Corsair Carbide 900D Super Tower Case Review

Corsair Carbide 900D Super Tower Case Review

Corsair 900D falls in the Super Tower Case category that brings out enough space for building an ultimate pc. It is bigger than Full Tower case with enormous upgrade solution. Being a big case, it is heavy and not very easy to manage. It is ideal for building gaming and server level systems. It requires a fixed place. Corsair 900D brings lots of unique features. It can be an everlasting solution for building high end pc. There is enough space to add 4 graphics cards, a high end liquid cooler and a big size board. Still there is lots of space left to add multiple case fans and around 9 hard drives. We will be testing this case in more details. Being a big size case it is quite uneasy to move this case. That is why I have mentioned you need a fixed place for this. It is not easy to move by one person. It is ideal for home and professional usage both. You can make a high storage file server on it by adding different drives. Due to large space it is quite comfortable to add different types of hardware. It is not a regular case. It is for serious hardware geeks, or those who need performance at any cost.

The cost of Corsair Carbide 900D is around Rs.29,999 approx. It is a kind of rare case which is hardly build with so much capacity and useful for exclusive requirements only. It is like a hardware cabinet where you can fit whatever you want and still have enough space left to add more stuff. It comes loaded with 4 fans in it with ample of mounting panels to fit more hardware. Corsair Carbide 900D weighs around 18.6kg with a full size dimension.  We will checkout its feature in more detail, before that lets have a look on the specification and features.


  • Ideal for high end gaming pc and servers.
  • Ten Expansion slots.
  • Fit up to 9 Storage Drives and expand that to 15 by adding separate drive cage.
  • Support dual power supply unit.
  • Cooling-optimized Case design.
  • Total 15 Fan mounts.
  • 5 Radiator mounting points.
  • 4 Removable Dust filters.
  • Tool Free drive installations.
  • Cable Routing.
  • Durable steel and cast aluminum case.


  • Color – Black.
  • Case Form Factor – Full-Tower.
  • Dimensions – 692mm x 252mm x 650mm.
  • Case Motherboard Support – Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX, E-ATX, XL-ATX, HPTX.
  • Maximum GPU Length – 500mm.
  • Maximum CPU Cooler Height – 170mm.
  • Maximum PSU Length – 280mm
  • Case Expansion Slots – 10
  • Case Drive Bays – (x4) 5.25in. (x9) Combo 3.5in/2.5in.
  • Case Material – Brushed Aluminum and Steel
  • Case Power Supply – ATX (not included).
  • External Connections – (x4) USB 2.0. (x2) USB 3.0. (x1) Headphone Port. (x1) Microphone Port
  • Fan Mount Locations – Front: (x3) 120mm. Top: (x4) 120mm or (x3) 140mm. Rear: (x1) 140mm. Side: (x8) 120mm or (x6) 140mm. Mid: (x1) 120mm.
  • Fans Include – Front: (x3) 120mm. Rear: (x1) 140mm
  • Radiator Mount Locations – Front: up to 360mm. Top: up to 420/480mm. Rear: 120/140mm. Side: up to 420/480mm
  • Compatible Corsair Liquid Coolers – H55, H60, H75, H80i, H90, H100i, H105, H110
  • Weight – 18.6kg.
  • Warranty – Two years.



Corsair 900D is the highest case in Carbide series. There are varieties of case under this section of various sizes. Corsair 900D is biggest one among all. The body elements
look durable. It has a brushed Aluminum and Steel which makes this case a bit durable. It comes in complete black color. Prime objective of this case is to give you several mounting points, storage bays and large space to hold powerful cooling elements. For those who are not satisfied with Full-ATX cabinets and want to add more hardware, can checkout Corsair 900D. To build an extreme pc on Corsair 900D is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs a huge investment to build extreme machine which is only affordable by extreme gamers, geeks and those who need professional storage solution for their office. It is a costly case. We will be checking all factors of Corsair 900D closely to target all the aspect. I don’t think it can bear shock if fell down. It is classy in look. At one side it provides you a transparent window that can let you show off your extreme hardware setup. To make it look attractive I recommend using led fans. Let's have a close look on the case design and all factors.


All connectivity ports are placed on the front top for easy accessibility. Most of the time the case placement will be on the ground side. And the top panel is easily available. It is covered with a lid. There are 2 USB 3.0 ports with 4 USB 2.0 ports. 3.5mm audio jacks are provided for Headphones and Mic.

Power button is different. It is a flat button and mixed with the design. As I had not checked it I am quite not sure about any led light on the front side. Reset button is inside. You have to press the lid at extreme left top to open it up and you can access other ports and reset button as well. The front design features a minimal yet sturdy look. You can add up to 4 optical drives here. This part consists of 4 drive bays of 5.25" form factor. It is possible to add a few more hard drives here by using 5.25"enclosures.

Below that lies a panel that cover a dust filter with three 120mm fans. Corsair has not provided any place to hook a led on the front side. The fans inside are visible by pushing out the front panel. If you are not happy with the existing one, you can replace them with led fans and leave the front panel open. You can remove the front panel and clean the dust filters. If you think that CPU is getting hot then you can leave the panel open.


The top panel is smartly designed to keep maximum air flow. Instead of having a complete lock panel, it is removable with separate mounting options. You can use four 120mm fans on them or you can use three 140mm fans on it. Adding led fans can add bit extreme looks on the case. Or you can also use a full size radiator of liquid cooler on the top side.

Left and Right side panel:

Both panels are easy to remove. They feature a quick release design that is removable by pressing a button on the backside. And they are also easy to fix. The left one has a transparent window also. Below the panels there is a separate area which further provides access to hard drive, power supply, case fans or liquid coolers. This are swing out doors that have simple lock and provide access to the extreme bottom part of the system. All the drives panels are located at the extreme bottom.


The back side consists of all opening for different ports, graphics card slot and power supply unit. The slot is at the bottom. There is a 140mm exhaust fan on the backside.   Also two button at extreme top left and right for removing the side panels.

There is enough space to connect two power supply on the case. There are around 10 slots for pci cards.

Internal Structure:

Corsair Carbide 900D is a huge case. In one word it is a beast. It might not be very attractive in looks, but it is for those who are very serious about building an extreme pc. When it comes to Corsair Carbide 900D, you are just going to ignore the budget thing. It is very costly designed for only high end system. You can easily plan to put a manual liquid cooler with lots of tube connecting multiple graphic card, RAM and CPU together. It has an amazing extra amount of space inside to build a high end cooling system also. With liquid coolers you can add up to 18 case fans on it. We will checkout the interior of Corsair Carbide 900D in more details to find out what all features it offers.

It is quite easy to open the side panels due to quick smart release design. These panels are quite heavy. Only the left part has a transparent window through which you can peek inside. Removing that will give you access to more features. The case looks quite different from inside. It is nicely managed.

At the right top lies tool-less 5.25inch drive bays. Four in total. Below that are removable drive cages. These are tool-less drive bays. You can add up to five hard drive of 5.25inch or even SSD. These cases are easy to remove. The screws holding them are on the backside. You can attach the hard drive and then fit them back again. Removable cases help you to get a bit extra space inside if you are not having more hard drive. For example if you had decided to put the liquid cooler radiator on the front side, you can remove one cage to allow easy tubes passing. The front three fans can be used on the top or to bottom of left or right side.

Drive Bays: 2 for adding five 5.25inch hard drives. Removable.

The center side is for the motherboard which can hold a full size board easily. There are around 7 expansion slots where you can add different PCI cards, graphic cards, easily. Still enough amount of space is left to add more things. PSU placement is at the bottom where you have choices to use two power supply units. This will be helpful if you are building an extreme edition pc which has multiple graphics cards, liquid coolers, storage drives, etc. Corsair 900D also takes care about cable management. It has a smart cable routing system through which you can keep the internal part clean and neat. This also helps in air ventilation. Rubber gourmets are provided so that you can tie the cables properly and route them. They will not interfere in the air flow.  The bottom part has an option to add 3 more drive cages of 5.25inch form factor. Corsair 900D comes with total 3 drive cages. If you are having more storage requirement then you can buy more from Corsair. Compared to the top cages the bottom one is smart as it supports hot swapping. It is a special case with cables that allow you to use around 3 drives. You can just pull out the hard drive from it without shutting it down. The issue with this case is it’s removable. You have to remove a few additional things to pull out the case or to add a new one.

To remove you have to unscrew the bottom swing out door and its lock panels. After that you can pull out the case. To fit it back you have to do the same thing. Start with pulling out the door by removing two screws at the bottom and then the lock panels by sliding them to the right side. There are two panels.

If you do not need those bottom drive cages or the hot swapping feature, you can remove it and keep it aside to make more room at the bottoms. The mounting panel that holds the cage is removable. For that you have to drag the lock panel that holds side door towards right and it will come out. Then you can pull out the hard drive cage.


No doubt Corsair Carbide 900D is one of the best cases for building up a high end gaming or server level systems. And it also gives you a lot of future upgrades options. It is ideal to build an extreme file server also. The benefit of having Corsair Carbide 900D is having an ultimate cooling solution case. If you plan to replace your air cooler system with liquid cooler then you don’t have to change the case. You can do that in the existing one. You can add different GPU at any point. The only point in buying Corsair Carbide 900D is, if you need an extreme pc or not and you are ready to spend a huge amount on the hardware. Many people buy high end pc but do not work on the case part. They go with a regular full tower which later fells short in future. You must not look on the flashy part always. When it comes to assembling up different type of hardware, you need a smartly managed case that has special place reserved for everything. This saves your time and also lets your hardware to fit well. Corsair Carbide 900D is not easy to move once you are done with assembling your system. Let it work at one place. It is a fixed solution for an extreme system. Being a costly case, Corsair must offer LED fans in it. Regular fan looks very dull. All 4 fans are the regular one. Dust filters help you to clean it easily. There are 4 dust filters in total. With high number of fans you have to use software to control the fan speed. Also high number of man’s means a noisy case. There are many things Corsair can do on the front part that remains empty. Even after having such a high end case we get limited to the front ports. Corsair can add more usb ports on the front side for fast data backup and transfer.

The hot swap drive cage is at the extreme bottom. To remove the drive you have to open the bottom door and then bend down to pull out the drive. This should be provided at the front side or at least somewhere on the left top. It gets a little tougher while accessing, when you are keeping the case on ground. And if you keep it on desk, then the power button and front ports gets taller. You cannot connect your pen drive without standing. It looks like a lot of space is wasted in Corsair Carbide 900D that can be smartly used. When it comes to a gaming or extreme file server pc, then we need more features compared to regular full tower case. The best thing is easy accessibility of ports, led indicators, fan control and easy to add/remove drive bays for instant backup. It is also not possible to place the drive horizontally on the table. 18Kg is a heavy weight. It is good to put it on some trolley or Corsair can try to add tires at bottom, so that we can move it easily from one end to another.


Corsair Carbide 900D is a one stop solution for your assembling needs. There is enough space to add anything in it and still you can manage to get more by removing a few things. The case works well with all type of colors. So compatibility is not a bit issue here. Corsair Carbide 900D comes for Rs. Rs.29,999 approx. It can be higher depending on the taxes and shipping charges. Corsair Carbide 900D brings many features if you are building an extreme system. One of the biggest benefits of having this type of case is that you have no limit of expansion. Once you buy this kind of case then you won't need any other. It is not ever ones need. We have different types of pc requirement, where buying such case for daily usage is not at all recommended. Corsair Carbide 900D is only for special requirement. And there is hardly any case similar to this one. It makes Corsair Carbide 900D an exclusive model and exclusive choice for hardware geeks.


  • Extreme case features
  • Tool-less drive bays
  • Easy to remove side panels
  • Transparent window left panel
  • 4 fans included.
  • 1 drive case with hot swappable feature
  • Good storage expansion
  • Good air ventilation and cable routing
  • Amazing for liquid cooler setup


  • No fan controller
  • No led fans
  • Only 2 USB 3.0 ports.
  • Not easy to access Hot Swappable hard drives.
  • Noisy fans.


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