Oxigen Wallet Mobile Payment App

Oxigen Wallet Mobile Payment App

India stands in the second place for highest mobile user around the globe. Above us is China. We beat US, Brazil and Russia in quantity of total mobile devices. Till 31st, March 2014, there are around 904,510,100 mobile phone device in India (Source:Wikipedia). And mobile internet users are estimated around 200 million in the second quarter of this year. The figure clearly says we are on a very fast pace of development. That is why India is attracting many companies to try their luck. Mobile is the fastest and simplest way of communication. In no time you can communicate, conduct your business and do lot more. And with internet, it becomes the ultimate tool for growth. Recent developments gave birth to android operating system that added a new face in mobile revolution. We now have desktop PC like features on our phone. Regular mobile phone has turned to Smartphone now. The next step is to use banking services on our mobile phone. What if you can use your phone for making all kinds of payment, for transferring money and for recharging your device? This is the place where services like Oxigen Wallet come in to play. This is India's first RBI approved wallet with social media features. The aim is to provide users a convenient way of using their money. With one simple tap you can send money to your friends, you can split bills among your friends, etc. Oxigen Wallet has tied up with Fastacash to provide social media features. Oxigen Wallet is a free prepaid payment instrument service that provide you virtual way to carry your money in mobile phone and make payments through that.


  • Recharge your mobile phone, DTH and Data Card.
  • Pay postpaid, electricity and land line bills.
  • Transfer Money to other Oxigen Wallet or to any Bank account instantly.
  • Earn Oxigen Points on every transaction you do on wallet.
  • Instantly load money in your Wallet through your Credit card or Debit card.
  • Recharge your mobile through SMS.
  • No Service Charges on Mobile Recharge.
  • Withdraw money to your bank account with one tap.
  • Signup instantly through Facebook and Google Plus.
  • Schedule payment for specific date.
  • Send money to 60+ banks across India.
  • Certified by Reserve Bank of India.

User Interface:-

Oxigen Wallet is available for Android, Windows and JAVA platform. It has a simple UI. The registration is free. You can download the app from Google Play and register with your mobile phone and 6 digit password. I am going to test the wallet on android platform.  It is quite easy to operate once you load the required amount on the same. You will need an active internet connection to use the wallet properly. I will not recommend you to use this on a slow internet connection. At the time of making a payment if there is any error or issue with transaction you can claim a dispute with Oxigen Wallet and this will take some time to clear. The best part of Oxigen Wallet is that it is easy to use. Once your balance is loaded then you can instantly tap on Recharge, Paybills, Send Money to Friends or Money to bank. Only these four services are offered.

Home Screen:

Oxigen Wallet has a very simple UI. AT the top you can see an image of home screen. Once the wallet is loaded with money you can tap on Money to Friends, Money to Bank, Recharge and Pay Bills section.

Money to Friends: Send money to your friends who has Oxigen Wallet or not. The money will be sent in the form of a URL in SMS. The user has to click on it and install Oxigen Wallet in their device and they will receive the money. Oxigen Wallet brings sharing money through social media. You can choose anyone from your existing contact or from any other popular social networking platform. You just have to sync your account in Oxigen Wallet. And you can also send an email directly. There is a desktop version also available. You can go at https://www.oxigenwallet.com with your existing login details and check the transaction history. Along with money you can also send a personalize message in the form of message, photo, video and audio.

Money to Bank: The next option is Money to Bank. Oxigen Wallet supports IMPS fund transfer. You can put money directly in the bank account. There is a huge list of banks available from where you can choose the beneficiary's bank.

You have to type the name, account number and amount you want to transfer. Just tap on Next and done. The money will be easily deposited into the bank account. It is the simplest way to transfer money and it is also quite fast. The time for depositing the money depends on the bank process.

Recharge: For recharge, just tap on that and choose any contact from your phone book. You can type your own number also. Just type the phone number and at the bottom, the app automatically locates the operator. Fill the amount you want. If you are not aware how much amount to add then tap on Recharge Plans and you will get information on it. You can choose the talk time, sms pack, 3G plan, etc; of your choice.

Click on next and choose the mode of payment. And tap on pay now at the bottom.

Within few seconds you will get the message that your recharge is done.

After every transaction at the bottom you can see few points added to your account that you can use for future. Oxigen Wallet offers you 1% benefit on your every recharge.

Reward Points:

  • 1.00% on Mobile, DTH and Data Card Recharge
  • 100 Points on Bill payment
  • 5.00% on value added service transaction
  • 0.25% on transaction done through net banking to load money in wallet.

Loading Money in Oxigen Wallet:

To load money you have to tap at the bottom of screen and add the amount with password. In the next option you have choose debit card or credit card. Right now you cannot put money through net banking or through cheque. You can use your debit card instead to load the money on the same. You have to use the card number with atm pin and the money will be updated in the wallet. It is an instant way to refill.

The app also keeps a record of all transaction you have done. You can access that from the top right menu.  In that you can find transaction history. Tap on that and select the list of payments done by you. There is one more option that you can try out. You can go with Schedule Transactions. You have to add the biller in it with date and the app will make payment automatically. You can set the amount to be paid. It is great for those who are having regular expenses and are too busy to make payments manually. You can schedule mobile recharge, bill payments, etc; through this.

Oxigen Wallet Payment Limits and Charges:

You can load the wallet with two limits of Rs.5000 and Rs.10,000. A single transaction is limited to a maximum of Rs.5,000. And limit for per day transaction is Rs.10,000 and maximum to Rs.25,000. The monthly transaction limit is restricted to Rs.20,000 and Rs.25,000. At a time you can load maximum upto Rs.50,000 in your wallet by providing KYC form to the company. Oxigen Wallet does not charge you anything on registration. Adding cash for the first time is free. Oxigen Wallet usually charges 1.5% after that whenever you load or refill your wallet or when you transfer money in someone's account. Charges vary if you are doing the same from the retailer. There are different charges if you are loading through a retailer.

Benefits of Oxigen Wallet:

In India we have various Wallet services like MobiKwik, PayuMoney, Airtel Money, etc. Compared to them Oxigen Wallet brings you a smart feature of social sharing. You can link your social networking site such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc; account in it and share money with your friends. It is a simple way to send few amounts to anyone in case of birthday, festival, etc. And the user on the other end can deposit the money in his/her account instantly. Oxigen Wallet is a time saver app. You don't have to go to your bank to get money or stand in a line for recharge. You can use the phone directly and make your life a lot easier. Also you can split bills in the app. For example if you had paid for something you can ask money to your friend and they just have to tap on the URL to send you the money. Oxigen Wallet has a very simple interface and it works well on different devices. You can use Oxigen Wallet for booking tickets on bookmyshow, for buying pizza from Dominos, etc. You can get the list of supported brands on the website.

Oxigen Wallet Web Version:

Oxigen Wallet has a web version also. You have to type oxigenwallet.com in your browser and you can login through your mobile number and existing password. The web version offers a fluid interface to check all of your transaction history. Through that you can use your wallet money to make payments also. Oxigen Wallet is running a Refer and Earn program through which you can earn Rs.10 on every referral. This amount will be credited in your Wallet.

You can instantly refill your wallet through the site. You can check your transaction history, update and check your contacts. And the same schedule transaction that you can configure through the app can be done through this site also. You can see the glimpse in above image. There are different sections here that can help you to instantly use the wallet. You can transfer money, recharge your phone, pay bills, etc. There is an additional Shop and Earn section here which is right now powered by CashKaro.com. By clicking on the offers you can use the wallet to make payment and earn a few points also. A good part of using this web service is that you get the processing fees below when you are transferring money to some other bank or loading money in the wallet.


Security is a primary concern when it comes to a virtual wallet system. Oxigen Wallet takes cares about frauds. You have to use a good password. Right now the app only accepts a 6 digit password and has a mobile phone recovery option. You have to take care if you have added a good amount in Oxigen Wallet. It is good to use an app locker type of tool to keep the app secure from unauthorized access. Once you add your userid and password it will not ask you to re-login again and again. You can instantly put a transaction in dispute if you think there is some problem. You can contact the customer care for help. Oxigen Wallet uses 128bit SSL encryption to keep your data secure from various online threats. Sometime it might happen that the transaction fails. You have to log a complaint with Oxigen Wallet customer care which operates in day time only. After filling the dispute it might take a week or less to get your money back.


Oxigen Wallet brings an easy way of carrying virtual money and makes payment from any location at any time. It is a time saving app that can organize your payment to work. It is not limited to mobile recharge. The company is trying to tie up with various vendors to give a broader solution for purchase. It is the first RBI approved non banking institution in the market. There are few missing mobile telecom providers in the list like Loop mobile, Reliance Electricity, which I think will be updated soon.  Oxigen Wallet is easy to use for anyone. Compared to other wallets, you get an additional option of sharing money with your friends on your favorite social networking platform. There can be few things that are limited, the wallet limit is Rs.5000 and for vendors I am quite sure it is less. Oxigen Wallet is soon going to offer a Rs.50,000 service where you can make more transaction. It is limited to India only. You cannot make purchase from international ecommerce website.


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient money transfer
  • Share money through Social media


  • Few popular vendors missing under Telecom and Bill Payment.


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