Nokia 2730 Classic Mobile Phone Review

Nokia 2730 looks great on store shelves, and looks good on paper.
However the above evidence is not in use.

The range of mobile phones on this budget is enormous. Some of these are
really cheap too if you read the fine print. You actually have plenty
of phones under one thousand bugs to choose from.

Cheap functions

Nokia 2730 Classic is one such phone. As many cheap phones are quite
classical in form, without touch screen or other fixed fax plants. Nokia
2730 has most of the features you use in everyday life.

Nokia 2730 is so narrow that even though it is neither particularly
short or thin stands out as a compact phone.

You’ll notice quickly that this is a phone of the cheap variety. The
weight is low, and with the choice of material does this mean that you
are not in doubt that this is cheap stuff.

for hand

The rounded back of the phone has a pleasant finish, so that Nokia 2730
is good to keep in.

When you start pressing Nokia 2730, you will notice that not everything
is as it should. Not only are the keys hard, but they are hanging
together and are designed so that it is very easy to press the wrong

Do you use the nails to enter with, there is something better for you,
but combined with the small print it does not hold the keys goals. You
can not blame Nokia since this is the design of the phone, and you must
suffer for beauty. On the contrary, this is a simple, cheap phone and
then things like keys, battery and call quality among the most important

Everything is relative

This brings us onto the battery time. Nokia 2730 has a tremendous
pressure and lots of advanced features with two-three days of battery
life, that’s good.

So its not the case. Nokia 2730 has a small screen, which admittedly has
usable resolution and works well for single use, and is generally far
from a pro phone.

We are therefore disappointed that the charger had to be up every other
night, even without the use of Bluetooth, synchronization and other
features that typically steals the power.

What comes to call quality, we are not very happy. Intermittent sound
was somewhat unclear, but Nokia 2730 mostly worked fine to speak in.

Classic Menus

User-friendliness of the menus is nothing to speak of. The Classic
Series with 40-menus of Nokia is well known for the majority of mobile
users, and here you get simple, but the streamlined menus that are easy
to use, including a good dictionary function to write text messages.
Unfortunately, this does not help the entire world when the keys make
the phone feel like to note to operate.

in the start phase

The Nokia 2730 has Bluetooth with the A2DP, so that you can listen to
music in wireless stereo headphones. The music you get is from the
built-in mp3 player. Are you going to use the radio? You must, as usual,
connect mobile phones to a pair of headphones, as the cord acts as an

For this you can use the included headphones. These are the simple ones
and are perhaps just best to be used as an antenna. Nokia 2730 has input
jack, so you can connect your normal headphones to jack up the sound
quality and comfort of a couple of notches.

We are pleased to see that Nokia follows the mini-phone standard even on
a cheap phone like this. Do you want to transfer pictures or music to
or from your computer? Just follow the standard Nokia also here with
Micro-USB connector.

Since cable is not included, you should use Nokia 2730 to listen to
music as well to supplement with a data cable or card reader and a 2GB
card. This is however the maximum size, and for those who use the phone a
lot to listen to your own music, this will be best.


This time it’s not charging via Micro-USB connector, here is the well
known "thin" Nokia plug as the charging connector.

Java performance is in line with the low price. Nokia 2730 is not near
the performance of more expensive phones achieving. Detail reproduction
is also completely changed in the bottom of the scale.

Good browser

Your browser is not from Nokia that stands for, namely the Nokia 2730 is
shipped with Opera Mini. Although version which included is not latest,
is it better than most other embedded browsers in mobile phones?

Do not just surf quickly; this is also a user-friendly web browser that
makes even browsing the regular web like a play in spite of the small
screen. The transmission is in the middle of the tree, the Nokia 2730
supports the 3G standard, but not super-3G speeds.

Simple camera

The camera has a resolution of 2 megapixels. In this mobile you will
find optics and software of such a nature that even photos taken in
broad daylight is unclear. So you have only the natural lighting
available, so that the indoor photos are a rather dark affair.

You can also record video with Nokia 2730, but the resolution of 176 x
144 pixels combined with a few frames per second makes this an even
greater extent.

Do you want to be entertained; you should rather resort to games
included. Here is what the classics in different varieties. Sudoku is
popular among the older guard, while junior surely will enjoy racing
game Rally 3D. Those in between may thrive best with games that awakens
old memories, in this case, Snake III and the Diamond Rush.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 11 x
    4.7 x 1.4 cm, 88 grams
  • Technology: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz,
    WCDMA 900/2100 MHz, Bluetooth m/A2DP
  • Memory: 30 MB, 1000
    phonebook entries. Micro-SD card slot (Up to 2 GB, 1 GB included)
  • Screen:
    2 inches, 320 x 240 pixels, 262 000 colors
  • Other: SMS,
    calculator, world clock, timer, unit converter, stopwatch, alarm, four
    games, note program, mp3, radio, camera, mini-phone
  • Battery: 3.8
    hours talk, 14 days rest (GSM), 3.5 hours talk, 18 days rest (3G)
  • SAR
    value: 1.02 W / kg
  • Price: Approx Rs. 6400


Nokia 2730 Classic is well equipped cheap phone. Unfortunately, it fails
on one important point and that’s the keys.

When there is no battery or the voice quality of the evidence, we see
little reason to buy a Nokia 2730. Instead you should look at some of
the other options in this price range.

To buy a mobile phone below one thousand you have in fact several phones
to choose from.

Among others, Nokia has even plenty of cheap phones, if you do not want
to try their luck with other brands such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung or

Positive Points

  • Memory
  • MP3
    support and mini-jack output
  • Cheap

Negative Points

  • Bad key
  • Relatively
    poor battery
  • Variable voice quality


  1. This is the best phone. Its 3G System makes it better. It gives fast browsing speed as compare other Nokia phones like Nokia 5130Xpress and Nokia 2700.


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