Just Cause 2 Review

When we had seen Just Cause 2 in March, the studio Avalanche had already
laid the foundations of this suite. These basics have not changed and
we incorporate again Rico Rodriguez, an agent of the extreme that they
have sent to make the most dangerous missions.

In Just Cause 2, the head of the Agency has set sail carrying in his
luggage a whopping 7 million dollars. The Agency has no other choice
than to send you back and coincidentally, your destination takes you on
an island paradise. Suite requires the playing field is much larger than
the first episode and there are many more vehicles to drive (100
vehicles), to visit camps (300 camps) and missions to perform. The
progression system is quite unique in this regard since it implies a
gauge of chaos to climb before you can unlock a mission. Concretely, you
must cause maximum damage in a zone to get the right input of a



Fortunately, Rico is a past master in the disorder. Always wearing a
grappling hook (which is now permanently on the left forearm) and a
parachute that can unfold at any moment, the man can put a box upside
down in less time than that it is important to say.



The gameplay encourages you to act like you want to achieve your goals.
You have a certain affinity for the hook and used them to both move
parachutes to gain momentum to reach the roof of a building, or even to
bind two foes together. The possibilities seem quite numerous at this
level, rather than in the first episode for example.



A little later in the game, we witnessed a chase car. Rico was standing
on the roof of a car and fired on his assailants with a powerful
arsenal. Thanks to grapple, it could also propel the cars enemies, grab
the rear bumper, and pull the driver. It could also place explosives on
vehicles, then back to the roof of his car, hook the hook to the car
bomb and throw it all in the middle of the road. Again, the shares
appear to be sufficiently numerous to offer action fans the show they
expect from such a game



Panau the hearts

First observation, developers of Avalanche have not laughed at us. Panau
could very well be a tourist destination for those who love the variety
of environments and climates, from the mountains to the sea through a
tropical jungle of the most beautiful effect. Because Just Cause 2,
without being the most beautiful game of the moment, is doing very well
for the difficult task to flatter our retinas jaded.



Army, Naval and Air

Avalanche has also revised its good copy in respect of vehicles over
Just Cause 1. Their presence is welcome in view of kilometers to go,
even if your contact black market carries you gracefully. The behavior
of cars, motorcycles, tanks, helicopters and other aircraft is far from
sticking to the simulation, but flies the flag of an uninhibited action
game, which does not always show concern for the seriousness or a
semblance of realism.

Thus, Rico Rodriguez continues to walk with his grapple magic that makes
one think of Batman Arkham Asylum (Freedom to use anywhere and more),
and with his parachute bag infinite. Parachute, as it should, may open
at ten meters above the ground without landing is too violent. Here,
everything is done for the swank and fun, and agree that it works pretty




Avalanche mission

Motto found when tackling the tasks! Besides their incredible number,
missions can all be addressed in various ways. Each of them provides a
small dose of satisfaction unhealthy destructive hard seeking the 100%
completion. Try infiltration and ask yourself parachute next to your
goal. Are you playing more nag Grapple and gun-for-all will, drawing in
gas cans, paying your enemies with a glowing gas cylinder which orbiting
them under your eyes mocking. Or more simply, find the nearest armored
vehicle and clean the area with loud guffaws very fat face dance macabre
body is convulsed by your missiles and large caliber bullets. Besides
this, let’s face it, we often opt for easy gunship that can shave a base
by listening to Wagner thoroughly without flinching. Why bother to
approach the enemy when you can do anything from afar and leave an
aperitif with the faction to whom you work? Especially since the game
encourages us to sow chaos and fill our eponymous gauge to unlock new
challenges and move forward in history.



Rigor mortis

And how can you blame the player to keep his distance when Just Cause 2
sometimes suffers from a lack of maneuverability or readability in the
positioning of the camera that result in the action. Thus it is not
always easy to play the grab, and then it is certainly a pleasure and an
asset. Similarly, the enemy AI is quite special. Sometimes it will let
you run your carnage whistling, while at other times, it will align to
150 meters. Not to mention beautiful aberrations, such as a soldier who
shot at us rocket launcher at close range or those dark minions located
two levels above that flow into the vacuum in the hope of killing
ourselves in vain. Except that he has acted staining our clothes with
their blood. In this case, respect, the mission was successful.




But in spite of those few failures, which lost him a star, does not
affect the overall enjoyment. The missions are quite varied, but not all
exciting. The idea of zones of influence of different factions to
unlock new missions by completing other is conducted. Finally, freedom
of movement in this huge open world is intoxicating. Who has not dreamed
of seeing the sunrise on the world while the warm blood dry gently in
the soles of his cowboy boots? The orders are simple: hunt down and
execute a rogue agent that has stolen top-secret intelligence and
millions in Agency cash. For agent Rico Rodriguez, the mission is
anything as routine. The target is Tom Sheldon, Rico’s former commanding
officer, mentor and friend; a man who knows Rico better than he knows



Positive points

  • The number of
  • The idea of zones of influence of factions
  • Fun game, definitely very anger in
  • The lifetime

Negative points

  • The rigidity and bad
    investments of the camera
  • AI a bit strange


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