AsiaPower PowerSound 450 Review

AsiaPower PowerSound 450 Review

AsiaPower PowerSound 450 is a portable desktop speaker that comes for Rs.450 approx. The speaker comes with minimal design offering decent audio quality for personal usage. It is a plug and play model that does not need any separate drivers. It works well with Windows, Mac & Linux PC. It is a 2.0 channel audio speaker. It comes with a set of 2 portable speakers with simple look. Desktop speaker does not offer you extra audio effects. This kind of models is ideal for notebooks and laptops where you have a personal audio hardware with loud volume. Compact design helps you to carry it easily. A pair of two speakers are attached and powered by single usb cable. The audio output is controlled by 3.5mm audio jack. This universal jack also comes in portable devices like Smartphone and tablets. But here AsiaPower PowerSound 450 needs a USB power support separately, or else it won't work. That is why the usage is limited to laptops and desktop pc. You can use it on those tablets which have a usb port. Remember this will also drain the battery fast. AsiaPower PowerSound 450 is a budget model for day to day need. It does not has any mic which can extend the usage for video conference. It can be a simple speaker set that can be kept on the backside of your monitor or in your laptop bag. And use it when you want to watch any video or listen to music. There are no control buttons on the top. All the equalizer settings and volume is controlled through music application.


  • USB Powered
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Plug and Play
  • Compact Design
  • 2.0 Multimedia Speakers
  • Output power: 3Wx2
  • Frequency response: 40Hz-20KHz
  • Distortion: < 1%
  • Plug and play – No drivers needed
  • Dual Channel stereo



AsiaPower PowerSound 450 comes in simple ultra-portable design. It has a basic look. It might not be attractive but provides nice audio when you want a budget speaker for your system. It is also not fair to expect too much from the audio quality. It is a dual channel speaker that comes with a 3.5mm audio cable also. Due to small size it is easy to place and carry anywhere. You can keep it on the back of monitor or near your laptop. You can also carry it with you in a bag. Compared to other Bluetooth portable speaker, AsiaPower PowerSound 450 is bit larger. It is not having any audio control, or on/off switch on the body. Everything here is controlled through media application.

Both speakers are connected with each other. So it is necessary to take care while lifting them. Do not pull them apart or you can break the cables. It is powered by 2.0 USB cable. That means you need an empty port on your laptop or pc. And it can even work through usb hubs. For the audio output you have to connect the 3.5mm audio port on the front of your desktop pc. In laptop you can connect it in either on the side or at the front bottom port. It is also possible to connect this on the backside of your CPU case. It has a long cable which can be around a meter or so. However not very long but enough to place it on the desk and connect it on the back usb port. The only issue here is that you cannot use it on portable devices like Smartphone or Tablet if you are not having an usb port on it. It does not work on the 3.5mm audio cable alone. You have to connect both of them. I had tested it on a Tablet which has a usb port, but this uses more battery. Anyhow AsiaPower PowerSound 450 is a decent portable speaker for daily usages.

Audio Performance:

AsiaPower PowerSound 450 can give you loud volume if you keep it on the front side. Being a small speaker does not mean that it will be low on audio. But it does not give you any sound effects. Even after being an entry level model I am quite happy with the audio loudness of this speaker. But this speaker has 0 bass outputs. It is fun to watch movies on it where you are not really expecting much from the equalizer settings of your media application. The good part of AsiaPower PowerSound 450 is that it produces quite a decent audio quality. Even at loud audio it is able to maintain the quality but is limited. Sometime if there is too much bass, the audio gets spoiled. At decent volume you can enjoy nice audio quality from AsiaPower PowerSound 450. Under a budget price it is a great desktop speaker for day to day usage.



AsiaPower PowerSound 450 costs around Rs.450 or can be cheaper on different online sites. It features ultra-portable design and easy handling. You can use it on your laptop and desktop. It also offers a decent amount of audio quality. But it lacks bass output due to small size. The speaker has a simple design. It is ideal for playing music and watching movies. A kind of your personal entertainment solution if you are not really looking to spend much on big size speaker. It does not come with any kind of wireless connectivity. It is just a simple, loud plug and play speaker.


  • Loud Audio
  • Handy Design
  • Usb powered plug and play


  • Poor Bass Output
  • Not suitable for portable devices.


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