Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile

In 1995, Televerket was renamed as Telenor. On  August 30, 1995 part of
the company Telenor, which was developing a standardized system for
collecting, storing documents, images, and other information separated
and Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Geir Ivarsøy created a company
Opera Software, which has continued to develop a browser-based
development company. This day the developers say "Happy Birthday»

From version to version of the browser has evolved to keep pace with
the times and the demands of consumers and the market. Improving the
browser continued, and it is worth noting very successful, and in the
new product that bore the code name of Peregrine, or (for users) Opera
10. The new browser is famous for excellent performance, comfort,
intuitive and simple design. The changes affected not only the version
for desktop PCs, but also for devices on the platform of Windows



Browser interface is convenient, understandable. It may work as a
stylus or a finger. Navigation with touch screen was obviously more
comfortable, especially when it became clearly visible after testing
standard Explorer, supplied with WM

Search the Internet has become even easier and more affordable, are now
quite a few clicks and your request will be passed to the search engine
Yandex the default, or if you want to change the search engine - not a
problem, two clicks and you can look at Wikipedia and other resources

Now you can disable pop-up windows that will be useful not only in
order to save traffic, but also filtering intrusive spam. It is
important that the browser knows how to adjust the page size the width
of the screen (it is possible landscape orientation of the screen) for
a more comfortable working with the site and the minimum use of
horizontal scroll bar.

Of course, there are tabs that further simplify and accelerate the
work. Now work with several windows, was clearly more comfortable.
Frequently visit a site - add it to the express panel, and you can go
to the site in one click, simply and conveniently. Now express the
panel there is a mobile version.

Features of Opera Mobile 10

Opera Link : Synchronize your bookmarks and Speed Dial between your mobile phone and desktop computer.

Faster browsing : Opera Mobile 10 beta is faster at rendering
pages, zooming, panning and almost everything else you do with a
browser. And pages load up to 50% faster than the previous version.

Speed Dial : Get to your favorite Web page with just one click,
with a set of visual bookmarks that appear when you open a new tab. To
add a new page, simply click on an empty Speed Dial slot.

Tabbed browsing :
Browse several Web sites at the same
time. Check your email in one window, Facebook in another, and Twitter
in a third, all while easily jumping from one tab to another.

More features

Opera Turbo : Opera's servers compress Web pages up to 70%, greatly reducing the cost of browsing.

Touchscreen & keypad : The user interface has been optimized for both touchscreen and keypad-style mobile phones.

Typing less, browsing more : Save time with Web address auto-completion, password manager and inline editing.

Web standards : Opera 10 is based on the latest Opera browser

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