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Likno Web Button Maker is software which is introduced for the Web Developer to make the 2D and 3D buttons for the use of the Web pages. This free software is easy to use and allows you to design web buttons with multiple styles and effects by setting dimensions, text, background, effects selection, textures, and more. Impress visitors to your site by adding a button to attract attention to your html pages or simply transform your projects by applying stylish web buttons to them. The Web Button Makers provide the user with the environment to access the website in easy and fast manner. You can choose predefined forms and templates, or simply customize your own buttons by applying different effects.



Web Button Maker design the button with the high quality graphic that creates the button more eye catching with different variety of feature that provides to manage the buttons dimension, shape, background, shade, text, texture, colors, lights, action, links etc. Effect of button will attract the user of the Web page more to visit the Website every time.

You can select the different aspects with different shape and style form that predefine the shapes that are available or you can make your own customize button with the Likno Web Button Maker tool. Using this tool will improve the number of the viewer for your site who are looking for the unique and different look form of the other Web pages by adding the styling button to them. User can create attractive button with the button generator very easily.

There is also a Button Factory which will guide us properly for the creation of the button with the provided parameter that can be found with the available tabs from the application. Button factory manages the preview of the button at the time so that user can see the preview and make the changes according to that. They are also options having the Advanced Export settings which can export the PNG and GIF images.

With the Button Factory you can add characters symbol to button text, editing of the margin and the dimension of the Web button become easier. Texture for the button can be edited with this according to the need of the user, and define the material of the button. This also provides the background to the button with different color and style. Buttons lighting and shadow of text on the button can be managed easily. It also creates the Rollover button as well as set of the button with same definition and different caption known as the button family.

You can create the banner for the Web pages that can give the webpage a different look. You can edit the dimension element of the banner like width and height of button as well as the margin.

When dimension of the image is defined with height and width, at that time the resulting image have the value that is provided by you and included within the image. If you won’t define the value then it would be zero by default. In the margin declaration you are defining the area of image where the button will be placed. Margin does not make changes in the dimension but it deals with the size of the image.


The new version has the lots of new feature introduced with it

•    More GIF format support for the Background feature.
•    Introduction of Lighting Algorithm.
•    Button Factory engine with speed and rendering of button optimized.
•    Ready Vista with XP compatibility mode option.
•    Button rendering with the Advanced Export settings.
•    Manageable 3D engine.
•    Button Factory for Creation of Button.
•    Optimized Interface.

Likno Web Button Maker uses the DirectX technology which enhances high quality 3D button creation for the use of Web site. They have also introduced lots of newer version that had removed the bugs of the previous version. The new version has the new feature like Button factory that allow user to create the button quickly with the feature that empower the buttons quality.

Integration with Microsoft Frontpage

Likno Web Button Maker has been now introduced with the Microsoft FrontPage to provide the seamless integration which allow user to select the existing web button from the Likno Web Button Maker project or create the new button and insert them to the Microsoft FrontPage. After adding Likno Web Button Maker Add-In for Microsoft FrontPage user will notice a new Menu item on the Menu bar i.e. WebButtonMaker.

In the WebButtonMenu the insert button will allow to create your button for the web and import the same in the Microsoft FrontPage web page project.  Insert button menu will provide you the selection of the button from the new project or to the existing one. If you will choose the new project from the WebButton menu then Likno Web Button Maker will get open and let you create the web button manually and save the same as the wbm project. If you select the use from the existing then it will ask for the selection of the existing one and then click on OK.

This also provides the Edit option. With the Edit option you can edit the web button that exists and is already made in Likno Web Button Maker through the Add-In. With the Microsoft FrontPage button editing option you can make the changes that you wish for the button and then to export them to Microsoft FrontPage by clicking on the Export to Microsoft FrontPage which will export the button from the Likno Web button maker to the Microsoft FrontPage project

On the rendering of the button from the likno Web button Maker you will see that this is saved in the under the root folder of the website. The code of the button is already saved in the document in the HTML format which is as wbm project.


This is the one tool that can change the View of your Webpage so if you wish to give 3D look then this tool is best for you. Likno Web Button Maker is mainly for the Web developer to use during the development of the Website. This is a shareware that means it can be downloaded for free. But the free version is only the Trial version for the 30 days only. For full version you have to make certain payment. . Likno Web Button Maker uses the English interface and shows the functionality with Windows XP and Vista only. This tool does not contain any kind of the Malware or the spyware that can harm as well as it doesn’t contains any sort of advertisement, so installing it does not causes any data loss of the system. It is a very safe tool and works great for the Developer of the Webpage.


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