ADATA Premiere SP610 2.5″ SATA 6GB/s SSD Review

ADATA Premiere SP610 2.5″ SATA 6GB/s SSD Review

SSD upgrade is ideal solution for any pc when it comes to performance. SSD's can provide you a next level output that is very hard to find in regular hard drive. IT happens that you might be having the latest hardware, but your system is not performing well. That is due to the limitation of regular hard drive that mostly rely on rpm. There were days when SSD was very costly. But today we can easily find a good SSD alternative and that too in huge size capacity. We will today test out ADATA Premier SP610 SSD. This drive features a 2.5inch form factor with 6GB/s interface. the drive comes in 4 different size capacity. They are 128GB, 256GB, 512GB & 1TB. The cost of 512GB is around Rs.16,500 and a 256GB hard drive can come around Rs.9000 approx. ADATA also offers a few affordable SSD model. The one that we will be testing is a 256GB version of ADATA Premiere series. The model is SP610. SSD's simply means performance. Low power usage and a lot of reliability.

It is not very hard to convince anyone to buy a SSD. They are a lot better compare to the regular drives. Price factors plays a big role when it comes to upgrade. IF you go for any brand hard drive that comes around in 256GB of storage space you can will find the cost varies from Rs.7500 to Rs.15,000. there are various brands who are offering different models with different technology. so here price is not a big issue and ADATA Premiere SP610 is not costly from any angle. according to me it can be the best budget SSD at Rs.9000. That is because of its great speed, reliable design and top notch output. The drive is capable of giving you 560mb/s of read speed and around 290mb/s of write speed. 2.5inch form factor makes it economical to use in desktop pc. the drive is great for gaming stuff. Also it can help a lot in getting great output when you are using your system for video editing, or for any other work that requires good amount of processing power.


  • High Transfer Speed for uncompressed Data Performance
  • Consistent high transfer speed.
  • NCQ Support
  • Supports TRIM
  • S.M.A.R.T Support
  • Portable Design
  • 6GB/s SSD
  • SMI Controller


  • Capacity – 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB
  • Nand Flash Memory –  Synchronous MLC
  • Interface – SATA 6GB/s (SATA III)
  • Form Factor – 2.5"
  • Dimension – 100x70x700 (LxWxH)
  • Weight – 68g
  • Warranty – 3 Years
  • MTBF – 1,500,000 hours
  • Power Consumption – 0.3W Idle, 0.08W Active
  • Operating Temperature – 0-70C
  • Storage Temperature – 40-85C
  • Shock Resistance – 1500G
  • 560Mb/s of max read speed (128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB)
  • 150Mb/s of max write speed (12GB)
  • 290Mb/s of max write speed (256GB)
  • 450Mb/s of max write speed (512MB/1TB)
  • 4KB Random Read/Write Speed upto 73,000/72,000 IOPS


1. ADATA Premiere SP610 2.5":

2. 3.5inch bracket:

3. Other accessories:


ADATA Premiere SP610 is designed on the basis of 2.5inch form factor. It is slim and quiet small also. In package you will get a 3.5" bracket that can be used in regular desktop pc to fit the drive. The setup is not complicated. If your desktop is having a SSD mount then you can connect it directly. In most of the mid tower case SSD mount is provided.


SP610 256GB falls in the ADATA Premiere series that surely add some extra benefits in the design. At the front side lies the drive log and bit of details with the drive capacity. AT the back you can find warranty code. The drive has a metal cover. it looks durable to me, but not waterproof. It features a shock proof design.  


At the sides you can see holes provided for the mounting the drive in pc. It is sleek drive with lightweight design. The dimension of the drive is  100x70x700 (LxWxH). the drive can be also placed inside a few big size laptops.


The drive comes with SATA 3 interface. Where you get a maximum of 6GB/s of transfer speed. This is not the exact speed of drive, but of interface that is common in many latest motherboard. It is also compatible with SATA 3GB/s port. There will be not much effect in the speed if you are using in any port.


The installation is not very complicated. You can use the 3.5" bracket to hook the drive your regular system. For example I have Antec GX700 Mid-Tower that has tool-less drive bays. The bracket gives you proper holes so that you can fit the drive well in different type of brackets our you can add it directly.


ADATA Premiere SP610 falls in the category of good performance SSD drive. It is right to say that it is a powerful drive that can simply push your systems output to the next level. The drive take maximum advantage from SMI Controller. That is capable of giving you a constant high sequential read and write speed. The drive give what it promise. A few time you might see the fluctuation depending on your system. I had tested this drive on a high end pc. the complete hardware configuration is below. Transferring files internal in the SSD is quiet fast and also the same is not bad between other drives. It is ideal drive when it comes for building up a decent gaming pc.256GB of space is quiet enough for your Windows partition. or if you think the cost is high for you then you can try going for a lower one that is 128GB. And you can keep other drive for storage purpose.
SSD are reliable and great for output. It can increase your system boot time, you won't find any lagging application and game output will be amazing. High read and write speed allows your cpu to process a large amount of data in less time.

It does not has to wait for the drive to spin fast. An overall good config with ADATA Premiere SP610 SSD can be great for day to day usage or for gaming purpose. The only issue here is that the drive comes with different size variation. And not all of them are capable of giving you 450Mb/s of maximum write speed. 256GB is limited to 290MB/s and 128GB gives 150MB/s of write speed. While the read speed is 560MB/s fixed in all. ADATA must have kept all the models with same drive speed so that more output can be achieved. Few models in the same price range are offering higher write speed.

Test Machine:  (Thanks to Antec, AMD, Kingston, Gigabyte, Nvidia & Seagate for sponsoring the hardware)

  • CPU Cabinet – Antec GX700 Mid-Tower
  • Processor – AMD FX-8350 4Ghz 8 Core (AM3+)
  • Liquid Cooler – Antec Kuhler H20 920
  • RAM – 1x 8GB Kingston HyperX Blu RAM
  • Motherboard – Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 AM3+ Socket UltraDurable
  • Graphic Card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST 2GB
  • Hard Drive 1 – Seagate Barracuda 3TB Internal Hard Drive
  • Hard Drive 2 – ADATA Premiere SP610 256GB SSD
  • PSU – Antec EA-750 EarthWatts Green PSU

Crystal Disk Test:


ADATA Premiere SP610 is an ideal solution for all kind of system. If you are fed up with your existing pc and want something that can increase the performance then going for ADATA Premiere SP610 will be helpful. ADATA has kept the price at minimum competitive level. There are few models that falls under the same cost, but can be counted equivalent to ADATA Premiere SP610. It is essential that you must check all the models before buying. the Read speed is constant for all 4 models, but the write speed fluctuations. ADATA Premiere SP610 256GB that we had tested offer a max read speed of 560MB/s and max write speed is limited to 290MB/s. if you are happy with this then it's a worth drive under a price of Rs.9,000. 256GB is enough for keeping operating system files and games at one place. A single partition can help you to achieve max output. ADATA does not offer any kind of cache software that can add more to the applications output. Like one we saw in Kingston. even if the drive speed is limited, the cache software does not the needful things.


  • Good Performance
  • High speed output
  • Low power consumption
  • Shock Resistance


  • No Dedicated Caching Software
  • Limited Write Speed


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