A Look on Shadow of Destiny

Shadow of Destiny, one of the best adventure games on PS2, will be fitted to the Sony PSP, which is certainly very productive lately.  The story places us in the skin of Eike, a young man who travels through time to find his killer and cause of his death. The actions and choices one makes in the past affect the present, the solution to the riddle may vary considerably at all.

One of the first games that Konami released for PS2 was Shadow Destiny, and now see the light again on PSP.  The game’s story focuses on the murder of the protagonist and the fortunes of the east to discover the mystery behind his death. The system is quite entertaining because you can manipulate time and again and again to see the crime scenes to discover the real murderer. Here I leave the trailer for the PSP version.

In Shadow of Destiny, players experience the adventures of Eike who is given the possibility of time travel, change destiny, and prevent his own death. Players will travel through changes in scheduling time in nine chapters, using the past to solve puzzles and change the fate that awaits them desperately.

The PSP version seems to be exactly the same as before, and includes more than nine final fully with the voice of the characters, and all the mystery and intrigue of the original game. Only now you can play anywhere! and this will be launched in 2010 in the U.S. and Europe.

Incidentally, an interesting fact, the DS adventure game Time Hollow is the successor to Shadow of Destiny, which also features a protagonist with the power to change the time of things repeatedly to prevent a disastrous fate. Time Hollow is also written and directed by Junko Kawano, the same person who made the version of Shadow of Destiny for PS2.

Watch the Game Trailer :



About Shadow of Destiny :

Imagine you are Ambling down the street late one night when suddenly you are attacked and stabbed to death in the back. You wake up in a dark room where an unfamiliar face offers to? Help you change your fate? and gives you a time-travel device. The next thing you know, you are in a coffee exactly 30 minutes before you were murdered with an imagination full of questions. This is the story of Ike? The main character in Shadow of Destiny. Assume the role of Ike using the special time travel device and embark on a quest to solve the most important mystery ever; your own! SOD will offer fun and brain stretching experience as they travel through time, collect clue, unlock new scenarios along the way to finding your killer and the motive.

This is the story of Ike – the main character in Shadow of Destiny. Assume the role of Ike using the special time travel device and embark on a quest to solve the most important mystery ever; your own! SOD will offer fun and brain stretching experience as they travel through time, collect clue, unlock new scenarios along the way to finding your killer and the motive.

The screenplay is the highlight of Shadow of Memories. Tidy, especially the second set to close, the plot of the game Konami based on a collective fantasy of a well-known novelists of science fiction: travel in time. Eike Kusch is the hero of this adventure with many twists and the game begins when the young boy is violently stabbed in the back in the middle of a street. Instantly transported to a surreal place, Eike became acquainted with Homunculus, a sort of androgynous genius who has come back to life back in time using a machine called DigiPad. Our hero is therefore committed to a fight against his destiny that will lead through several times to try to escape this fate while trying to understand the ins and outs of the plot. Tossed, transported from epoch to epoch, helpless amnesiac young Kush re-learn his life by the experience of death. A fight without end and thus committed a race against time revolves around the survival of an enigmatic hero and the participation of a genius to say the least mysterious. Alchemy, love and adventure will then three "A" memory shaded time.

Level gameplay, I must say that it is still quite disappointed with the trip. The game is indeed a little too talkative, dialogues succeed without the possibility of zapping and passivity is required to progress through the plot. The shares are too episodic and active participation is too choppy, making the game often long and tedious. Moreover, despite the five scenarios available, the various interventions seem a little too focused or almost scripted, leaving little room for pure reflection or the satisfaction of having solved a complex problem. The times in which we must carry are indicated at each blink DigiPad and it does not take much to widen the lead to solve small puzzles necessary for character development in the plot. The concept is interesting but of limited interest and the general level rather average. The lifetime is also a glaring example.

The principle of pure adventure game is by nature very limited and the main interest is often to walk his little gray cellsto try to pass different obstacles scattered on the road to success. Shadow of Memories has almost succeeded in bringing together all the ingredients necessary for this type of game, while forgetting the basics: our neurons. This is indeed a pity because for the rest, this title is not worse off. Inventory clear and simple access, ease of character development in outdoor environments and small book summary of actions to accomplish the program are positive, but the old demons are quick to resurface. The lack of interactivity with the scenery is quite disappointing and management of closed perimeter cameras is very unpleasant. Ultimately, the impression is very mixed: one is torn between the feeling of having attended an interesting experience and that of not having enough participants.

Features :

A Truly Unique PSP Experience – Shadow of Destiny is a game unlike any other PSP game available where players can embark on a unique murder mystery, they’re own! The setting within the game will span over 500 years deep into the past to secure the details of why and how they were murdered. What you do in the past will affect the present.

Time Warp Puzzles – Solve various different puzzles while finding clues to reach the killer.
A Blast From the Past on the Go – Shadow of Destiny is the same game from highly rated release in 2001. It has the same mysteries, characters and look and feel as before, but now for the PSP.

A Blast From the Past on the Go? Shadow of Destiny is the same game from highly rated release in 2001. It has the same mysteries, characters and look and feel as before, but now for the PSP.

The Game Plot:

When starting the game you are killed in the village square by a stranger. No chance to defend yourself without knowing the reasons for your murderer. Awakening from what seems like a dream we’ll meet in the afterlife, a chamber to which we must get used to it again because every time you die, you will more often than desired, and where we are given the opportunity to alter the fate.

A strange soft voice will inform us of what happened and every time we die we gives a series of instructions or tips to prevent our death. The first time we will present a device which we call, as in the game Digipad, a sort of time machine we’ll use to move and change as far as possible past and future events. We have to use units of energy that we find throughout the game anywhere. There are no supply problems.

Some Hints :

Extra Options:

  • Complete the game with any score to activate the menu extra. Among other films will appear, and the end result with the percentage obtained adventure.

Lost Energy:

  • Note that when you die in the time they get life back to a unit of energy, so it is very interesting to be killed at the beginning of each chapter and get those precious energy units

End Tips :

  • Final D: When we go to enter the paint shop, and Dana will recognize us. We began to chat with her. the conversation will come to a point where we ask you to join us.
  • Option A: We tell him to come with us into the future. (We’ll have the opportunity to see the final E.)
  • Option B: We do not say anything and leave it at this time. (Continue until the end D.)
  • Dana responds that we have to think about. Back to the Future to give it time. There we go to the cafeteria to give your boss the message you gave us Dana. The restaurant is closed, but the board near the entrance there is a note for her that we will take. Again back to the time of Margarette.
  • Dana found near the plaza, we give the note and decides to read it again. Please note we will not return with us. We use the Digipad to return to the original time, arriving Eike goodbye to Dana.
  • We traveled to the time of Margarette and the house of the alchemist. This part may be different, if we have returned to their original time Dana Margarette find a single and looking for her brother who has built a time machine. Please give back to Dana, the house will not be anyone and we will look at two. Back to the Future.
  • They receive a phone call from Hugo How can that be here at this time? We meet in the square, so we’re heading there. We will find threatening to kill Dana if we returned to our time or your sister Margarette.
  • In both cases we bring orders us Homunculus to resurrect his mother. This is when we learned that it was Hugo who has been trying to kill us throughout the game. We use the Digipad to return to the era of Margarette. If we returned to Dana to find his original time to Margarette and the future will bring (End E).
  • If not, we returned and who is threatening Hugo is his sister, burn the notes of the alchemist (Final D).
  • Having done one of two things back to the future. After a long scene, we see the final credits.
  • Final A: You have to find a Homunculus on the steps of the square in the cold day and immediately return to the original time and go to the house of the witch. Be careful not to approach the square. 
  • Final C: Margarette must be told that an ancestor of ours. Dana not returning to the future. When Hugo ask us Homunculus travel I bring up his time in the Middle Ages. In the alchemist’s house in ruins no one, went down to the basement and burned the notes of Dr. Wagner.
  • Final E: Return to Dana the future. When Hugh asked us to relocate to Homunculus traveled to his home in the Middle Ages. Here we found Margarette and was persuaded to accompany us in our time. In the square Margarette Hugo scold who repents of what happened and vows to destroy the time machine back after his time. After Dana accompany us home.
  • Note: If we do all end in the menu option titled Epilogue find another final in which we see what happened to the alchemist before disappearing.

Conclusion :

First true adventure game on PlayStation 2 Shadow of Memories will not leave indifferent. The scenario was worked carefully and immediately immerses the player. The big problem is that despite this immersion, too passive player who sees his participation decline at the long and repetitive dialogue, compromise is the pleasure to truly act on the adventure. The too easy to solve puzzles and gameplay are also accompanied too disappointing, thereby making life very limited. It is still possible to start the game early to receive the 5 different scenarios. But once we know the end, the pleasure is obviously much less

The story is quite involved without being extraordinary, and assure you a good dose of adrenaline, bastons (too may be) and sometimes making head. In short, good entertainment overall. It regrets the lack of Japanese voice cons of American voices, no more credible than compelling. I am far less critical than the author about the game, including the "lazy" developers: the script is amazing – never seen before in video games, it really is part of history and is influential in large widths. The integration of the choices made in 1 is extremely well done, and gives rise to very pleasant. The battle system has been greatly improved – AI was really absent in 1, here it is not far from believing that real people are against us.

All this contributes to the effect of immersion in a game extremely rich in secondary objectives, little "secret" bonus, which will not leave you on your hunger. You’ll always be rewarded for your efforts in SW2, the best example is still scanning system of planets that uses a deliciously heavy where to look for metal deposits on planets, in order to enable upgrades found in mission. Finally, the replayability is assured by the number of classes and the sheer number of choices to make in the adventure.


Coming out of this game, one has the impression of having participated in an incredible adventure, the same feeling after finishing a good book or seen a great film. Only a few bugs (enemies stuck in the scenery in particular) are mitigating the final outcome.

If you’ve played the first, throw you over without hesitation, it is much instantly. Otherwise, it’s worth a try, or even try in the first opus if you want to enjoy 100% the game (if you do not enjoy "that", say, 90% of the game – but it remains an excellent game).

Best part of the Game :

  • An original concept
  • A solid story
  • An attractive theme
  • The sumptuous scenes intermediate

Some shortcomings of the Game :

  • Very short
  • Very easy: it is only the last mission that he said: owl starts to get nervous. Fight against the final boss, less than 30 seconds!
  • Graphics generally ugly too spare, not enough details to hand jack and the effects of light (but not the rest who cares) is the same design and same geometry / architecture Kotor 1 that date 7 years! and of course stuck at 62 fps as most of the games on consoles adapted pc. Besides the height, more fps would be useless given the way the game worked: no enemy to move quickly, and we no longer elsewhere.
  • As a single game, it is not more than 09/20, and 9 points for the universe (not rich enough) and screenplay (too short).


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