Toshiba NB300 Netbook Review

After NB100 and NB200, Toshiba enters in the generation Pine Trail with
the NB300. This is a netbook that features the new pair of low power
Intel Atom N450 processor and GMA 3150 graphics circuit. According to
the ads, the consumer is clearly in decline, thereby extending the
autonomy of the notebook in a few hours from the first generation of
netbooks. Toshiba announces 11 hours of autonomy. The craft was then
offered a trip in our laboratories to prove that its promises are kept.

Toshiba NB300 has a very classic design. The soberness is required with a
predominantly black hull mate. Only the back of the screen is
brilliant. The keyboard is also simple, no rubbery keys as we can find
on others. Same goes with the touchpad, a nice multipoint surface but
not extravagant technology. Attention: the slab of the screen is bright
and its glare can interfere in some situations.

Performance crushed by "spam" house

Toshiba has installed, on its NB300 laptop, a lot of "spam" online
registration, system update and alert to monitor who knows what,
software management device and saving energy. The demonstration of
McAfee anti-virus is almost useless!

It is a powerhouse of executable that loads in the background. The
result is: Windows reports 650 MB of RAM occupied because of this. This
keeps its users the nightmare that the machine is shipped with 1 GB of
RAM. This has a heavy impact on the memory of the machine. The only way
to reduce this is to uninstall these programs, most of which does not
provide any significant advantages to you.

favorite for the record of autonomy

This new Atom platform remains very sluggish in terms of performance
under Windows, even after removing all those spam discussed above.
Although NB300 is of no exception, but still it has a hard drive of 250
GB which is pretty fast, about 5400 rpm. It obtained a score of 4825 in
PC Mark 2005 HDD test, against 3950 for one of its direct competitor
(the Samsung N210). Better yet, this netbook is ahead of N210 in terms
of autonomy: 6 h 58 min for NB300, whereas 6 h 45 min for the Samsung
model. Here we have a new favorite for the championship of toughness
that is competing with the latest generations of netbooks!

Racing results: according to our measurements, Pine Trail platforms on
Atom N450 consume about 5 watts less than the first generation of
Intel's Atom N270, whether at rest or in charge. The performances are,
however, completely identical in practice.

NB300 Netbook Features Overview

Design and Style

Many netbooks seriously cramp your style. But the NB300 mini notebook
has a full-size keyboard and touchpad to comfortably type e-mails and
update your Facebook page without skipping a beat. Its diagonal 10.1”
screen size is larger and easier on the eyes. It also comes with a
durable textured finish in three sophisticated colors, so it complements
your personal style too.

Day-to-Night Battery Life

Newly enhanced to give you up to 11 hours of battery life rating, the

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