Corsair Carbide SPEC-02 Mid-Tower Gaming Case Review

Corsair Carbide SPEC-02 Mid-Tower Gaming Case Review

Building a gaming PC sometime is a pain when you are unable to find the right CPU case. For gaming, an important aspect to check before buying is enough amount of airflow. So that when you are playing games at high resolution, the CPU must get enough cushions to cool down and that is only possible if there is enough room for air ventilation. Most of us use air coolers. And for gaming there is separate one. Not the stock CPU fan. Air cooler perform well if you have good case. Cluttered with cables, and components cause hot air to revolve inside the case. And the cooling process is thus slow. Compared to that when you go for a liquid cooler then things get easier. So to find a case that can offer you dual benefits, it is easy if you checkout Corsair Carbide SPEC-02 Gaming Case. This one is a good solution for making a custom PC into a gaming build. Some of us need a durable case that can look good as well as it must give you all latest features.

Corsair SPEC-02 is capable of satisfying all your needs. It falls under the Carbide series which is design to give affordable gaming CPU case with many advance features. Corsair SPEC-02 is one of them. It is a rugged case that comes with durable design and attractive looks. The case is ideal for mid and high end gaming pc. Mid Tower does not mean it will not offer you enough space for fixing multiple graphics cards. The interior of Corsair SPEC-02 is smartly designed with good space and simple cable management. Tool less drive bays fixing up multiple storage drive makes life a lot easier. It is quite easy to setup and also in future it will be very comfortable for upgrades. It is essential that you manage your cables properly. Once everything is installed use cable ties to tie up the hanging wires. If you are using Air Cooler then you have to ensure that there is good space around for air to flow. The cost of Corsair SPEC-02 is Rs.4400.


  • Cleverly Designed Interior for maximum air ventilation
  • Rugged Design
  • Supports Upto Six FAN Installation
  • Transparent Side Panel
  • Tool less Multiple Drive Bays
  • Dual USB 3.0 front port
  • 120mm LED Lit Front Intake Fan.
  • Cable Routing Cutouts
  • Space for dual 140mm fan
  • Dust Filters


  • Warranty – Two years
  • Weight – 5kg
  • Color – Black
  • Case Form Factor – Mid-tower
  • Dimensions – 500mm x 220mm x 430mm
  • Case Motherboard Support – Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX
  • Maximum GPU Length – 420mm
  • Maximum CPU Cooler Height – 157mm
  • Maximum PSU Length – 288mm
  • Case Expansion Slots – 7
  • Case Drive Bays – (x2) 5.25in. (x3) 3.5in. (x2) 2.5in
  • Case Material – Steel
  • Case Power Supply – ATX (not included)
  • External Connections – (x1) USB 2.0. (x1) USB 3.0. (x1) Headphone Port. (x1) Microphone Port
  • Fan Mount Locations – Front: (x2) 120/140mm. Top: (x2) 120mm. Rear: (x1) 120mm. Bottom: (x1) 120mm.
  • Fans Included – Front: (x1) 120mm. Rear: (x1) 120mm
  • Radiator Mount Locations – Rear: 120mm
  • Compatible Corsair Liquid Coolers – H55, H60, H75, H80


Corsair SPEC-02 comes in a single black color case. This gives the case a minimal yet decent looks. It is a heavy case with weight of 5KG. There is no psu in that. You will get two fans with it where the 120mm fan is placed at the front with red led and a small one is placed at the backside. The case is built from durable steel elements that can provide you a long lasting solution. The side panel is transparent so that you can peek inside you case or show the same to your friends with extreme hardware. You can attach multiple graphic cards in it easily. But that will occupy a lot of space. Corsair SPEC-02 is quite durable when you hold it. It is heavy and has a good build element used. This is a higher series that brings many features of a full tower case.


Corsair SPEC-02 looks decent from the front side. A complete black color makes it less flashy but the led fan inside adds an attractive look when turned on. The grill tip design at the front features front dust filters that are not removable. There is space for two 120mm fan at the front side that can be placed from the backside.  You can add up to 2 optical drives easily on the top. All the buttons and ports are placed on the extreme top which does not belong to the front panel except a long thin red led light.

You can push the front panel outside to fit another 120mm fan. It is easy to remove and fix.

Back: At the backside on the top left lies opening for all motherboard ports. Next that lays grill for back exhaust fan that came attached in the case. Below that you can see removable clips for adding graphics card. There are in total support for 7 gpu's. Two holes with rubber grommet are also available. The psu compartment is the extreme bottom.

At the left side lies a big window with thick white plastic cover on it. It allows you to see inside the CPU case. It looks amazing where you have a fan with led light on the same. The entire case looks shiny. Without that I do not think the transparent panel can help you in anything else except to check dust inside. The side panels are quite heavy in weight and locked with simple thumb screws. The right side of SPEC-02 is plain with thick black coating. It looks very decent and I think the case can handle scratches also. After removing the side panel you can see smart interior with cable management. Nothing is lying out freely. Using cable ties you can tie up the cables and keep your system interior more cleanly.

Top: The top side offers you dual usb 3.0 ports with audio jacks and the power button. Further you can see opening for two 120mm fans. The place can be also used for liquid coolers that has 120mm radiator.

Bottom: There is nothing much at the bottom side except a fixed dust filter grill which is not like a tray. It is thin and can be removed only if there is huge amount of dust accumulated on the same.

Inside: Corsair SPEC-02 is ideal for building a gaming or over clocking pc. You can see inside there is enough space to add multiple graphics card. It is a smart design for mid range and high end gaming pc. At the right bottom you can see the drive panel. This is a fixed panel that cannot be removed and it is not a tool less drive bays. Also there is no need to use drive screws to fix the hard drive. You just have to push the same inside and the panel will hold the drive. It won't move or shake. At a time you can use around 3 hard drives in it. To fix a drive just push the clip outside and press the drive and leave it. For SSD support there are two separate mount panel available on the top side. The below panel can hold 3×3.5inch drive or 3×2.5inch drive. You can use a combination of both and for SSDS you don't have to look for mount panels. Just fix it on the top side.


It is quite easy to assemble hardware on  Corsair SPEC-02. It is designed to give a comfortable custom built for all kind of pc. It is not just limited to gaming pc. You can start from a pc for everyday usage to a high end overclocking pc. It works well and has good amount of space to hold the hardware. You can add dual standard size graphics card on it. It can even hold 3 gpu’s. It is not having a tool less drive bays. Once the drive is fit it remains fixed inside. I found this a bit complicated to use. That is because the clip that holds the drive can break very easily if you push it outside a bit harder. Compared to this tool less drive trays are much more easier. A good thing is that for SSD's you don't have to search for mount panels. At a time you can use two SSD on the system. There is total 6 fans support on the entire case. That looks enough to me. There is already two fan provided and if you want more then you can add a bigger one on the front side. OR else going with liquid cooler is alot better. It is a one-time investment. It is good to decorate the case with few led lights. Or else the transparent panel on the right is of no use.


Corsair SPEC-02 is a good choice for high end gaming pc. Especially when you are not having requirements to buy a full size case. This case can save your space and also it can provide you good features to build a gaming machine. 6 fan support is quite to configure great cooling support. Along with a liquid cooler support, it makes this case a wise choice for future upgrades also. It is best to have dual fan on the front with a big CPU cooler. That looks good enough to me. It offers you dual usb 3.0 ports on the front side for boosting up data transfer speed. The cost of Corsair SPEC-02 lies between Rs. 4400. You might find it costly from the looks, but when you checkout its features then you will surely change your mind. Mid Tower case are easy to handle compared to full tower. They are less heavy and can be easily moved.


  • Durable Design
  • Dedicated SSD drive bay
  • 120mm LED fan + 120mm exhaust fan included.


  • No Dust filter tray
  • No tool less drive bays


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