Firefox Mobile for Nokia N900, Windows Mobile and Android Review


Mobile Firefox the most modern mobile Web browser is now available for
Nokia N900 after more than a year of development (the first alpha
version of the software, then dubbed Fennec, dates back to October
2008). Editions for Windows Mobile and Android are still in preparation.
to Saturday the final version of Firefox Mobile, codenamed Fennec.
Based on the same engine as the desktop variation of Firefox 3.6, Fennec
1.0 is currently reserved for the Maemo platform. Fennec is the
codename of Mozilla’s mobile project, however, the official product name
is Firefox. Using the same code as Firefox 3.6 and using the Weave
plug-in, Firefox Mobile can access the Firefox profile is stored online
(bookmarks, passwords, open tabs in Firefox …). Another big advantage,
Mobile Firefox supports extensions that thirty is already available.

Firefox Mobile is built on the same engine as the desktop Firefox 3.6
and is packed full of familiar features. But it covers only the
terminals operating on the platform Maemo 5. The browser can also be
installed on the N800 and N810 Internet Tablet from Nokia, but Mozilla
does not recommend it. But this is only the beginning. The Mozilla
Foundation board actively declinations of Firefox Mobile for Windows
Mobile (Alpha 3) and the system Android, from Google. In terms of
functionality, there are so tabbed browsing, the "smart bar", which
allows for finding bookmarks or pages of history by entering keywords in
the address bar, but a popup blocker ( pop-up) and a download manager.
Also on the program, the manager of passwords and spellchecker. Mobile
forces, the software should have an idea for an interface using touch

Firefox Mobile is based on what has been the success of the PC version.
It has a library of extensions that developers are invited to enrich.
The catalog is very modest at this stage: a sixty modules, but it
already includes some "must" as the ad blocker or AdBlock Youtube
enabler, needed to access video from platform sharing.

Mozilla is also banking on the integration of Weave, a synchronization
module available recently on the PC version of Firefox. After opening an
account, it simply allows the user to find his phone while on the
navigation environment of your PC: bookmarks, passwords, history … All
these data are synchronized online through an encrypted communication.
Weave is an undeniable asset for Firefox Mobile, which has no equivalent
to this day. Firefox Mobile has been designed to fit the constraints of
small screen devices, and learn from their touch panel. The home screen
is stripped and all functions are hidden … behind the page. 


The top bar leaves much room for research. At left we see the icon for
application switching to the right person who can close an application.
On the home screen of Firefox Mobile, the user can directly install
Weave, which synchronizes with the mobile version the fixed version of
the browser and extensions (ad-ons). Some extensions are already
operating as Google, Amazon, Yahoo! and Twitter. It is very simple to
disable. Start to enter and leave the Awesome bar to look for you. The
Awesome Bar remembers sites you’ve marked, labeled or visited before. In
summary, it is what you are looking for by typing few characters and
takes you there quickly. (Now you know why we call Awesome Bar).

Firefox Mobile offers many configuration settings. It has for example
the possibility to disable support for Flash or video in case of
insufficient flow. Security settings are also on the menu. Control the
level of scrutiny you’d like Firefox to give a site and enter
exceptions—sites that don’t need the third degree. Customize the
settings of passwords, cookies, loading images and installing add-ons
for total control of your browsing experience on mobile.Add-ons are now
available on mobile, so you can customize your browser to suit your
needs. Share information with social networks, correct mistakes in Web
addresses, or install an integrated translator for your next trip, it
all on your mobile.

It is possible to see at a glance Web pages open in one session. Just
drag to the right web page to appear on the left list of active pages.
Firefox lets you mark your favorite sites in one touch seum. Drag your
finger on the screen to access the tabs or search for add-ons. Tap twice
to zoom. So smart that simple. Your tabs are handy. Do only swipe your
finger to the right to see thumbnails of all open tabs to quickly find
the one you want.


Support for vector graphics can not distort the text and input fields
when zooming on a web page. You must see it to believe it. The rendering
of text and graphics, including SVG and canvas, is faster and more
accurate than ever, thanks to Mozilla’s new improved graphics engine.
Firefox automatically corrects color images containing information of a
color profile (like your digital photos) that the colors are exactly
those desired.

As with Firefox for PC, it is very easy to store and manage passwords.
Once a login and password are entered, a bar pops up asking if you want
Firefox to retain. Let’s face it, typing passwords on your phone is just
not easy. So why do more than necessary? Choose to "remember" passwords
for sites and forget ever having to input long and difficult. YOu can
also erase all personal data or just your last hours of activity a few
quick touches. You have full control over what you want and delete your
data disappear for good. Simple as that.

Access to the favorites has been simplified: just drag a web page to the
left to display the icon to access the addresses stored in the
bookmark. Mozilla has moved the tabs and the navigation buttons on the
bulky side left and right of your screen. You can now see what was
hidden all this time: the entire Web page. Your tabs are close at hand.
Just swipe your finger to the right to see thumbnails of all your open
tabs to find what you want quickly. Enjoy the view. They also invented
Offline browsing feature in this browser. Even if your phone is not
connected to the Web, you can always have the information at hand. Some
sites are allowed applications (such as webmail) to stay with you all
the time.

Extensions are available and downloadable from a dedicated page. Thirty
is already available. Personalize your Firefox by searching and
installing add-ons right from your mobile. Just swipe across the screen
and select the Tools button on the right side of your screen. Tap on the
add-ons button to start customizing. By installing Weave, Firefox
Mobile will fetch all your parameters in Firefox for PC (history,
bookmarks). Upon installation, it is necessary that the fixed version of
Firefox is running and that Weave is also installed on the PC.

Go beyond translation and experience the web in a way that is meaningful
to you. Local developers, who know what is meiux for their communities,
have customized your Firefox with local dictionaries, search engines,
bookmarks and dynamic Web feeds. Depending on where you live, you’ll see
things like headlines from the BBC adapted to your region or
functionality adapted to Baidu, the Chinese search engine.

Extra Features:

Mozilla is also exploring the possibilities of geolocation. Some Web
sites specially designed for it, can indeed use location information
from its visitors to offer them more meaningful content based on where
it is (list of restaurants, itineraries, etc.), without having to take
over. That the Internet, concerned about the exploitation that could be
made of this information will reassure Mozilla promises that nothing
will be done without their prior consent.A very good predictions of
future performance of Fennec is the exceptional score achieved
compliance test standards of the profession harder Acid3. Reaching
88/100 in the first months, it is still in full growth. The market
should quickly plebiscite combinations that include the four actors Open
Source, Fennec and Chrome as a browser, such as Android and Symbian OS.

Firefox Mobile for
Windows Mobile and Android:

Firefox Mobile is also open to developers so they can make new
applications and features. Translated into over 30 languages, Firefox
Mobile is available on the website of Mozilla Mobile for the Nokia N810
and N900. It would later be available on other mobile operating systems
like Windows Mobile or Google Android.

Download Firefox Mobile for Nokia N900


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