Zebronics Bliss Portable Tower Speaker (ZEB-PT100UCF) Review

Zebronics Bliss Portable Tower Speaker (ZEB-PT100UCF) Review

Speakers are important aspects for home entertainment. Bad quality audio can affect the output of your overall Home Theater setup. The same is applicable to PC. Most of us usually go for a 2.1 or 5.2 speaker set for pc that comes with 3.5mm audio jack connectivity. And for portable devices we have additional options like Bluetooth, Rechargeable Battery and NFC. But they are limited in the volume and audio effects. Compared to them if we take Tower Speakers then they are huge and not under budget. Also they need special setup format. There is a model that can give you a composite feature of a desktop, a portable tower speaker. I am talking about Zebronics Bliss ZEB-PT100UCF. It is the latest model under Zebronics Tower speaker series that brings ample of great benefits. This speaker has an attractive look and comes at a cost of Rs.1500 approx. It is not a costly product.

It brings you a full size speaker set with various connectivity options except wireless. It provides decent audio quality for home and office usage. But do not expect much in terms of sound quality especially the bass effect. Otherwise it is a nice product. It is portable and easy to move. Falling under Portable Tower Series, I was expecting a loud bass from it. But after playing a few audio files at max volume, the sound gets distorted. At a mid volume if you disable all audio effects, you will get sharp and clear audio from it. Overall output is not very bad. If this speaker is above Rs.2500 then I would have doubt about buying it. Zebronics keeps the cost very low so that it can be affordable and it is upto my expectation under entry level category. It is giving more than a regular speaker. We will checkout things in more details, but before lets have look on its specification.


  • Speaker driver unit size : 4”+ 3”
  • Output power  : 10W
  • Speaker impedance : 4 Ohm
  • Frequency response : 100Hz-20KHz
  • FM scan range : 87.5-108.0 MHz
  • USB charging : DC5V
  • Signal to noise ratio : ≥85dB
  • Battery capacity : 2000mAH
  • Playback (USB model) : 4 hours



Zebronics ZEB-PT100UCF Bliss falls in the entry level category of Portable Tower Speaker. There are higher models with more feature and amazing output. We will begin with the first model that is also new in the series. The speaker comes in few color choices which are gold and silver. It has an easy handle that allows you to lift it up and move it at any place. It is a very lightweight speaker. It lacks subwoofer.


At the front top in the image you can see the connectivity ports and control buttons. The first one from left is full size Memory Card slot. Below that there is a USB 2.0 port. Next to that lies 3.5mm Audio jack and below that Micro USB port for charging. There is a tiny red led light with it. Power button is just below that.

The volume knob is the flashiest part of Zebronics ZEB-PT100UCF Bliss Tower Speaker. It has led light that sparkles well when you play audio in low light. The knob is used to adjust the volume.

Next to that lies four buttons. The first one is Mode which is marked with M. When you press it then you can switch between Memory Card, USB, FM, etc. Next to that lie the back and volume down button. Play/Pause is next button followed with forward and volume increase button. 4 keys add comfort for changing songs and choosing the different type of devices like memory card, usb port or connected to a pc/Smartphone/tablet through 3.5mm audio cable. It is very easy to use. Zebronics ZEB-PT100UCF Bliss is not having Bluetooth or NFC connectivity.

The bottom part has set of two speakers. One comes with 4" driver and other one with 3" driver. Both work well to give loud sound output. If there was a subwoofer attached, then it will be good while enjoying parties. But that does not make Zebronics ZEB-PT100UCF Bliss an outdated model. It produces good amount of sound that you can use for playing music or for watching movies. Portable size helps you to move it easily anywhere. It is extremely lightweight speaker. The front panel gives access to the speaker driver. It is good if you keep it away from kids. Do not try to push the speakers at the front, it can damage the drivers.


The left and right part is plain and has black paint with rough finish. The enclosure looks like to be made from wood with plastic panel on the front side.


AT the backside there is an FM Antenna with battery panel at the center side. You can add 3 AA size batteries to extend its usage. It already has a rechargeable battery through which you can use it for 4 hours max. There is no battery indicator available to tell what amount of power is left. That is an issue here.


A thick plastic handle is on the top that adds maximum comfort to move the speaker. It is a good thing in Zebronics ZEB-PT100UCF Bliss. Due to light weight design, it is not a pain to carry the speaker.  The design is quite nice and looks great. It is surely a catchy speaker for outdoor. It comes loaded with 2000mAh battery and this allows you to use the speaker for 4hours max outside. And if that is over you can still put 3 AA size batteries. For using it more comfortably you can use the remote that comes in the package.

Audio Performance:

Zebronics ZEB-PT100UCF Bliss is a comfortable to use speaker. It comes with all options that you need for playing audio from different sources. With integrated FM you can still enjoy your local channels. Zebronics ZEB-PT100UCF Bliss is a good looking speaker but not durable. At the front side the speakers must be converted with some kind of thin grill so that it cannot get damaged by touching it. Controls are easily available on the top side. You can connect the speaker with pc, laptop, Smartphone, tablet, mp4 players, etc; through a 3.55mm audio jack. Cables for that are available easily in local shops. The led light on the volume lab adds some flashy effects on the speaker. USB and Memory card output also works well. One thing that does not make me happy about Zebronics ZEB-PT100UCF Bliss is its bass output. Being an entry level model, it lacks some important benefits of tower speakers. At loud volume the audio gets a bit messed up which is common in many speakers that lacks woofer and a good sound amplifier in it. Here Zebronics ZEB-PT100UCF Bliss can be good if you are not looking much for bass quality. Otherwise the audio is sharp and clear.


Zebronics ZEB-PT100UCF Bliss is offering more features at a cost of Rs.1500 approx. There are other brands that give you a regular speaker with sub-woofer where you are having more better audio, but you can't get different connectivity support. Like connecting a usb and a memory card on the same. And of course a flashy volume knob. Zebronics ZEB-PT100UCF Bliss is something to show off to your friend. After using it for some time I found it can be good for picnics also. 4 Hours of battery is not very high, but by adding 3 AA batteries you can extends it usage more. There is no battery indicator which is a pain sometime. Zebronics ZEB-PT100UCF Bliss is a kind of good alternative for costly speakers. You will be able to enjoy music on it at a decent level. Audio volume is loud enough for an entire room. And you can also use it with your pc and laptops.


  • USB and Memory Card Support.
  • FM Support.
  • Great Design.
  • Decent Audio Output.


  • No subwoofer.
  • No wireless connection.
  • No battery indicator.



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