Real Racing HD iPad Review

We knew you’d get Firemint Real Racing version for the IPAD, but until
now we had only seen a few pictures. Now we can watch a video in motion,
and lack of knowledge as it moves (and played) the game in the IPAD,
the video looks great. The IPAD tomorrow what you can buy some for a
purchase in the App Store, since it is one of many games for the IPAD
already available in the App Store. Several reports have shown that the
App Store of Apple with its sections on IPAD was active and ready for
use by anyone with a device. This would make sense, by the fact that
Apple has probably delivered the first units to a select group before
the 3rd week of April.

The best iPhone racer just got even better with Real Racing HD for iPad!
You won’t believe the stunning graphics, silky smooth frame rate and
awesome new features. Are you ready for all the excitement, competition
and glory that only real championship racing can deliver. No doubt think
gaming will be one of the strongest points of IPAD. With the iPhone was
advised that this platform was one of the most valid for both casual
play video games as more lengthy and complicated, and the display that
has the IPAD this experience will be much more impressive.

Firemint already knew that was going to take a version Real Racing for
the IPAD, but until now we had only seen a few pictures. Now we can
watch a video in motion, and lack of knowledge as it moves (and played)
the game in the IPAD, the video looks great. The IPAD tomorrow what you
can buy some for a purchase in the App Store, since it is one of many
games for the IPAD already available in the App Store.

The Game Offers :

  1. NEW HD GRAPHICS – the most immersive and impressive racer
  2. NEW CAR SKINS – apply your own images to your car
  3. NEW GHOST RACING – race against your personal best or
    against the top drivers
  4. NEW CONTROLS – touch screen controls specifically designed
    for iPad with adjustable sensitivity
  6. HD GRAPHICS: high resolution textures, more detailed car
    models and exceptionally smooth graphical performance.
  7. CAR SKINS: select an image from your Photo Album to
    automatically wrap it around your car and race it on your iPad. Export
    built-in skins, edit them in your favorite paint program, and import
    them back into the game for personalized racing decals. Check for new skins!
  8. GHOST RACING: race against a pre-recorded ghost saved on
    your iPad or downloaded from Firemint’s servers. Improve your personal
    best, or race against the top drivers. Ghosts will also appear in Online
    League races, making them even more fun and competitive!
  9. WATCH REPLAYS: watch your Time Trial races or any races
    uploaded to the leaderboards. Select different camera angles and learn
    the best racing lines from top drivers.
  10. USER INTERFACE: new HD graphics and changes to take
    advantage of the larger screen, including a redesigned Career Menu.

Real Racing HD also includes all content and features from the iPhone
version :

  • 48 cars in 4 classes: Hatch, Sedan, Muscle and Exotic.
  • 12 unique tracks in City, Forest and Desert settings, 6 car grid

Real Racing Features :

Real Racing immerses you in all the excitement, competition and glory of
championship racing. This is handheld racing like you’ve never
experienced before.

  1. 5 game modes – Quick Race, Time Trial, massive Career Mode, 6
    player local multiplayer (WiFi, or Bluetooth via OS3.0) and online
    Leagues. Three difficulty divisions, 76 events in Career Mode, 6 cars on
    screen. Online leaderboards. 48 cars in 4 classes: hatch, sedan, muscle
    and exotic. A dozen unique track. Numerous control schemes: touch or
    tilt to steer, manual or automatic acceleration and braking.

    Race it your way – Race the way you want to, with five different
    game modes. Challenge friends in local multiplayer and leave them in
    your dust! Work your way up from rookie to world champion in Career
    mode. Slice off another split second in Time Trial and upload your
    personal best. Join an online league and battle your way through the
    ranks of players from all over the world to advance to the next
    division. Only got a minute? Get behind the wheel for a Quick Race.

  2. Immerse yourself – Tear through forests, seaside circuits
    and burning deserts, with the roar of the engine and the sounds of an
    adoring crowd in your ears as you scream past! Beautiful track
    environments, carefully detailed cars and console quality 3D sound
    effects create the most exhilerating racing experience on the iPhoneTM.
  3. Take control – If you can drive a real car, you can race in
    Firemint Real Racing. Intuitive controls take care of things under the
    hood just like an expert pit crew, while you focus on your racing line.
    Accurate surface variations including asphalt, grass, gravel and
    ripple-strips affect vehicle speed, responsiveness and handling. It’s
    the way racing games are meant to feel.
  4. Race like you mean it – Firemint Real Racing provides
    authentic pack racing action like no other iPhoneTM game. Take to the
    circuit in a six car grid and jostle your way to the lead.
  5. Get perspective – Our unique in-car cockpit view places you
    in the driver’s seat. Get feedback from the animated driver and the race
    data incorporated into dashboard instruments.
  6. Tweak it – Looking for more than just factory settings?
    Adjust handling and sensitivity to suit, with a huge range of options.
    Control methods include tilt to steer or touch to steer, manual or
    automatic acceleration and brake assist options.
  7. Show the world – Set up a link to your YouTube channel to
    publish your best laps automatically. Compare your best times against
    friends and rivals online and set up your own custom leaderboards.
    Compete for glory in a range of regular online leagues, and win your way
    into more competitive online divisions.
  8. Keep on racing – 76 events in the full career mode, five
    modes of play, local multiplayer, numerous online leagues and rankings
    against your friends or the world ensure endless hours of fun.

Real Racing HD for iPad :

When a genre for iPod Touch / iPhone dramatic developments then the
racing games. After "Fastlane," "Ferrari GT" and "Need for Speed" is now
"Firemint Real Racing" from the home, which is currently conquering the
application scene by storm. The very extensive career mode shows my
developers are serious about the word Real. It  works by a number of
cups, each consisting of several lines. Overall, you can unlock up to 36
vehicles, with no noticeable differences in the driving excessively.
Each cup can be divided into three different difficulty levels to play,
which you must also fight for piece by piece.

In the wake behind the Harbor Master HD for iPad in the App Store at the
time of marketing planshetnika from Apple will see another game, one of
the most popular in its genre – Firemint Real Racing HD for the iPad.
According to the developers of the famous racing has been completely
redesigned graphical user interface to best accomplish the opportunities
iPad. Expected value of the game will be at $ 9.99, the same as at the
time of release of the iPhone.

Firemint confirmed at this very hour version of Real Racing to iPad, a
game that had an unparalleled reputation among users of iPhone OS. Real
Racing for iPad will certainly be called Real Racing HD, because if you
try to type in real racing iTunes this name. Finally might get a strange
game tied to the notorious band rap / rock, Linkin Park, baptizing
8-Bit Rebellion. Where is the music player that lets you unlock an
original group during the games.

A game very similar to Metroid or Mega Man 8-Bit Rebellion probably
arrive in 2010 for iPad, but also for iPhone and iPod Touch. As for the
price there is nothing new. Firemint has published their games Real
Racing and Flight Control for the iPad first gameplay trailer. The iPad
versions, as with many other manufacturers, sold separately, then
however, offer more features than the iPhone version. For example it is
possible for Flight Control, in multiplayer mode the screen split into
two parts and so compete against someone owning iPad without a second.

On the trail ride a maximum of six cars, with your counting. The graphic
design is not based on typical arcade racer from the arcade, but
reminiscent of real racing courses. At this point Firemint has done a
sensational job, for as good as "Real Racing" looks like an iPod Touch /
iPhone game in the world. The entire route environment makes
exceptionally vivid impression, and almost as fast & smoothly across
the screen. Similarly, I am thrilled by the control, of which there are
four different alternatives. The best and most fun in my opinion is one
where you tilt your device to steer around and tapping the left or the
right-hand side of the screen to operate brake and gas.

The AI of the computer-controlled vehicles is at first a little weak,
but you should also be from this latest conviction in the second degree
of difficulty. Thus creating "Real Racing" in two respects the promised
realism: the appearance and the touch. However, I must move immediately
afterwards that the simulated driving performance is ultimately far from
the truth. This simple trick you can too, by her across the grass or
sliding on sharp curves on the brakes firmly pressed, without skidding.
Collisions with other vehicles or the track gang to draw little harm,
which reminds me of old "Ridge Racer" days. On the other hand, it is
questionable whether such simulation aspects on an iPod Touch or iPhone
at all make sense. So good the controller is also for the imitation of a
steering under realistic conditions, they would still be too vague.
Racing professionals should be just aware that they are not a "Gran
Turismo" or "GT Legends" have offered in small, just because it looks at
first it says.

Comparison :

Off the track a career you can play for time or gone by "Quick Race" is a
fast race. More interesting is the multiplayer mode, which you can
compete locally and online at the same time at least in a small league.
This looks like: Once you goes into a mini season, you can drive from
the active route until the specified time limit has expired. is reached
depending on the time it points to the fastest driver. The idea is
simple and can be a real head duel not replace real motivation, but she
does it anyway.

The sound lives on loud howling engine and a little boring
08/15-Rockmusikstücken. Both overwhelmed the speaker of your Apple
handheld immense, so you’d better unpack the headphones. Even then not
convinced any car noise: Many engine sounds decent on scratchy.
Otherwise grouse racing veterans about the lack of tuning options and
the already appointed fact that the car technically indistinguishable
from each other. And rather than make long speeches, here at the outset a
very first Real Racing HD video available at YouTube. Some options in
this version (not necessarily specific): skins for "customize" her car
with the possibility to use pictures from his iPhone or iPod Album
(other, official, will be available for free download later), the ghost
Racing to compete indirectly against players from around the world
(profiles to download online), controls specifically designed for the
iPad, and that’s about all. Well, we do not complain, but it leaves
dreaming when we imagine a game of this caliber developed specifically
for the iPad in the years to come.

Race the way you want to with 5 game modes: massive Career Mode with 76
events; Quick Race; Time Trial; Online Leagues; and local multiplayer
for up to 6 players over WiFi network or 2 players over BlueTooth,
playing on either iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (a copy of Real Racing or
Real Racing HD is needed on each device). In-car cockpit view with
animated driver and dash, or external camera. Numerous control options
including touch or tilt to steer, and manual or automatic acceleration
and braking.

Extensive connected features including global leaderboards, Facebook app
for friends leaderboard, and uploading video replays to YouTube (check for details). Select your favorite songs from
your personal music library while racing, or listen to the included
tracks. Buckle in and get set for the most exhilarating racing
experience on iPad. With Real Racing HD, the race is in your hands!

Once you buy the game you will get  :

  1. 48 cars in 4 classes, 12 unique tracks, 5 game modes
  2. 3 units for the game
  3. 76’s career mode
  4. Support for multiplayer games (up to 6 players on the Wi-Fi)
  5. Choose your favorite song from the personal library of music during
    the game
  6. 6 cars on the screen
  7. Manual or automatic transmission
  8. Superior view from the driver
  9. The Update Version of Game Includes (iPhone )
  10. The local multiplayer mode via wireless now works with six players
    and no longer as before with only two.
  11. There is a new vehicle class, the whopping 12 new vehicles with
    roaring pleasant v12 engine adds.
  12. Expanded Soundtrack by ten new songs.
  13. Two new championships in career mode.
  14. New controller (touch-wheel with manual and manual speed brakes)
  15. The effect of collisions of the computer opponents can now be
    adjusted in three stages.
  16. The control has been improved and now responds less to a sudden
    movements and tips.
  17. All vehicles will have dynamic shadows.

Conclusion :

What creates Apple’s little wonder thing. Real Racing should initially
serve as a benchmark for this question. The technical brilliance of the
Application should be accepted by everyone without any doubt, whether he
likes the tracks or trimmed on realism rather colorful look alike Need
for Speed is preferred. Add to that a clean control, which will give me
full control of my steering wheel and the adjustment of gas plus brake.
The career mode is pretty extensive and the online leagues, a potential

Real Racing is as realistic as it may be an iPod Touch / iPhone racing
game. Of course I do not come with hard gas / braking maneuvers into a
skid and can easily shorten the grass and lose at most speed. But
something else Firemint would probably not reach: you went there to feel
that you play a realistic racing game in a realistic environment. And
just this they succeeded.


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