Halfbrick’s Rocket Racing Review

Race to the accurate and rapid blood curdling elevated tracks of Rocket Racing. Accept the challenge in 25 levels spread across Grand Prix races, Challenges and Quick Races. Leave your funds in the Challenge mode by race-specific actions to be implemented and new unlockable levels.

Set yourself to the test with five Grand Prix events that you can play on four levels.

Experience intense speed and intuitive control with Halfbrick Rocket Racing! Use the two triggers to fire up rockets on either side of your craft, and simply alternate power to drift, slide and grind your way around over 40 tracks! With four-player racing and global leader boards, Halfbrick Rocket Racing is packed with action. Control of each racing craft is actually handled with just two buttons – the left and right analogue triggers. They power the left and right rockets respectively, so movement is simple – press both at once to move forward, and alternate power to each for turning. Players will be able to customize their controls to find the configuration that suits their playing style, including using the left analogue stick.

Hitting the best racing line and cutting corners won’t always be the best way to win. Players will actually gain a significant speed boost by positioning the rockets against the walls and corners for extra thrust power. The concept is explained via a simple tutorial system in the game, and players will eventually be sliding and boosting around each level with high speed and extreme precision. Rocket Racing is a racing game for the top that is reminiscent of micro machines but in a futuristic universe. The game is developed by halfbrick and is available for download in the range of Minis.

After Halfbrick Echoes and Halfbrick Blast Off, the studio Halfbrick listing Halfbrick Rocket Racing, always on Xbox Live Arcade. It is still a lot of half-bricks in the same sentence … The new title is a racing game to the very special handling, as you can into account in this first video. Halfbrick Rocket Racing will feature more than 40 channels, 3 game modes, multi-line with grading, etc.. And all this for only 200 Microsoft points

Game Plot :

This game has everything to please the general public from Sony. The music is a style electro-futuristic design is colorful with a 2D style appreciated by fans of the genre. Rocket Racing! take place in 24 levels and offer a challenge mode consists of six levels of courses based on unique and diverse challenges. With 4 difficulty levels, will be possible to show your friends that you are a pilot unsurpassed.

Different techniques to discover in what Minis will allow us to upgrade our rocket and score more points. It remains for us to demonstrate our ability to fly such craft in succeeding races, by releasing events in the game which will provide a set of more complete life for Minis. Finally, developers have added a Party Mode, allowing 4 players to compete on a variety of tracks. And do not think everything is limited to be the first to cross the finish line, because in this game, the rules are configurable. This is the best time and the total points earned during the game.It goes without saying that Rocket Racing seems, on paper at least, be one of the best games of a category and will be available on PS3 and PSP via the Playstation Store for the U.S. price of $ 4.99 by the end of the month. My 2nd Minis, and a very pleasant surprise: Rocket Racing Halfbrick of Studio, a small Australian developer. I would have the opportunity to revisit it once I put a few more hours in it.  

They are rather small games in between that provide for very little money simple, fun gameplay. When Sony announced the mini-series for PSP, we immediately saw the potential for our games Halfbrick Fridays on the platform. Currently, we are going to encode it and miss the final finish, so that they run perfectly well on PSP.
Halfbrick Echoes For example, a game with many levels at different levels, each of which has a surreal and artistic atmosphere. The levels we have typically played in about a minute, because the main task is to gather in a short time crystals. But even the smallest one session for the high score, or opens up new levels and modes. The same goes for other games like Halfbrick Rocket Racing and zombies. These are joined by the simple gameplay, a certain artistic standards and the feeling that one has achieved something, because it is constantly improving his score or his personal best.

Rocket Racing :

Rocket Racing was created from scratch, combining futuristic high-speed races and the classic view from the top, which is well adapted to the size minis. Each track has been designed with unique features and characteristics: what are you waiting to address these incredible tracks, suspended above an atmospheric almost surreal urban landscapes?

The Challenge mode is the backbone of the game and will offer a series of objectives to be completed in more than six different levels. Every time you overcome a challenge of completing the objectives, unlock the adjacent inside the layer. You will then be free to choose your path to the final race.

Skill essential to be able to run in these races is grind, or along the edge. This is a new concept that provides for the placement of rockets against the outer walls of the circuit. Thanks to the resistance encountered, you will go faster and you can collect points grind, creating a chain combo for the entire race, thus achieving the maximum possible speed!


Grand prix mode tests you against several opponents in a series of races on four levels of difficulty. Perfectionists can collect all the gold trophies in the various races and, with the Challenge mode, unlock the game and win every event in order to complete 100% and be properly rewarded. We all know that multiplayer games are an important element in racing games. We do not want that Rocket Racing suffered from such failure and then to complete the work, we included the Party Mode! Up to four players can challenge each round to overcome the score of the opponent, almost like playing ball poisoned with a pair of rockets. The mode also allows you also to decide the victory conditions, choosing the best time or best score overall individual or grind.

Rocket Racing can choose between several different game modes: Challenge mode we have, where we perform a series of tasks along six levels unlocked new challenges once we complete on the other side is the Grand Prix mode, where we will face other players in a series of races with four levels of difficulty, we also have the Quick Race mode, to test our abilities and show that we are the best drivers. Party Mode takes advantage of the multiplayer option, testing four players who will take turns to go beyond the score of their rivals. The interesting thing is that they are the players themselves who will decide what will be a key factor when it comes to winning: the best time, most point score or grind. Grind points are the points of friction, obtained when guided the rocket against the walls of the tracks and this force gives a speed boost.

Mini Games for PSP by Half Brick :

Raskulls :

Raskulls is a unique blend of fast paced racing, item-based combat, and puzzle like strategy. Players race and battle for pole position through a dynamic, block based environment, destroying everything and everyone in their path. Raskulls features a lengthy single-player story adventure with a whole cast of hilarious characters, and a massive multiplayer party mode where Raskulls from around the world can battle online or against friends at home.

Rocket Racing :

Halfbrick Rocket Racing is a racing game with unique game play and a futuristic look. Here you can book more than 40 lines in PS exuberant racing machines compete, which are equipped with separate right and left engines, so it is targeted at the corners.  The rockets on each side can also be used to make your race car from the walls repel each track. This means you reach incredible speed limits, if you your vehicle against the wall and directed dashes around the corners in order to achieve personal bests.

It is a racing game with a futuristic look. Here you can race on over 40 different tracks in racing machines that are equipped with separate right and left engines. The rockets on each side can also be used in order to repel their own race car from the walls of each track.
Here you can race on over 25 routes in various racing machines that are equipped with separate right and left engines. The rockets on each side can also be used in order to repel their own race car from the walls of each track. The game has taken 60 Challenges in single player mode and a multiplayer experience for up to four riders.

Avatar: Into the Inferno :

The fate of the world lies in the hands of only a few young, brave heroes – Aang and his friends. They are preparing for the ultimate showdown against Fire Lord Ozai and his terrorizing army that will ultimately decide who will win the great 100 year old war.
Control the elements with Aang, Katara, Zuko and Toph (and don’t forget Sokka with his trusty boomerang!) in a massive adventure to decide the fate of the world.
Use the touch screen to directly grab and bend the elements like never before. You can also play through the full adventure alone, or with a friend for co-operative puzzle solving and bending combat.If it all gets a bit too much, why not enjoy a spot of benders beach volleyball on Ember Island in DS download and play multiplayer.

Heatseeker :

Heatseeker will strap you into the pilot’s seat and deliver an exhilarating white-knuckle ride that’ll have you clutching the joypad as you engage in face-melting 6G turns and fight against a seemingly-impossible amount of airborne enemies. Heatseeker will strap players into the pilot’s seat and deliver an exhilarating white-knuckle ride that’ll have them clutching the joypad as they engage in face-melting 6G turns and fight against a seemingly-impossible amount of airborne enemies. An arcade-fast jet fighter featuring 30 planes, 40 different weapons, and epic dogfights around the globe.

Designed to be an incredible lock-on/shake-off experience, Heatseeker reinvents missile combat to give gamers a massive rush of destruction. Featuring an incredible collection of current and near-future military fighter jets, Heatseeker’s arsenal includes the stealthy F-22 Raptor, the classic F-15 Eagle, the cutting-edge F35 Lightening II, and the aerodynamically advanced Russian SU-47 Berkut. When gamers launch a strike, they will follow their missiles as they ruthlessly hone in on their targets via the Impact Cam. Delivering awesome cinematic 3rd-person camera cutaway scenes, the Impact Cam will reveal the results of attacks in all their devastating glory from all kinds of dynamic angles, complete with jaw-dropping explosions and smoke trails.

Blast Off :

Halfbrick Blast Off is a physics-based sci-fi arcade game in which players collect missing astronauts and navigate safely to a Warp Gate have to fulfill the mission.  It is a physics-based arcade game where the player collect missing astronauts and navigate safely to a Warp Gate needs. Every planet and celestial body in a level has a gravitational effect, which must be taken into account. This effect of gravity must be used to their advantage and while driving along with missiles and direction control. Pushes the boat along with an object that failed the mission.

Every planet and celestial bodies (i.e. planets, asteroids and black holes) in a level has a gravitational effect, which must be taken into account. This effect of gravity must be used for the benefit of the player, together with rockets driving force and direction control. Pushes the boat along with an object that failed the mission, but the rapid deployment of the restart function ensures that no gameplay time is lost.

Echoes :

Halfbrick Echoes is an action-puzzle game, where players have to collect numerous surreal, artistic worlds crystals. Once a crystal has been lifted, will spawn an enemy named Echo. Echoes are transparent versions of the hat, symbol of the player and move along the same path as the hat in the collection of crystals.

The goal is to complete each level by collecting all crystals successful, while you were in several other gameplay modes, you control the flow of time and crystal power-ups to fight the Echoes.  It is an action puzzle where you must collect as a player in elaborate worlds crystals. Once a crystal has been lifted, will spawn enemies called Echo. The aim is to complete each level by collecting all crystals successful.

Zombies :

Halfbrick Zombies is a shooter from the air with style and flair. There is humor, thrilling action and a good amount of zombie hunting! The players are found in different environments, again, where zombies are in control, and must fight the invading hordes, to survive. This stylish, as well as simple arcade action game has Hitpotenzial, especially in view of the Zombies! It is a shooter from the air. There is humor and action in the form of a zombie hunting. As a player you find yourself in different environments, and again we must tackle the attacking hordes in order to survive.

Conclusion :

The so-called driving games have always been closely followed by a considerable amount of fans. Of course, being a crowded genre, it is normal for their developers seeking something to make a product different from the rest. For example Studios Halfbrick boys have worked at Rocket Racing, a futuristic racing title that is already available on the PlayStation Store and you can enjoy using the PSP and PlayStation 3 platforms, as well as on Xbox 360.
Once you let hand, we will run into various forms. These will include Challenge, which will have to comply with predetermined tasks over six levels, and this will lead, once completed, to unlock other challenges. Meanwhile, do not miss the Quick Race mode, where you will to test the capabilities of users to see if they can become the best driver. While in Grand Prix racing composed of four levels of difficulty will have to face other players.
Of course there will also be a way to squeeze juice from the multiplayer option. The same is called Party and involved in it four gamers, who take turns to beat the score joined by rivals. Something to bear in mind when playing the points referred to grind, who are the frictional and arising from the use to be given to the rockets that give rise speed.

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