charger that has a usb port. This will help you shine in parties. Overall Ante Antec Advance Accent Lighting is a unique idea for changing the look of your monitor, tv, laptop, etc.


  • Easy to Fix
  • On/Off Button
  • Long cable


  • Costly LED Strip


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