Microsoft Kin Phone Review

Microsoft has finally submitted yesterday its phones from the Pink
Project. This Kin, and we find two, very simply appointed One and Two.
As the information that had been leaked had predicted, these very
specific models were created for a younger audience, especially the
fringe, which uses massive social networks. We therefore find two
telephones with rounded, presenting themselves as models of type
"slide", that is to say with two sliding parts and showing a real
keyboard physical. Not content to start from scratch with Windows Phone,
Microsoft is also launching mobile phones under its own brand. For
addicts, social networks, Kin One and Two are based on Cloud Computing.
Besides the internal memory, it will be possible to store content
directly on the web.

The Kin One and Two outline an upmarket very simple: One Kin is the
first model, while Two is an evolution with a larger screen, more
memory, etc.. In terms of keyboards, that the One is made to be used one
handed, while the Two used two hands, thumbs used to push the buttons,
like on a handheld console. Regarding social networks, offer a feature
called Kin "Loop" (loop) whose goal is to update the entire network
quickly with a single update status for example. The concept is not new,
but Microsoft wanted to present his vision. Facebook, Twitter or
MySpace, and of course Windows Live: no specific application is present,
and their use is directly in the phone.

Regarding other applications, the Kin runs opposite of almost everything
is being done: it is not possible to add other applications. Of course,
no shop online this is to add services or other. In fact the shop,
there are many one, but this will be the Zune, since every part is
integrated digital music player, attached services are well present.  On
the part Zune precisely, there are some very interesting elements. The
Zune Pass is part of the well, and it will, for about $ 15 a month,
enjoy unlimited throughout the store catalog, streaming, with the
possibility to download final ten songs per month. Where the
functionality is more interesting is that the streaming will work both
Wi-Fi than 3G. We find more traditional elements such as touch screen,
and some additions will not cause reactions of surprise, as the search
through Bing. However, the Kin boarded a GPS chip, and local searches
can therefore use the opportunity for local services.

Features :

1. Kin Loop : KIN Loop is the home screen and aggregates feed
from services from Microsoft (Windows Live), Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,
etc.. With KIN Loop, you can organize its social network as desired.

2. Kin Spot : KIN Spot can share with friends all kinds of
information: videos, photos, messages, Web pages, sites, status, etc..
Simply drag the information to share then drop them into a particular
area of the phone called the Spot. As the recipient and the contents are
in the spotlight, the user can choose the mode of sharing and can
easily spread.

3. Kin Studio : KIN Studio is the service of "cloud computing
from Microsoft. KIN Studio automatically saves messages, call history,
photos, videos and contacts to a personal digital diary. KIN Studio is
open to me since any product connected to the Internet and allows the
storage of personal data.

4. Windows Phone : KIN is the first Windows Phone to integrate
the Zune experience and therefore listen to music, play videos, listen
to the radio and podcasts. Microsoft will benefit from the
commercialization of KIN to launch its service Zune Pass to access to
the audio / video as a subscription and unlimited viewing.  Microsoft
offers two mobile phones to enjoy this new experience. Personally, they
remind me of the Sidekick mobile widespread in the United States among
young people.

OS :

Driven by a specific version of Windows 7 Phone, they have an interface
(Loop) that centralizes updates accounts, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter (a
bit like Motoblur Motorola) and Windows Live. It is therefore
understandable that these terminals are aimed mostly at young people
with the promise of a Smartphone 100% office. New social networks will
be added as and when and the specifics of certain countries has
indicated this morning Nicolas Petit, Director of the Mobility Division
at Microsoft France during a conference call.  The opening screen allows
the user to quickly update their status and share content easily with
friends. There are also UM that can accommodate up to 6 Exchange
accounts, POP or IMAP. However, we cannot connect to the Windows
Marketplace, or install third party applications since KIN are not
strictly speaking smartphones.

The performance / speed of all remind me of phones such as the Pre or
some Android phones out before Droid. Hopefully this will give you an
idea. We were told that the software was written based on Windows 7
Phone. Desktop side, the Kin Studio works with Silverlight and it shows:
it looks like a desktop app such as Zune, but in a web browser. It’s

Storage :

Everything to please the target audience is the "15-30 years addicted to
social networking. Microsoft has also made a special place in its
search engine Bing and Zune music player connected to the Zune Pass.
This service offering unlimited downloads of music and videos for a
subscription of $ 15 per month in the U.S. will be available in France
at the launch of Windows 7 Phone in the fall. The Redmond company has
also made a bet with the function of cloud KIN Studio that online backup
history of all phone contents (contacts, messages, photos, videos, Call
History) that are accessible from any browser . The storage is done via
the system Skydrive which offers 25 GB of free space can be increased
once this limit is reached.

Social Networking :

Unlike phones with Windows Mobile, Kin smartphones are not strictly
speaking even if they use the core of the next mobile operating system
Microsoft Windows 7 Series Phone. An interface named Kin Loop allows to
publish such content on social networks that are central to the Kin One
and Two. According to Nicolas Petit, "This offer is clearly 15-30 years
addicted to social networks. To be certain of their expectations, we
conducted 50 000 interviews with representatives of the target. "
Despite a style that is reminiscent of some smartphones for
professionals, including a real mechanical keyboard, both phones have
not the ambition to come walk on the flat bands Blackberry and other

Kin Loop follows the current trend is to aggregate content on the same
page like the Sony Ericsson X10 for example. In all cases, Kin Loop is
not a simple overlay integrated operating system as was the case with
Windows Mobile 6.5 and the Sense of HTC. The application Twitter,
Facebook and MySpace are well integrated directly on the mobile. "

User Interface :

During the short time that we could play with the user interface was
very good. It focuses on people with whom you communicate with most, but
others are just a few clicks. It allows the user to easily share
things: put anything in "The Spot" (an area at the bottom of the screen)
and share. For anything, it means that you can click and drag photos,
links, etc. Users … and she will know that you want to share this with
people who are in the phone. In fact, it saves you a lot of unnecessary
strikes, if you want to share things with your private circle.

The phone’s design is beautiful and well-rounded. The Kin 1 is a small
phone that looks like a square wheel. It has a sliding keyboard, a 5
megapixel camera, and overall it is very cute. It is also very light.
The Kin 2 is bigger and more like a classic text. It also has a sliding
keyboard – a design requirement for all phones Kin. The build quality is
good, but it is clear that these phones were designed to be affordable
for teenagers (or their parents!). In our opinion, the Kin 1 is superb.
And in addition, the multi-touch is supported. What do you think?

KIN Studio : The Mobile in the browser :

In the background, KIN-KIN phones synchronize with studio, which can be
accessed using any Web browser. There, then photos, videos, contacts,
etc. are ready – the user interface on the mobile phone that looks
confusingly similar and can also be served as well. At the bottom of the
screen can be found here, including a spot on the KIN share
information. Microsoft has almost exclusively focused on how users can
share information very easily – be it via Facebook, Twitter, email or
SMS. At the bottom of the screen is a small circle, the "KIN spot" at
which the finger just snapped photos, videos made, but also web pages or
be put on cards marked places. Then choose the friends you want to
share with you and pushes them on the spot KIN. Finally it is chosen the
path on which the information should be shared.

Cloud Computing :

For the management of all data stored on the Kin-Mobile, Microsoft
relies, much like the Sidekick cell phones, Web-based services, data and
applications stored in the data that is cloud, known as Cloud from. Via
Web browser, you can edit in an online application called Kin Studio
view all data on your mobile, or complement. How much space for it is
available, Microsoft can yet in the dark. It will certainly be more than
in the mobile phones is available. But also about how much memory the
children have cell phones, which offer their resolution screens and
other technical details, Microsoft has not made any claims. Microsoft,
however, that the phones be expandable via memory card is leaked in
advance. SanDisk card manufacturers had already advertised the fact that
his memory with the devices of the Pink Project, the code name of the
children mobile phones, is compatible.

As Microsoft does not reveal: It is powered by the new smartphones
nVidia Tegra chip , the Microsoft Zune MP3 Player HD already used.
Rumors that even comes already the new Tegra-2 chip is used, have no
substance. The Tegra 2 is designed as a dual-core chip for devices with
full-HD video output is expected, significantly more than the A4-chip in
Apple’s iPad be and is more suitable for Netbooks and Tablet PC. But
even if "only" the Tegra-1 chip is used, its performance would still
loose animated desktop graphics and wild 3-D games are sufficient for.
In the mobile processor Zune HD could already show .

Kin Phone :

On the technical side, the KIN ONE and TWO are manufactured by Sharp as
expected, as were the Danger Sidekicks . They both have a capacitive
touch screen, a physical keyboard, supports 3G networks and Bluetooth
and Wi-Fi connections. The KIN ONE is undoubtedly the most original with
its square shape. It has 4 GB of internal memory and a 5 megapixel
camera. The KIN TWO more conventional but more powerful with 8 GB of
memory and an 8-megapixel and that can record video in High Definition.
Both models will be launched in the United States in exclusive
partnership with Verizon in May They will arrive this autumn in Europe
via Vodafone in England, Germany, Spain and Italy.  

The brand has a website "on the cloud" called KIN Studio offers many
features and is accessible from any web browser. He is also responsible
for safeguarding your phone in real time, and you can share it via
photos, videos and more. The idea was to create a phone for those who
send lots of SMS and for those who like to stay in touch with friends
and family through social networks. Microsoft introduced a brand new
user interface for its phones with design elements borrowed Phone
Windows 7, and it looks really nice (pictures coming soon). Phones Kin 1
and 2 synchronize their contents and contacts directly with the cloud –
permanently. If you lose your phone, you buy another, you re-sync, and
voila. Desktop side, Microsoft has a web browser application that shows
you the contents of the phone, but in a comfortable desktop monitor. You
can interact with the content, do what you want with the files (on
local disk) and see updates from your friends. The set is bright, and it
could create an earthquake on the market for Smartphones Teen.

Kin One

The KIN One embeds a QVGA touch screen, keyboard slide, a capacity of
4GB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and a NPC 5MPx with LED flash. KIN ONE is
small and compact, easy to slip into the pocket and handle with one
hand. Finally, the Zune music experience is this Kin on board terminals.
It will access the portal Zune to buy music or videos, listen to FM
radio or podcasts. Furthermore, a search system to find content on the
Web and locally, and based on the engine Bing, facilitating the recovery
of content or web pages.

Note that the Kin One (first image, ex-Turtle) has a 5 megapixel
digital camera and 4 GB of storage space while Kin Two (second image,
ex-Pure) embarks an 8 megapixel digital camera and 8GB memory

Feature :

  • Touch screen of 2.6 inches;
  • 5 Megapixel Camera: Shockproof, autofocus, LED flash, video filmed
    in SD;
  • Mono speaker;
  • 256MB memory (DDR RAM) and storage capacity of 4 GB

Kin Two

The KIN Two features will brings a HVGA touch screen, keyboard slide,
with a capacity of 8GB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and a NPC 8MPx with LED
flash and making videos HD. It has a screen and a larger keyboard, more
memory, a camera with better resolution and the ability to record HD
videos. The cameras, respectively 5 and 8 megapixel models ONE and TWO,
can operate in low light and have a device for image stabilization and a
flash LumiLeds.
The videos, photos, and almost all the content that users store on their
phones automatically find themselves in the service in clouds Kin
Studio Microsoft (Silverlight). Users can retrieve their data using any
browser. It should be noted that the two devices QWERTY slide vertically
and both devices include these elements: Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, FM radio,
an accelerometer and Wi-Fi 802.11b / g

Features :

  • 3.4-inch touch screen;
  • 8 Megapixel cameras: Shock, autofocus, LED flash, video filmed in
  • Speaker stereo
  • DDR RAM 256 MB storage capacities of 8 GB

Kin One vs. Kin Two :


One vs Kin Two
  Microsoft Kin One Microsoft Kin Two
  Slide -out QWERTY
Wider Screen
  Compact Size Bolder Camrea
  Solid Camera More Memory
Features Specification  
BUILD FOR TEXT Compact Keyboard for
one handed texting.
Ample keyboard two
handed texting.
MADE TO TOUCH Use your finger to
pan, scan and zoom.
Use your finger to
pan, scan and zoom.
Bright, clear screen
is easy to 
Bright, clear screen
  navigate with your
watching videos and
5.0 megapixel camera
with flash, great in
8.0 megapixel camera
with falsh, great in 
  low light. 
Also shoots SD Video.
low light.  Also shoots HD Video. 
Mono speaker tunned
well for 
Stereo speakers for
rocking with 
  speakerphone. headphones. 
TONS OF MEMORY 4 gigabytes, room for
about 1,000 songs. 
8 gigabytes, room for
about 2,000 songs. 
ZUNE TUNED Media player powered
by Zune. 
Media player powered
by Zune. 

As you can see the features are uniform, but simply the best Kin Two,
including an 8 megapixel sensor, 5 cons Kin One. In addition, the amount
of memory increases from 4 to 8GB, and the speaker enable stereo. 
However, we do not know the rates. Both phones will be distributed
exclusively by Verizon for the entire territory of the United States. In
Europe, only Germany or the United Kingdom are concerned for the
moment, via Vodafone. In France, we should know soon whether or not Kin
will be distributed. If this is the case, Vodafone would probably be the
partner of choice. It will be interesting to note that if the Kin
landed here, they bring with them the Zune service, even though the
digital music player has ever gone on sale in Europe.

The widespread availability of Kin should begin next month. Note that a
synchronization client for Mac OS X will also be provided.  It will be
difficult for some not to rethink about the Microsoft on Google when the
company Mountain View launched the Nexus One, even though it was
already providing Android to various manufacturers.


Microsoft has done a good job with the equipment; they have a real
chance to pull the rug under the feet of Samsung and LG, the current
leaders in the segment of text. We need to spend more time with, but for
the moment, it looks very good. The rest will depend on the price
compared to smart phones. In theory, the goal of Microsoft, Verizon and
Vodafone is taking a market share in the range of mobile text. This
implies that the price of phones and data plans to suit client’s budget.
Some experts are skeptical about the success of this product, but they
are visionaries or techogeeks who do not understand this market? Sales
will tell us who is right.

In case of photo sharing the Studio Kin allows users to manage content
from their phones from their computers. You can access your messages
(but not your emails very weird!), your pictures and videos, and
contacts from the home page, you can only see the content produced
during a given time, by selecting the timeline (see photo below). In
addition, photos are automatically "geo-Targeted" and you can use a card
from the Microsoft Studio

Kin One and Two also have weaknesses: Videos and photos can still be
created with the device, but cannot be edited. It also lacks a calendar
and photos, and videos cannot upload to Twitter. The built-in browser
does not Flash (Lite) or Silverlight. When Microsoft Kin One the
keyboard is extended vertically. This model has a smaller capacitive
touch-screen (320 x 240 pixels), a 5-megapixel camera with flash and 4
GB integrated memory. The Microsoft Kin Two has a keyboard that is
extended horizontally. The display is larger than the Kin One (480 x 320
pixels). In addition, there is an 8-megapixel camera with flash and 8
GB of integrated memory.

Microsoft Kin One and Two are also the first Smartphone based on
Nvidia’s Tegra chip. Until now, this low-power chips that Nvidia
introduced two years ago, only for use with multimedia devices, such as
Microsoft’s Zune and HD. In two new Nvidia Tegra APX Microsoft
Smartphone 2600 puts, which dominates the video playback at 720p.

Positive Points :

  1. Update software over the air: as the Kin is still connected to
    Cloud, the software updates are automatic, the Microsoft representative
    said that if a large number of users demanding the calendar feature, it
    would be easy to provided after the launch.
  2. The website Studio, the cloud service: Photos and videos are
    automatically uploaded to the cloud, and in my opinion, this is one of
    the best features of mobile Kin. The majority of phone users do not know
    or do not download their photos on their mobile computers.
  3. The email is built, including Exchange – which is great – but your
    email will not appear in the global feed. There is no Messenger built
    for the moment, if you ask.
  4. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter are integrated into the phone, but it’s
    all right now. The photo sharing is supported for Facebook and MySpace.

Negative Points :

  1. The only limitation is the size of files transferred from phones
    that do not exceed the 50 MB it will be possible to synchronize its KIN
    with iTunes from a Mac.
  2. There is no built-in Calendar, and it’s pretty strange for a phone
    for the socially active. It’s something that could be problematic –
    we’ll see it at launch.
  3. The photo sharing is not supported Twitter. Flickr is not


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