Nier Review (Xbox 360)


Start a new license is rarely an easy thing for a publisher, even when
called Square Enix . Securities bearing the emblem of Square Enix often
enjoy a seamless implementation but they do not shine provided by their
originality. In this context Nier does seem to act as exception that
proves the rule. In fact the game accuses some technical deficiencies
but he reserved especially nice surprises for seasoned players. Nier
blends both innovative and traditional RPG gameplay mechanics with an
intense, bloody combat system to create an action-packed single-player
experience. It seems that some recent productions stand out. With
Demon’s Souls, the studio From Software, for example, imposed a new
approach to the genre. Resonance of Fate has also launched a stir by
proposing a combat system as demanding as original.

Looks like that Square Enix brings its bit towards giving birth to a
title that’s hard to store in the usual boxes. A too strict
classification can not account for different aspects of this game RPG,
beat’em all, and even slash hack’n shooter, Nier takes pleasure in
mixing almost every genre. Of course some players may find the mixture
a little indigestible. So you will need to form your own opinion by
taking into account the different aspects of this uncommon soft.

Game Story:

Nothing is as it seems in Square Enix’s latest action adventure game,
set in a crumbling worldplagued by disease and dark, unrecognizable
creatures. Players assume the role of the unyielding protagonist, NIER,
resolute in his quest to discover a cure for his daughter, who is
infected with the Black Scawl virus. With powerful allies and a
mysterious book, NIER encounters things that will confound even the
mightiest of warriors. With NIER, experience seamless in-battle
cinematics and explore hauntingly familiar lands, intense action-packed
battles, and storytelling like only Square Enix can do.

What happens when he meets an albino warrior father failed in a
godforsaken village, just as his daughter’s white hair ill with a
mortal, a maiden half-human half-demon as vulgar as well rolled, the
magic books talkative and evil shadows of various shapes? Some say that
this would be a strange circus, but the people of Cavia have decided to
make the main characters of an action-RPG for the less eccentric
bearing the same name as his hero Nier.


  • Experience a rich, twisting story line of a world plagued by human anguish , buried secrets and a ravaging disease.
  • Explore a beautiful, immersive world presented in Square Enix signature style.
  • Diverse and action-packed gameplay heightened by a combination of chain attacks and crushing magical ability’s.
  • Multiple weapons to master each with its own characteristics.
  • Unlock magical ability’s to unlease crushing blows to enemies near and far.
  • Cinematic event scenes that draw the player into the world of NIER


We must admit that Nier is not the kind of games that captivates you
first glance. Indeed the sets often appear empty and different textures
are not really worthy of a title HD. Like it or not those who judge the
games by their technical aspect, a certain beauty emerges still the
world Nier. If the unusual design of the characters or monsters may
seem confusing, it must finally recognize that we are able to fully
delve into this strange world. The scenario depicted as a
post-apocalyptic future far ahead of the Fallout series: we screened
1,300 years after our era and the technology has lost all his rights.
Mankind lives so rudimentary and difficult to face two major threats: a
strange disease is decimating the survivors and shadows, malicious
magical creatures, venturing ever closer to their homes.

In this
context you embody an ancient warrior who raises his daughter alone.
The latter is suffering from incurable disease that slowly consumes the
last of the human species. Nier, our poor hero, is therefore in an
unenviable position at the beginning of the adventure. An unexpected
meeting will yet give him hope for a magic book and particularly
talkative he claims to be capable of saving his daughter. The Grimoire
Weiss, as it is called, has unfortunately lost much of its powers.
Niering must defy the powerful shadows to get one to one these spells

The scenario is darker and Nier torture that most of its counterparts.
The theme of death is omnipresent, both throughout the saga that in
many quests. Your journey will take you to also cross the path of real
strange companions. Kain is such a formidable warrior dressed as short
as rude. The way to insult his enemies as well as its allies is
puzzling: Nippon titles we were not accustomed to meeting people as
colorful and far from the standards of political correctness. In the
end you can expect delicious dialogues that combine the second degree
to deeper reflections. Not to waste anything, you can also seek to
deepen the experience by releasing the various alternate endings that
offer valuable insights into the scenario. But if Niering manages to
distill a unique atmosphere, is also largely due to its soundtrack.
Indeed the composer Keiichi Okabe has surpassed us lay simply exquisite
music that always stick perfectly to places crossed.

To make things clear from the outset, we should not expect much in the
way of achievement, marked by the seal of mediocrity. Indeed,
unflinchingly Nier cumulative visual effects obsolete, the basic
textures are transformed into a grid of pixels as soon as we walked
away, the aliasing and flicker as if it rained, management of lights
and very strange collision and finally a magnificent blur applied to
the main character when the camera gets too close to him.

Despite a
significant effort on some architectures, enhanced by appropriate
camera movements which sometimes tilt the game in 2D, many sets are
distinguished by their emptiness in open spaces and linearity baked
copy and paste in confined areas. Faced with this grim picture coupled
with an early game intriguing but still very plane-plane-based fighting
anything but epic mundane commissions and numerous trips, he would not
be surprising to see more release a player adventure started quickly.
Yet it would be deprived of a title which has an unusual atmosphere and
offers some nice ideas.

Under its trappings a bit old school, cache Nier first a system upgrade
based on qualifiers can be attributed to weapons, spells and even the
movements at a rate of two per item. Collected over the clashes,
saying, for example, can increase endurance of the hero, to reduce the
cost of using magic or enhance the chances of finding items on the
corpses of enemies. In addition, if the buttons have functions facade
irremovable, buttons and triggers slice can be configured freely.
Redeem custody and dodging attacks against two additional magic is
quite possible, although it will in this case a solid tactical (or a
good stock of items of care) against certain opponents.

Speaking of
magic, to Nier that runs through to sealed, usually torn from the boss
. Darts black punch giant continuous shooting pellets, clone dark
darkening automatically to the nearest target of spells or absorption
enemies to return with twice the power, these mystical techniques are
extremely effective and can even be responsible for even more massive
damage. This obviously pump more in the magic gauge, but since it
regenerates automatically and more quickly when you realize the combo
with a traditional weapon, it would be wrong to deprive themselves of
such a destructive force. She also sometimes imbalance clashes,
although the introduction of monsters immune to magic and passages
where the worms are prohibited forced to use the muscles of his arms
and his head subsequently.

The atmosphere is an important but Nier not only provided to propose a
purely contemplative adventure. The game system up instead on the
dynamics of fighting. They also have nothing to envy in intensity to
the most beat’em all. Specifically key is dedicated to the attack,
another breaks the custody of the opponent, two triggers can dodge or
parry blows. Some combinations also allow you to perform special
techniques such as completing the enemies violently knocked to the
floor. You will of course vary the way you fight enemies depending on
who you are facing: we do not adopt the same techniques to a large
balèze heavily armored front of a crowd or small snarling adversaries.

If at the beginning of the adventure you only have access to swords in
one hand, you can then use as weapons slower but more devastating or
Polearms particularly sensitive to handling. Of course each device has
its own characteristics, but they are not necessarily fixed once and
for all. You can upgrade the level of your weapons by bringing them to
the blacksmith but you will also get their hands on materials needed
for this transformation. Both warn you, it is not always easy to get
the ingredients in question.


From his encounter with the Grimoire Weiss, Nier also added an array of
magical attacks to his arsenal. Part of the adventure is also dedicated
to the research of these spells, these seals to snatch you from the
clutches of the shadows. It is then easy to launch spells you’ve
recovered. Indeed it is sufficient to assign these skills to the
remaining two triggers and then call on them during the fighting. The
use of magic is not unlimited, it is tapping into a gauge located below
your life bar. This gauge of magic up automatically but it fills up
faster if you pour the blood of your enemies. Overall, so you have to
juggle between physical assaults rather risky and magical attacks that
allow you to keep your enemies at bay. Fortunately, all a bonus system
will simplify your task. It is indeed possible to attach qualifiers, a
kind of magic words, your arms, your techniques or spells. These
bonuses, which you unlock directly in combat, for example will improve
your offensive power, increasing your chance to dig up the loot at the
end of confrontation or even reduce the cost of your spells. But the
combat system may well be particularly careful, it would certainly not
Nier to reduce the sheer size, the title is contrary to its richness in
the multitude of references that breaststroke.

Nier Gameplay:

Although focused on fighting groups of enemies and bosses weak points
often easily identifiable by visual cues or clear advice of the
grimoire Weiss and reckless Kain, the game also has its share of
exploration, flat platform and puzzles, the way that we can find in
Darksiders , among others. These aspects are still very light and quite
redundant, like other attempts to diversify the gameplay . It is thus
also a mini-game fishing poorly designed and rather useless, a small
plot of land for gardening as a Harvest Moon for the poor, a sort of
forge to improve the statistics of its weapons using materials rather
scarce, the colossal boar ride unwieldy phases to limit the shooters
and especially pallets of quests offered by NPC , but include most of
the time to collect or carry objects. Although the original intent is
laudable, it would perhaps have preferred that the developers really
focus on two or three points instead of multiplying activities
artificially inflating the life of the title.

You are free to explore for example the game world and to help you move
you can count on a huge boar domesticated you lieu of frame. This
detail will remind you of anything? Take a look at the side of Twilight
Princess … Moreover, we note in passing references to other Zelda:
just put on a character proudly brandishing an enhancement over his
head amid catchy jingle for fans of the series found there. Denial is
simply stuffed with this kind of winks. A mansion invaded by giant
spiders? We always think of Resident Evil. The camera leaves its usual
position to give a broader picture of the battlefield? It’s like
suddenly in a hack’n slash. Small studio Cavia guys have gone so far
include a phase of play which includes the code text adventure games.
Short progression leads you over getting surprised. As if all this were
not enough, Nier also offers a nice range of quests and some activities
such as fishing or agriculture. These are a bit less useful but still
make a bit of diversity.

Just listen to the pikes regular spellbook Weiss, insults lightning
Kain (not every day you can hear a female video game character scantily
clad and carrying swords, saws threaten a monster tear her eyes and
piss in their orbits) or the stories of NPC to realize that we could
have fun with the dialogue that rarely take seriously. Without
revealing the intricacies of the plot, we can specify that it will
finish the game more than once to discover all the secrets and get the
final word in a rather convoluted history, sometimes taking on airs of
reflection nature and the conventions of video games.

Beyond Denial and
daughter Yonah, the character design of the main actors of the plot and
enemies also has special touch and even allows himself winks diverted
to the work of Hayao Miyazaki or fully paid the series Zelda . It is
also difficult not to think about the games Fumito Ueda visiting
several places wrapped in lights similar to those of ICO or Shadow of
the Colossus . The haunting soundtrack and its many themes sung also
reinforce a dreamlike atmosphere far from being unpleasant, quite the

The most curious aspects of this strange patchwork phases are probably
reminiscent furiously shoot’em up. Some enemies are raining on you and
the waves of magic attacks, like the balls that usually found in such
games. As a shooter, you will analyze the patterns, ie patterns that
draw the bullets intended for you to avoid them or overcome them, and
especially against-attack. The enemy base with this type of power can
you on a good show but it’s nothing compared to fighting against bosses
await you as monstrous as gigantic. These storms are so real that you
will need to avoid pellets. In general fighting against bosses always
enjoy spectacular staging that literally cut your breath. We must begin
by weakening these titanic adversaries in order to show their weakness.
Warning, you have limited time to enjoy the famous Achilles heel. In
the end we end up with unexpected confrontations constantly renewed. In
short you will understand, if not Nier impress by its technical aspect,
it is nevertheless an action-RPG that original and successful brand as
dynamic and unusual atmosphere.


Built around a concept and pitch a screenplay not really attractive at
first Nier that is more handicapped by a hero with no real presence and
a realization that we believe came straight from the past despite
efforts to point up stage and lighting. Too amateurish to carry out all
its projects, the title of Cavia is saved, however the reef by a very
unusual atmosphere, dialogue and a plot remarkably written, a cast of
unforgettable characters and situations, and a soundtrack esgourdes
flattering. A singular game that is primarily to advise fans Drakengard
and more broadly curious tired of the cliches Nippon productions more



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