Flick Fishing iPad Review

Flick Fishing Freeverse has been a great success on the iPhone with more than 1.5 million downloads, and hopes to replicate this success with a version optimized for iPad entitled Flick Fishing HD. Flick Fishing HD iPad. is packed with all the same features as the original title, including animation, "living" environments, touch-controlled reel, nine types of bait and tackle, 12 tournaments, dozens of different fish, and local multiplayer via Bluetooth or go and play. Flick Fishing HD also includes the original game, seven different places, while fishing throw Private Beach Pack, which normally is a $ 99 buy-in app for the iPhone version, Fishing and Pro Pack On top of that, the game will characterized by the ability to display your latest email and catch the game system using the postcard Postman updated function "boast. Flick Fishing HD will be hitting the App Store on launch day iPad for $ 2.99. This is not too bad a price considering offering some new features and fishing packages.

Flick Fishing In HD it comes to fishing. But there are also some tricky special tasks to be solved, to pull the biggest fish on land. Apparently there is only one high-resolution version of the iPhone title. However, Freeverse at the iPad variant already all-in-app purchases of the iPhone version enclosed. It also looks with NBA Hotshot HD. The difference with the iPhone version are a few more basketballs, can you unlock a further machine-cover and correspondingly high-resolution graphics. The title is from the American Basketball League officially licensed. Like a pinball machine, must be sunk as many basketballs to the high score or to achieve in the time mode records. Integrates other functions as are Social Networking.

Freeverse, developer well known for its games on the Mac and now iPhone and iPod touch offer a new game on this platform. The game wants to avoid the monotony that might give way to always fish in the same conditions and offers six different locations – the duck pond to the high seas and low to overwhelm your heart – new bait, twelve tournaments and dozens of different fish to catch. Failure to bring home your trophies, you can always send your dear (AD), tender an email with a list of your achievements. And if you love fishing with friends is possible, using the same local network. Flick Fishing, a fishing simulation on iPhone was the first release. As what the iPhone we always reserve good surprises. Flick Fishing from Freeverse published is available on AppStore since November 6, 2008. She is currently in the Top 10 applications

Select your bait, cast the line a flick of the wrist technique not too fast to avoid breaking your line. If you have a big fish is more complicated, they will resist you and you’ll have to fight. Fishing is a sport, an art. It offers:

  • 6 fishing
  • 9 types of baits and hardware
  • 12 tournaments
  • A dozen unique species of fish
  • Ability to play network with friends
  • Send photos of your best catch by email

iPad Features:

  • Cake! For the month of November, take advantage of the Flick Fishing birthday celebration. The fish have all eaten too much birthday cake and are a bit fatter than normal (ideal for larger catches and enhanced bragging rights!)
  • Named fish can now be caught repeatedly, gaining in size each time they’re caught and released.
  • New utility functions allow users to merge Plus + and local scores, reset high score table, and more.
  • Fixed potential high-score data functionality and random data loss when switching between offline and online play.
  • Opinions on this application are divided. But I think it will appeal to anglers.

Freeverse jumped into the water fishing games (and yes, my challenge is to make the day full of stupid puns related to fishing) Fishing with Flick. A game for landlubbers as the old sea dogs with spots for fishing in rivers or in open seas, at night might as well. You can tease the stud in six different parts of water, lake, river or sea day and night. The sea levels with the toughest fighters with fish like marlin and swordfish. In freshwater, you will fish rather carp, trout or pike. Your iPad becomes your fishing rod, you have to launch a movement to send your line as far as possible. When a fish bites your iPhone vibrates and emits sound. This is for the iPhone version and I am not quite sure about the iPad. To you go up the line by turning the reel materialized on the screen. Be careful not to break the line. A bar also shows you the voltage of your line so you can leave slack in the good times.

Depending on your wishes, you have different baits and different lines that can catch fish in particular. With flies, you also have your line up quietly to attract fish. Needless to say that your run is long over, the better your chances of catching prey beautiful.Of course like any good fisherman, you will bring back some old boots or algae in place of a magnificent pike. A competitive mode also allows you to win trophies that will enhance your personal gallery or aquarium of your friend the fisherman.

The graphics are nice but not to fall overboard. However, the animations of waves or roll are successful like the soundtrack to catapult you out to sea by storm or evening instead relaxes the neurons on one side to listen to the ducks. This game uses the two functions perfectly on the iPhone, motion sensor and touch screen. It is simple but extremely effective and an unbeatable price (0.79 euro). In short, Flick Fishing is a very good catch to hang on your iPhone . Besides, no one on this one since the game has surpassed one million downloads. The downside, however: some problems and displays a menu to improve when taking to avoid reject your 25-pound trout by mistake!

Flick Fishing iPad :

Flick Fishing Has Fully animated living environments combined with intuitive controls real-life, cast the line with a flick of your wrist. With A Skillful combination of bait, rental, technical and You Will hook a fish, now you just Need to reel it in. Reel very carefully to Avoid snapping the line and losing your fish. Larger fish are strong, and will not Be Hauled in easily. With six fishing rentals, nine types of Bait and Tackle, 12 tournaments and dozens of unique species of fish, Flick Fishing unrivaled fishing simulation, and just plain fun. Play Against your Friends over the Local Network, and show off your biggest catch via email using the built-in feature Brag. Flick Fishing invites you to rediscover all the subtlety of fishing on your iPad. Throw your line, bait fish, but mostly it climb aboard. 6 fishing areas in three dimensions are available.

It is a game of fishing. Nothing surprising in view of the name of the game it will allow you to remove the reel and tease the stud in transport or from your sofa. The place part is pretty simple, you choose a "spot", you choose your bait among the 3 or 4 at your available and there you take your look as serious and start your arms forward. And yes! Flick Fishing takes into account the accelerometer of your iPhone. You can run, shoe etc. simply waving your little arms. Then it took the key and turn the reel virtual screen to back your decision .. Of course the larger fish will resist interesting. You will need to pay attention to the line voltage in order not to break it and lose your precious fish. Here is a quick summary of the core of the game.

In the game you will throw some challenges that will show you different facets of the game to you to apply yourself to meet in bringing such a fish, winning such a tournament (of course there is the tournament mode) etc.. … You will discover the different spots that are the pond, lake, river and the different zones in the sea Each has its peculiarities, its fish, bait and difficulties (and some of these old shoes lying around the bottom water …).

Other Game Features :

  • Tournaments: You will try to beat the iPhone or a human opponent on the same machine or via Bluetooth. It must then either return the biggest fish is the largest total fish.
  • The network mode: an international contest of who the biggest .. You can show your fish for all small players in the world for him to spread the face sea monsters you have caught. The newest game that appears with the OS 3.0 is the ability to buy direct from the "Store of the village" of new spots and maybe more.
  • 3D graphics and a consistent matching sound in the form of beautiful birds chirping, quacking ducks floating by, cries of sea gulls or sound of the sea (depending on where you fish) create a great fishing feel. After starting the program you get a screen with the options, start a new game to help and options to display can be, and look at the photo album.

If you click on New Game, you can choose whether you want just (Go Fishing), or would like to make a tournament. Here we have a choice between Big Catch (who catches the most fish wins) and Big Fish (who catches the biggest fish wins). The tournaments can be against a friend (Human), the system (CPU) or online someone from the network (network) to play against. In the latter, we have been waiting in vain for a player unfortunately. The season may be the tournaments 3 to 10 minutes, select at. If you have a game type (Go Fishing Tournament or selected), you come to a very nice overview of the potential can be regarded fishing spots. The finger points to the place here, where the fishing on the simplest possible. It follows after the selection of a screen with the name of the chosen fishing spot, the difficulty and the most common fish to be caught there.

Upcoming Games Along with Flick Fishing :

Star systems to explore, catch fish or basketball: Freeverse has released for the launch of the iPad is already 4 different games for the platform, of which Castle Craft is currently offered free of charge. Freeverse, games developers for Apple products is, four new iPad Apps in the App Store to download. Two of them, and Warpgate Castle Craft, have been developed exclusively for the iPad, the other two, NBA and Hotshot HD Fishing HD flick based on the versions for the iPhone and iPod touch.

In Warpgate you can explore with 172 different spaceships total of 35 star systems and fulfill more than 100 missions. The graphics are high resolution, it promises a liquid Freeverse game control and large missions the adventurers do not set limits, at least according to the formulation is in the press release. In the first online multiplayer title from Freeverse for iPad, Castle Craft, cities are built and to be defended against enemies, and you can even forge alliances and attack enemy cities. Online and in real time will be played here, and the chat function rounds out the game experience.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, we can say that Flick Fishing is a game very fun, entertaining and addictive. The graphics quality and the different spots can have fun some time provided to love fishing. With the right combination of bait, location and technology, you catch a fish – now you have to ask only the leash! Be careful so that the line is not torn, and you lose the fish. Fish are strong and not easily obtained.

You keep your iPad like an Angel handle and tilt it then jerk forward. The stronger the pull, the further the hook. You tip the wait beforehand with worms and other delicacies and. Unlike the Sega game, you wait here, usually only a few seconds: Then the battle begins with the pike, as the battles against the leash, so that this threatens to rip. With skill, you pull the fish into the country by turning again with a finger of his free hand at a pop-crank. Weight and name of the fish will appear, then throw the hook again. In total there are nine fishing spots with pretty lake and marine environments, where you know beforehand how difficult promises to be successful fishing there. If you have the hang of it, take part in competitions and optional catch as many as possible and thick red snapper or a blue marlin off the island coast. The captured pixel fish you do not need to eat, rather they are kept in an aquarium where you can meet your friends in an e-mail box by the impressive catch. During your fishing trip you listen to Pole-ratchets, splashing and quacking ducks, and it sounds almost like the real Angel. The same you will now experience on iPad.

Coming iPad for six new games by Ngmoco . Among such Warp Gate, throwing it out purposely delayed to coincide with the ‘iPad, Flick Fishing and NBA Hotshot already available for iPhone and iPod Touch CastleCraft great online multiplayer strategy game between missions, there will be resource management, city and combat. The latest proposed Rule and We are GodFinger games available.


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