Creative MUVO Mini Portable Waterproof Speaker Review

Creative MUVO Mini Portable Waterproof Speaker Review

Creative's MUVO series is having different range of speaker models from large size to small size. This range consists of Muvo 20, Muvo 10 and Muvo Mini. We had already reviewed Muvo 20 and Muvo 10. Both models are great for outdoor usage. It offers decent audio output, enough for home parties. You can sit and relax with your friends, connect the speaker to your TV or pc and get great sound quality. These two models were bigger one and do not carry good bass output. For more portability and fun, Creative has a tiny model called Muvo Mini. This one is the best one I think. It is small, waterproof and comes loaded with great bass output. Very much near to pc sub-woofer. Not very high but decent enough to get a good music quality. Creative adds an oversized Bass radiator in Muvo Mini. It also has two full range micro drivers. The sound volume is high enough for an entire room to enjoy music and movies. Creative increases its benefits by providing NFC and Speaker phone options. You can still use this speaker for conference calling.

NFC helps you to connect without wasting much time. Creative MUVO Mini is also waterproof that comes with IP66 Certification. This makes it waterproof and also a durable speaker that can handle shock if dropped from 5 feet. Overall Creative MUVO Mini is a powerful audio device. It can be used with Smartphone's, tablets, pc, laptops, netbooks, etc. Bluetooth and NFC are the most common type of connectivity options today. Once fully charged it can work well for entire day. Creative promises 10hrs of battery backup on this. But if you use it wisely then there is no need to charge it frequently. The cost of Creative MUVO Mini is around Rs.4000 approx.


  • Water and Dust resistance (IP66 Standard)
  • Portable Design
  • 10Hrs of Battery backup
  • NFC & Bluetooth connectivity
  • Aux-in Port
  • Two full size micro drivers
  • Oversized front bass radiator
  • Available in Black, White, Blue, and Red


  • System Configuration – One-piece
  • Dimensions – 190.0 x 37.0 x 59.0 mm (7.4 x 1.4 x 1.7 inches)
  • USB Cable Length – approx 0.6m
  • Weight – 285g (10.1oz)
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth 4.0
  • Bluetooth –  Profile A2DP (Wireless Stereo Bluetooth), AVRCP (Bluetooth Remote Control), HFP (Hands-Free profile)
  • Supported Codecs – SBC
  • For one-touch pairing – NFC-enabled devices
  • For direct connection to Aux-in jack – Analog audio devices with a 3.5mm output
  • 1-year limited hardware warranty



Creative MUVO Mini is available in 4 different colors. They are Black, White, Blue, and Red. We will be testing out the black color model. MUVO Mini looks like a flat rectangle shape speaker that can sit well in any part of your desk, couch or bed. It does not need any special type of placement. But you cannot hang it. Its entire body is covered with thick rubber element; this makes it water and dust proof. There are hardly any openings on the body. Except an Aux and charging port at the backside. There are no visible screws on the body. The body has a back housing and front cover that features grill shape design which locks it. It is placed with some adhesive that locks well the front part and does not allow any liquid or dust to enter. It does not have a very attractive design. The looks are basic with no flashy elements on it. Except low light on the top indicate power and charging. It is a classy speaker which is meant for performance and usage. Being a waterproof model you have to worry less about using it near pool or in any parties. Let's have a look on the same in more details.


The front speaker grills are covered with some kind of waterproof coating. This does not hamper the sound quality at all. It just adds more to the bass sound. There are two full size micro drivers with a bass radiator. The audio is mostly projected to the front side. At maximum volume also the audio quality remains cool. There are two ports on the back covered with a rubber flap. It is necessary to close it if you are planning to use it near pool. There is an AUX port with MicroUSB port. The AUX port is regular 3.5mm audio jack through which you can connect this speaker to a PC, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone, etc. And the MicroUSB port is for charging purpose. Muvo Mini is not having any kind of battery indicator.


There are buttons with NFC chip on the top side. Two keys from the right are for volume control. Ahead of that there is one key which is for Bluetooth pairing and the last one is Power key. The Bluetooth button is multi-functional. For example if you had connected the speaker to your Smartphone and you got any call, you can press the Bluetooth button to cancel it. You can also use that to end call. There are two lights on the top side. A green light appears when you turn on the speaker. It also blinks when you the speaker is in paring mode. It turns to white when a device is connected. And there is a charging indicator light also. Mic is also on the top. It glows to red if the battery is not full and turns off automatically one the speaker is fully discharged. NFC chip is at the extreme right that gives you a simple connectivity. The bottom part just has information related to speaker.


There is nothing on the sides. You can also see the thickness of this speaker. Muvo Mini features a horizontal bar deign. But you can also place it vertically. Controlling the speaker can only be done through the top power button through your Smartphone or Tablet you can adjust the volume. But you cannot turn it off. You have to manually press the power button.

The overall design makes Creative MUVO Mini Portable a value for money product. Due to durable design it is easier for you to use it in outdoors without worrying about dust and water damage. It is lightweight and easy to carry. The design does not let you to put the speaker in your pocket, but it fits well inside a bag or in ladies purse.


It is quite surprising to find such a high volume packed in a portable size. Creative Muvo Mini is a powerful party speaker. With different types of connectivity options you do not have to worry whether it will work or not. Through NFC & Bluetooth you can instantly connect the speaker to a Smartphone, Tablet, Home Theater system, blu-ray player, etc. And for further support there is an AUX jack also. At maximum volume it provides nice and clear audio. It is ideal for those who are looking for more bass output in portable speakers. It is very important that you must not push the speaker volume to maximum through your blu-ray player or home theater system. I think it will cause issues with the drivers. It is the best option for mobile and tablets. High volume increases the speaker range. So that all people in your room can enjoy music and videos. Or else it can be a nice choice for conference calling. Integrated mic tries to keep the audio quality best. The battery backup of Creative Mini is also not bad from any angle. It gives upto 10hours of battery output. Most of us will not be using this speaker for regular 10hours, so surely you can enjoy music on this for days if you use it wisely. Things you have to take care, is close the flap firmly if you are taking it near water. That is the only part which is vulnerable. There is place to add a strap on the speaker body.


It is not fair if I say that Creative Muvo Mini is a costly speaker. At a cost of Rs.4000 approx. you are getting a high end speaker quality. Loud volume, waterproof design, stylish looks, etc; makes Creative Muvo Mini a nice speaker for music lovers. If you are a big fan of bass audio, this one is enough to give you full size woofer quality. I will not say it is very high, but enough to enjoy music. It is hard to find similar type of bass output on other portable speakers that we had tested like Muvo 20 and Muvo 10. These two models are bigger than Muvo Mini, but have poor bass output which messes up the audio especially when you are in mood of party. Durable design helps you to use it without worrying much about damages. It is also shockproof. It can handle shock if felled form 5 feet. The battery backup is also amazing. It offers you 10 hours of constant usages. And if you use it on low volume then you can gain more hours of playing music, videos, etc.


  • Amazing  Sound Quality
  • Dustproof & Waterproof Design
  • Compact and Stylish


  • Costly if you don’t need Waterproof
  • Not pocket friendly


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