Super Street Fighter IV Review (Xbox 360)


Ten years! This time we had to wait to finally put his hand on a new
album of Street Fighter. Capcom has not really pressed to offer us an
episode original and has rarely been to support his legendary series of
blows to compilations or anthologies. The challenge is what Street
Fighter IV doubles its new gaming system and more particularly its
design must prove their worth to audiences of fans demanding without
repelling the less experienced players. In today’s challenging to taste
the legendary Street Fighter II and the adorning of his finery, Capcom
has once again opened the baston 2D wider audience, while reminding
their nostalgic best years of challenges. The price of fame, we can not
escape version of "Super", introduced as the last step in the game
already entered the pantheon of comeback’s most notorious video game.

In the kind of dilemma Tester feat. Doliprane & Vodka, Super Street
Fighter IV arises here as a Metsu Shoryuken that crushes the jaw. For
the simple reason that it is still a second checkout for a version +
necessarily similar to the original. Put the two games side by side
under the eyes of a neophyte, he will have as much chance to
distinguish two versions of the same wash. And because the graphics
engine has not changed, the game system, either – at least in outline,
with its shots "EX" and cons "Focus". Good, at the same time: the game
is always the best of the best in 3D integration, with his fighters,
while personable, a generous color palette and bold These camera
movements that give their flavor to the Ultra, the famous The furies of
the game five new arenas added to select internship will not contradict
us. Suspension of construction of Metro City congestion typical of
India, through the African savannah where hippos and meerkats entertain
the gallery, these new tatami teem with winks, bubbling life, so we
always find a idea of staging a micro-detail that eluded us, even when
one spends his life.

For over twenty years that the Street Fighter series began with a
modest arcade fighting game. If this was rather quiet start, the
license has been quick to ruffle the feathers of many players reflexes.
Indeed, the second episode remained in history as the ultimate fighting
game. Whether on arcade or SNES, Street Fighter II has initiated a
whole generation to such specific property. Besides, Capcom has not
hesitated to exploit the vein leaving a string of versions of this
legendary episode. The series then passes through a back to basics with
the opus Alpha back on the events that precede the first Street
Fighter. The famous license has also tried to adventure gameplay with
3D EX episodes, but it is clear that this is an attempt inconclusive.
In 1997 the series underwent its last upheaval: the Street Fighter III
in effect introduce a new system very technical parade. So many players
still swear only by the famous 3rd Strike, an episode that blows fair’s
10th birthday this year …

Super Street Fighter IV Trailer:


About The Game:

In releasing a new album Capcom had to face a challenge: it was to
satisfy fans of the first hour without alienate newcomers. Developers
are therefore went to seek their inspiration from the episode the most
popular, the famous Street Fighter II. In addition to essential Ryu and
Ken, the nostalgic therefore have the certainty of finding reliftées
versions of their favorite fighters such as Chun-Li, Blanka, Zangief,
Guile or Dhalsim. Besides the events depicted in Street Fighter IV is a
real scenario following the second episode, he is always fighting
Shadaloo. This mysterious crime organization has launched a new
worldwide martial arts tournament in order to gather as much data on
the different fighting styles. All these techniques have enabled them
to create a powerful robot, Seth, the famous boss of this episode.

The cast of the game is not limited to that of Street Fighter II, in
total there are 25 fighters that you can control. We found some
significant figures of the saga as Gen, Sakura, Rose, Cammy, Fei Long
and Dan. Capcom had introduced the last fighter in Street Fighter Alpha
to mock the hero of Art of Fighting. The developers have not hesitated
to play the card of humor in addressing the original characters of this
episode: El Fuerte is a cook Mexican lucha libre practice to discover
new recipes and Rufus is a combatant rather obese boastful.

Watch Out Street Fighter IV Charcters in Action:


But do not be fooled by their appearance, these new comers can be
daunting: the first is extremely fast while the second one shows
incredibly versatile despite their excess pounds. It also made the
acquaintance of Crimson Viper, a spy with a host of gadgets that allow
him to electrocute his opponent or start kicking flaming. Also note
that French is his arrival in the cast: Abel amnesiac wrestler can make
projections devastating. Finally Capcom has chosen to paint his fans in
the direction of hair including two hidden bosses: thus we find the
dark Akuma and his brother Gouken. This is the first time that the
master of Ryu and Ken made his appearance in a game because he was born
to a translation error and a farce of April 1, by introducing it
finally officially Capcom made a nice nod to all fans of the series.

It differs Street Fighter IV’s predecessors first glance. The game
retains the 2D gameplay but the characters and scenery are modeled in
3D. This episode also has a very special paw graphic: the contours of
the characters are enhanced to give them a little later cel shading.
This method helps to combatants particularly expressive. Indeed, as
cartoon heroes, the features of their faces are deformed when they take
big shots. This detail really adds to the intensity and dynamism of the
fighting. Gossips certainly could find fault with the game’s graphics:
modeling sets is not always very thin and we notice some bugs in the
collision when two opponents are a little too close. The decorations
are still alive especially since a lively public attends most of the
fighting. Similarly, the bugs are a bad crash recurrent fighting games
that opt for modeling 3D characters.

Mr. Dee Jay:

Spending your life on a game, arguably the least sign that misleads on
its quality. Like most loyal readers may know, it was one year that
writing s’écharpe daily on Street Fighter IV . Also, such a renewal of
content we can scarcely remain unmoved. Ten new characters, this is not
anything on the scale of a fighting game, and it is probably
unparalleled since the heyday of KOF to see such boldness, such
risk-taking, not if only for a matter of balance of the cast.
Calculated risk it is true, since most of the newcomers are former
glories of the house Capcom , gaming systems with well-tested. In the
kind old-timers, T-Hawk and Dee Jay are the same figure of ancestors,
but they have nothing bedridden. With a concrete gauge of life and
titanic strength, descendant of the Aztecs hit like a mule, and the
addition of a new approach shot within its range, the Condor Spire
allows him to run for feigned madness Hide mugs four kilometers. It
will likely count on him, even pink outfit. Aggressive variant of
Guile, Dee Jay spend most of his time to put his opponents on the
ground to trap them with more runs in the back, and combos that can
easily lead to even an Ultra … provided you know which to choose. Yes.

The arrival of a second Ultra is the main novelty – who said the only
way? – System of Super Street. The game wins in sight, for the staging
of certain fury pushes even further the cap, but it’s mainly about
tactics IV Street gains depth. This boat but some games change
dramatically in the function of this simple choice. Take the example of
Chun-Li’s Ultra I can cross balls of fire, completely closes the
defensive play of characters projectiles at high level this kind of
trap is more classical, she opts for the Kikosho, its second lowest
Ultra, but is guaranteed on most of its many phases of play (insider
speak for set up), at risk of suffering throughout the game based on a
laundry Hadôken? Examples abound, and no question of embarking on a
strategy guide (although this is not envy that is missing). We note
that beyond the spectacular dimension, Nintendo has found a way to
rebalance some duels, and in the best case some characters behind. One
thinks of Vega and his signature, much more threatening now that the
old ultra hits the opponent on the rise.


Question threat, the three characters imported from Street Fighter
Alpha does not laugh. Cody and Guy, rivals in love with Final Fight ,
both have strong arguments to make. Still mode jmef, the convict is one
of the most effective characters cast, understand simple to play and
painful for the opponent. Special moves that break easily Focus
opposing base with a series of tornadoes that makes a hell of a Ruffian
Kick good anti-air and an Ultra II that box very easily with a little
practice: you’re making , here is the new star of Xbox Live / PSN .
Although more technical with shopping ninja, Guy is an alternative to
bouncing Fuerte, a delicate precision engineering to tame, but with
damage and guaranteed not insignificant when air pass the tankard or
variations of combos . As a good disciple of Sagat, Adon could be much
stronger than might suggest the early hours at his side most of its
sequences are Ungroundable (safe), they cause great damage with the
right behind Ultra, and if you know fake / dose Jaguar Tooth from afar,
the personal has a future in good hands .

This is also the case for Dudley and Ibuki, the two stars of the series
III, the gameplay is perfectly integrated with that of Street Fighter
IV . The dandy of his Majesty is a bread machine when it comes to
approaching, by dint of fake body blows and EX go very far. An overhead
that can start a chain, a furious multi-tasking that goes on just about
everything, and especially large cumulative damage to a titanium bar of
life make him a candidate nominated for the rank of top tier, upper
basket. Ibuki the ninja has a life bar foam, but it’s probably his only
weakness, as it has faculties for em … poisoner his opponent. As
Gouki and fireballs launched two centimeters of soil, the Miss Kunai
allow much set up (they come back) on the phases of raised and capacity
of sequences with Ultra-arrival will drive you crazy – it is the safest
way to sort the wheat from the chaff in Street IV .


We can not be said Makoto, karate champion since starisée 3rd Strike ,
as the character seems doomed to low-ranking funds, despite all his
class. In one game remaining slow, where steins, (good) camp and
management are paramount found his style while rush is downright
suicidal, with lots of duels impossible (Guile, T-Hawk head). Of
course, the damage it inflicts are worthy of a buffalo, especially with
the Super way, and just two phases to stun the opponent or his stick an
Ultra. But failing to have a good anti-air and play approach (arguments
on request), Makoto is really just a shadow of itself. And it is not
due to be believed.

If Hakan Have You:

Let’s talk then the two real characters from Super Street Fighter
unpublished IV, Juri and Hakan. Like C. Viper, the Korean Juri not
disgrace the cast of King of Fighters , and like Cody, there is a very
effective personal, ideal for beginners. A sudden swirling although
priority as it should, a dipping shot that not only can take opponents
by surprise, but the bounce for an Ultra warranty, not to mention a
game projectile while vice, again, the character feels the abuse, full
nose that will not have seriously considered. Not always safe and
somewhat fragile, Juri has not yet revealed its full potential, the
Ultra I, Feng Shui Engine, leaving much hope for some hefty attacks
based on cancellations of moves in the pros. Much more wacky, Hakan,
the Berserk Wario come from Turkey, feels the full nose fried oil. As
OSS 117, he will spend his time in the coating of oil to awaken the
slumbering beast.

In this case, its distance mug become insolent, the power of his (very
good) regular hits will it tenfold, and there will even be the only
character to slide in his Focus now engaged. You can imagine the
possibilities of feints. Obviously, being slow and not pay ridiculous
leap of mine, but any shot poorly dosed him enough time to free oil if
he has a bar stock EX. And between the slide on his belly like soap,
different variants of the mugs came Yagli gures, an Ultra II anti-air
that passes from the opponent’s feet left the ground, there is a real
potential beyond clown. Clearly, two successful integrations and
potential to rediscover each other eight guests, all offering hundreds
of hours to swallow when you’re a fan of the genre.

To cope with the arrival of all these Newcomers, old people have in
their vast majority had multiple alterations are so numerous and
sometimes so small that a test would not be enough *. Rebalancing is
not limited to new Ultras: changing priorities, the extension also, not
to mention details as invisible as a re-calibration of damage or easier
to chain links. On one side, with the abuses at the time, was the bare
minimum. Still happy that Sagat does not whistle over a free half life
gauge on a Tiger Uppercut launched haphazardly. But given the low
turnover events, certain characters left intact (Balrog!), Not to
mention some bugs corrected even (especially on Rose), it is
understandable that some are screaming single patch charges. From our
point of view, it was mainly the impression that Capcom has merely
taken the unofficial classification of the characters, to boost those
lagging behind and the best of shoes – so much the better, even cut
through the fat, as limit abuse. The game is not thereby transformed so
far. Although deprived of a free on any Ultra Dragon Punch blocked, or
super can leave at any time, Ryu will remain one of the strongmen of
Street Fighter IV . However, the first was clearly regarded as one of
the best fighting games ever released balanced in the sense that none
of the characters, except Dan, was really useless in the strict sense
of the word.

Red Vs Blue:

And then, to pass the bill carefully, Capcom has made some efforts to
presentation and usability this time. The interface has gained in
clarity, the prologues does look more like cartoons Brazilian rival
each match is entitled to his intro, which is something gained. Many
more found in the higher difficulty modes, Arcade mode welcomes the
return of bonus stages, with the trial of the body and the barrels. It
has absolutely no interest, it learns nothing about the game system,
but at least you can zap. Recognize also that Super Street IV solo
fishing issue, especially since the tests have disappeared. In a sense
the better, since the colors and provocations were unblocked by simply
chaining the hours with a particular personal – even just two colors
added bonus if the game detects a backup on the previous drive.




After some details still shock us, like the majority of challenges
dedicated to combos directly imported from the previous game, or the
mere fact of having to pause the game to display the manipulations in
the same way – although it was not necessary in the former. For a game
that focuses on usability and dose based permanent "j’prends win,
keskiya?", See also limited multiplayer options seem unlikely. No
profile player with prerecorded config, stats management disastrous,
not to mention the absence of a Tournament mode for those who wish to
organize sessions at home, one wonders if Konami has taken the position
the phenomenon of community around her baby.

As for tournaments, it will be relying on good old leaf binder, or rely
on online options. We also expected a lot after a year spent on ways
rudimentary but functional, and the result is pretty exciting. Well,
sure they expected more than just filters locale, but the modes are
complete and the network code as reliable as long as the opponents have
two to three bars of signal. Three modes await the brave, as always
with the manner in which classified it takes the games seriously. Two
good ideas to highlight straightaway. Unlike the other two game modes,
the selection of Ultra classification part is once the personal
opponent was revealed to adapt its choice on the match-ups.

Then, the game draws a distinction between player points or total
points garnered combat system modeled on the BP of the previous pane,
and other points of combat-related character used. Clearly, two ladders
coexist to encourage fans to change character without worrying about
losing too many points in case of repeated failures. The endless battle
modes / team-based combat allows for them to configure rooms 2 to 8
players where the winner stays in place.

If one looks at the side of the game content itself, it is impossible
to ignore the Arcade mode. Indeed it will allow you to unlock small
creatures that shed light on the history of each protagonist. All the
fighters also have a rival before they face the boss. Their meeting
also gives rise to kinematic custom which will delight fans. Street
Fighter IV finally introduced a rather surprising in this arcade mode:
by checking the option, you allow players from around the world come to
challenge you the time of combat. It is as if the holder of a second
controller just press the start button for you to join. Of course, the
game has a way totally dedicated to online games and your performance
will allow you to unlock a myriad of medals. We also note the presence
of a Training mode that lets you hone your skills in a room lined graph
paper. Now you can have a mode that provides access to challenges
conventional battles timed modes or survival, but also a set of events
of particular interest. It is indeed cause you to perform special
attacks and combos specific. Thus, even the novice player or one who
has a little trouble getting used to handling the pad may become real
gross. This is a must if you plan to master all the intricacies of the

Even before its release, Street Fighter IV was already facing a torrent
of criticism from players who feared that the title is not technical
enough. They are reassured, they will certainly have a hard drive out
correctly combos this new opus. Certainly, we must say farewell to
"parry system" that was the charm of Street Fighter III, but the
gameplay has not depleted as much. It will therefore have to learn to
"focus attacks", particularly powerful shots which are activated by
simultaneously pressing the kick and punch through. This attack has
three levels of support depending on the time during which you push the
buttons at full strength, it will send your opponent to the ground a
few meters away. You have a certain invulnerability when you load this
attack, you can redeem at once, but no more. Everything is about timing
to use the "focus attack" wisely. To break this burden, the opponent
must either bind the rapid strokes, or perform a mug.

In one case as in the other, those who do not watch the game play as a
spectator, with the option to save the replay during the game if the
match is a semblance of interest to them. These replays will be stored
and then dispatched via the My Canal, one of multiple filters Canal
Replay. In short, although full of options, even if we would have liked
an option "Replay" for salons with two players, to spare a systematic
return to the lobby. Another grievance, inevitable one: when too many
players are in a room, it spends most of his time waiting his turn in
spectator mode. While voice chat is enabled for comment on the game at
the same time that it takes place, it is better to restrict the room
for a handful of players – or win – if you really determined. In all
cases, Street Fighter IV is also becoming more mature side of online
gaming, especially since a big update is planned for mid-June with the
arrival of the tournament mode, which completes the suite to make all
necessary those who like a little bit the fighting games.

At the bottom of the screen, one finds the super gauge which had
appeared in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, which will launch super
combos still devastating. You can also use this valuable fourth bar to
carry out attacks like EX 2nd Impact. Simply launch a special attack
and support, not a button, but all three punches or all three kicks
simultaneously. Do not bother you graft a sixth finger, the left
trigger on the controller you can activate these three shots. The
novelty of this episode is the arrival of a gauge Revenge. It fills up
gradually based on the damage received, it is possible to launch an
ultra combo when it is half full. These attacks have a particularly
violent staged impressive and can often snatch victory in extremis.
Behind the apparent simplicity, the gameplay of Street Fighter IV
therefore hides a well-thought-you certainly provided hours of fun.


We would like to apply the usual caveats as with all these add-
flavored update. We would say that 40 € is a price to pay for a game
ultimately very similar to previous rééqulibrage between a ladle, a
handful of courses but small and beautiful interface again and always
perfectible. But now, the quality of gameplay Street Fighter IV does
not always denied, even a year later, and with ten new characters and
an infinite range of shades to balance the old, we already know that
we’ll get at least one more year, if not ten, if one refers to 3rd
Strike . Still as beautiful, still powerful, the game can additionally
rely on an online mode finally worthy of the name, with rich options
and thoughtful. A Perfect on the whole line, which makes the game
essential for fans, and more than recommended for those who still




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