Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Mobile Phone Review

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic is Nokia's cheapest option for music lovers on
the go. It's about a phone call to about 800 million, which initially
will have everything you need without costing the whole world.

A lot of plastic, little squeaking

Here we find, as expected, a lot of plastic. Nevertheless, there is not
much to report about the squeaking, and the phone works at all pretty
smoothly put together. This is a traditional phone form factor and few
moving parts, so that it feels relatively sturdy enough out his
explanation there.

The phone is relatively compact if not among the smallest. It weighs
enough that it lies comfortably in the hand without perceived as too
heavy to have in your pocket.

Keys and display

Keys are also relatively good. They are a bit small, but considerably
better than the keys found on Nokia X3 .

In addition to the usual function keys and numeric keypad, we find
multimedia keys on the side of the phone. These allow you to rewind,
start and pause playback in your phone's music player.

Because you have to turn off the keyguard before these works, you lose
some of its function. The same can also be said about the volume keys on
the other side of the phone. Also, these do very little as long as the
keypad lock is on.

The screen is small and the angle of visibility is low. It is still not
as bad as other affordable phones we've tested.

The menu system of the Nokia 5130 is good like old S40. Here, there has
not been terribly significant change for a while. Yet it is easy to
understand and easy to navigate in.

Basic Functionality

The sound quality during conversation is good, and the volume can be set
very high. This suited this phone well also to those who are struggling
a bit with hearing or to use the phone where the environment gives away
some noises.

Text messaging is quick and easy to write with a good glossary and keys
that are responsive and easy to hit.

In the box

  • Nokia 5130
  • Handsfree
  • Chargers
  • Micro USB cable
  • Battery
  • Micro SD: 1 GB

A phone at this price (Rs. 5,500 in India), we do not expect to be
loaded in advanced technology. It is also not what we get in Nokia 5130.
Edge has the fastest surfing speed, and both wireless networks and
super-3G are outstanding by their absence.

Many Java tools

Here we actually meet in a positive surprise. Nokia 5130 is equipped
with Opera Mini as the only browser, so you get actually a capable good
browsing experience right out of the box with 5130 - despite the low
network speeds.

This is all pretty typical of the phone. Here are Java-based remedies
for the most part. A simple and functional MSN client is pre-installed.
In addition, we find the software to use Nokia's Ovi services installed
on the phone.

In the static tests, 5130 is not too bad either. In the standard Java
test, it makes very good and far better than many other

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