ASUS G73JH Laptop Review

When Asus promises a machine for players, we are rarely disappointed
with the output. Following a model incorporating Nvidia 3D Vision, the
ROG series (Republic of Gamers) extended its offer to cut a new
benchmark for performance, performance and ... performance! Moreover,
for the video game that involve text input (this is possible, however),
the G73JH is majestic like the F117A Night Hawk plane which is largely
based. And as the airplane it draws, the PC player is promised by Asus
as extremely "Stealth". Let us proceed to test new PC. Note that this
configuration will be marketed from April.

The PC games have a huge share at this time. After Alienware M11x (and a
refresh M17x whose test is expected to soon), Asus is coming out with
weapons of mass destruction for player. The Taiwanese are never short of
ideas on these things, but it is true that with G73JH, the Alienware
has to worry. And in terms of finishing, we are left speechless! Goodbye
to plastic glossy and look pest: the G73JH is dressed all in black with
a soft coating that reminds of camouflage material and adds real
character to its "fighter".

No defects in the body!

This PC is solid, with its 17.3 inch HD screen. With the lines
projecting with relatively rounded edges, this laptop does not go
unnoticed. Its design is remarkable: not too thick, it is slightly
tilted towards the user for optimal ergonomics. The circulation of air
under the chassis is also facilitated. Note that the landing gear of
this notebook is thick rubber pads. Everything is thought out in detail.

We talked about user comfort: the keyboard is small with rubber pads and
backlit (three different intensities) is extremely enjoyable in games
because surrounded by palm rest mass. The center stands proudly on
touchpad, wide, responsive and comfortable. Asus provides a mouse player
signed by Razer that is accurate to go to the shooters. Also note the
presence of SteelSeries headphones and a carrying bag in the carton
packaging: what going on Lan Party Fully equipped. Finally, a trapdoor
beneath the machine gives access to all components, CPU excluded.

Between cruise flight and post-combustion ...

To do justice to the outside, nothing beats a beautiful interior. Of
course, when talking about machine player, we do not expect to find a
low-power processor at the helm. It is equipped with the Core i7 720QM
(1.6 GHz on each of its four core, 2.8 GHz Turbo Mode). In the BIOS of
the machine, it is possible to switch to turbo mode (enabled by default,
but Asus does not support ...), that is to say that the processor will
be overclocked automatically in all circumstances. If you switch to
Normal mode, a push button TwinTurbo, located in the upper left of the
keyboard, allows the machine to undergo a lightweight overclocking (4 to
6%). In fact, we have not really seen any impact on our test results
regarding the normal mode with TwinTurbo active. Turbo mode can be
enabled in the BIOS, the difference are slightly more noticeable, but
does not affect much.


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actually the g73jh a1 does come with 2 7200rpm seagate hdd. Also the sound on this laptop is better any laptop I had ever heard from and that includes any clevo or alien.

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ASUS G73JH-B1 Republic of Gamers 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

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