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We thought the review only to the next E3 in 2010 but Dead Rising 2 is not one to sit cowering in the shadows. So when Capcom organizes its Gamer’s Day in Hawaii, the entire team at Blue Castle Game, which bends over backwards to give us a presentation worthy of the name, with some crisp ads history to awaken the senses of some journalists groggy with jet lag of 12 hours in the face. Game-key in the history of Capcom , Dead Rising signed the sensational debut of the editor in the current generation. Four years later, the blue robot has become a safe bet in an environment of Japanese video game in disarray. Sign of the times, is a Canadian studio, Blue Castle Games , is the task of re-inject fresh blood into a series that has not been exploited to the core, as unusual as it may seem. Appointment was made at the studios to see what we reserve Dead Rising 2 , the sequel to leave traces.

It is not known weather that is Chuck under those heavy metal antlers but whoever it is, they are in a motor cross jump suit that we have seen before. However, this time around, notice the letters "TIR" on his jump suit. Coincidentally enough, Capcom is having a Dead Rising 2 event tomorrow called "Terror is Reality," where attendees are asked to "Grab the moose by the horns and become Terror is Reality’s new star". From what we can make of this, the game’s plot may be driven by some sort of reality show. A number of members from the original Dead Rising team are working alongside Blue Castle throughout the development process, including Capcom’s global head of research and development, Keiji Inafune, who as the game’s Producer is playing an active role in the project.

About the Game:

A nice room with terminals Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 arranged on both sides, four demos to their teeth: the reunion with our friends zombies promised to be unloaded. In short, two demos we were already familiar, we could feel the long Multiplayer Versus at the Tokyo Game Show demo and ESC again cross the X10 had almost no secret for person. But this is the first time we put the feet at the Royal Flush Plaza, Main Mall Fortune City this junk Vegas will be the scene of the adventures of Chuck Greene. Motorcycle racer of his condition, although it will be Chuck gravedigger zombies, a line on the resume that he would have gone well. There is clearly a job when you see the number of lepers that the engine can simultaneously display and even cloned and derived from the same model, the modeling output is impressive. And as we are in a dead Rising , almost everything that falls under the player’s hand may act as an instrument of torture. A guitar with his amp, a giant in the middle of a plate-size craps or a broom for a comprehensive study of intimacy zombie: everything is permitted. As in the original, that providing a playground as large and diverse allows to propose a number of astronomical objects. And even more, since it will be possible to combine some for more devastating results.

At the heart of this episode, the weapons system offers Chuck a combined arsenal even more outrageous than the original. Countless combinations are allowed, the beast baseball bat studded with nails to a wheelchair trapped, passing by large shears stuffing boxing gloves, many fantasies are allowed. Obviously, we can ignore the association rower / chainsaw that cuts the zombie like a big block of butter, or power rake can unsolder all lepers nearby along the target. But all agreed that after the meeting that turned into a giant teddy automatic machine gun was the attraction of the show, once established, nothing can stop, or almost, since each weapon has a number uses limited.

Beyond the purely technical aspect that has not been treated this time, we could still see that the number of zombies, which are located either side of the Yucatan or the Royal Flush Casino Plaza the two new areas put forward for Captivate 2010, was also impressive. The teams in charge of development have also minimized the number of lepers duplicates, allowing players to not fall three times on the same Zombie and more immersed in the quest for redemption. For light and say it like this, Dead Rising 2 looks a bit like the game sandbox, one that has neither head nor tail and where we have fun only knock out the undead just for fun senses. Well, we no mistake, Nintendo has good and well we tried to concoct a story for this unique new character what Chuck Greene. The trailer for the 2010 Captivate also allows to realize that her daughter appears to be involved and that the new players also seem motivated to learn the history of the biker a little cracked on the edges. But for now, Capcom has other plans for the journalists to tell them about the motivations of Chuck, or even explain why Frank West has disappeared from circulation. The episode prologue Box Zero has also been created especially for curious fans.

Chuck Greene:
Former national Motocross champion Chuck Greene is the reluctant hero of Dead Rising 2. Before he hit the big time with a team and sponsorship behind him, Chuck was forced to repair his own bikes, leaving him incredibly resourceful; a real handyman. A single father, Chuck dotes on his daughter Katey who, since the loss of her mother, he will do anything for.

No, the three-quarters of an hour spent with the developers had intended to unveil the party’s cooperative Dead Rising 2. Power to the adventure for two, via a split screen as the circumstances will be possible. What is less clear is the ability to choose his sidekick, his partner in good French. Chuck Greene is two or nothing. So if the two characters start with the same mouth and the same figure, very quickly, we can customize to make it a distinct character. Like Frank West in the first episode, it is possible to take a walk in a mall, especially in a thrift shop to rebuild his wardrobe. All combinations are possible, the most serious to the ridiculous, Chuck is as comfortable in a kilt with a skin-tight latex held.

Personalization excessive, it is the leitmotif of this Dead Rising 2 , which as you know now, will also create its own weapons using a work table that will tell us what are the possible combinations. Anyway, the second player may put down the game at any time through the use of a telephone with which Chuck Greene communicate. Once the adventure will be two, the game will adapt to the presence of a second Chuck. This means that the difficulty will be automatically increased, but that interactions between the two players will also be possible. If one of the two heroes had to succumb to the onslaught of zombies, the other Chuck can go give him some treatment for the back straight. Even better, some actions can be undertaken in tandem as the attraction of zombies using a siren and release a remote-controlled helicopter that can thus determine with relative ease.


If the comic potential of the game is already well proven his script should show much more serious, with twists galore and quota garbage punished for their misdeeds. This does not mean that Dead Rising 2 will ultimately fendard less than its predecessor, far from it! For, as reiterated by Inafune and developers of Blue Castle, the fun aspect of Dead Rising 2 is based mainly on the creativity of the player. More about that later. Dead Rising 2 thus promises a scenario, a real. To convince us, Capcom has also announced the release of an introductory episode called dead Rising: Case Zero expected to land before the release of game as a free DLC. Set two years after the first Dead Rising and three years before his followers, this chapter provides approximately 3 hours of play and is presented as a stand-alone. It is therefore not necessary to have played in understanding the ins and outs of Dead Rising 2, but it still promises some clarification. Better yet, any progress made on this prelude will be taken into account in Dead Rising 2.

"Basically, Dead Rising is a game where time is counted. In an emergency, the player must make choices: is it will darken to the target at risk of being ill prepared, or much will he time to combine powerful weapons to refuel seconds and then PP? "probe Jason Leigh, as creative director of the game in the first part, the Prestige Points used to improve Chuck capacity to make a true war machine As the "New Game +". Attack, Life, Jump, Speed and Distance running: it is bursting at the zombies channel catfish are the pesky issues of experience and skills that go with yes, the camera is permanently stored in closet. Clearly, the player will quickly tried to gather items customizable , reported by a wrench, one of the shops scattered around the map . And those who do not want to try ten miles hacks will always look for cards combos here and there, which not only deliver turnkey revenue, while providing significant multiplier PP.

Prohibited Brain:

The trend being at the coop , Dead Rising 2 not only cut, leaving two to be together in the same mall Chuck. It was also the subject of the second demo in Yucatan Casino, another area infested with Fortune City. If both characters are visually different from the outset, they will quickly distinguish itself with such accessories close at hand, one wearing a mask Blanka, the other a cowboy hat and a red pajamas. The invitation is done through the phone Chuck, after a series of validations more or less strenuous depending on the version. Once the game reached, everybody has a mini-radar shows not only the position of his partner but also his attitude, if only to whether he runs or not a serious danger. Both players are free to go or they will, leaving to live their lives and completely ignore their teammate.

In all cases, the invitation only party that will advance the player’s host-side scenario, the prestige points will be shared, however, and each player will of course meet his partner if he is as what the sustenance. But like Jesus with the bread is side by side as we share the fun. With so many potential instruments of torture in the hand, the two lads will have plenty of time to devise traps to torment those poor cannibals. That’s what we did once released into the Yucatan Casino, bringing the torches of the false temple Aztec knock around a toy helicopter, which attracts the zombies when the siren sounded. And then, like Dead Rising is also a case of bosses , we were not too many two to draw the twins Amber and Cynthia, two leopards who think they can freak a biker holding a katana. Since it was enough to put one off race to see the Siamese commit hara-kiri, the proper method of packing in a corner has proven formidable efficacy coop . In short, something to make life easier.

The progression of Chuck will once again paced by missions (to solve the case) as in the first game … Never change a winning formula that makes money. However, the system of scoops fell by the wayside. But failing to be a photographer, Chuck, he is a hustler. McGyver A lot less pacifist than Richard Dean Anderson … A All Risk Agency to himself! Indeed, the fellow may, as you probably already know, combine a bunch of objects between them to draw as improbable as deadly weapons. For this, it would nevertheless gather maps detailing the different associations. This does not mean that the player will not try to blind, but say that these cards will act as valuable shortcuts. These associations are evil and the simple bat studded with water pistol converted into a flamethrower through an electrified mop. Groovy baby!

Short enough to perpetrate massacres Happy … one or two! Capcom has in fact used the event to announce a cooperative mode online. It will therefore allow two players to make the entire adventure together. Obviously, the host player can continue his part once his guest disconnected and it will retain objects and experience gained during the session. Alone, Dead Rising 2 is already blocked, but together, everything becomes even more crazy. You should see these two psychopaths clothes anyhow (one in Elvis costume, the other in U.S. soccer for example) from hand to hand in the assault by hordes of zombies armed with weapons that we believe straight from the A Night in Hell Tarantino / Rodriguez!

Specifically, in addition to committing more massacres barges (such as attracting zombies with a remote controlled helicopter to allow his sidekick cheerfully burn out the flame-throwers), the game allows logically together to gain more Prestige Points (PP). As this cooperation is not only fun, but also the sacrifice that will need to train not too far from where our partner would end up on the floor … because in this case, we’ll have to join the run and administer an operation before it eventually cove! Assuming of course that you have, otherwise … He will delve into the area.

If the quota seems assured fun with Dead Rising 2 , not only with its multi fendard also in co-op in Versus, there are still many questions about the game Blue Castle Games next solo. To believe the developers, the game should be structured the same way as its predecessor, with a relatively short main adventure and missions scattered to encourage players to do several times. From there, it is hoped that the studio will be able to limit the frustrations related to the backup system of the first episode – currently, the studio board for three slots instead of one, but we were warned as early as the decision had not yet ratified. Regarding problems with slowdowns and traffic flow seen during the demonstration version of a typical pre-development, it is hoped that the final months of development will be used to refine the set to make it as clean as the original. Anyway, Dead Rising 2 promises to be sufficiently faithful to the spirit so that the result is just as biting.

In short, as the presentations will follow, Dead Rising 2 pushes ever further the delirium of the first strand. However, we have not been specifically reassured by the technical aspect of the game While this was an interim version yet, but between the animations a bit robotic Chuck, the lack of fluidity compelling enough, the interactions between our hero and reluctant victims or frankly rough fighting when the opponent is more agile than the first zombie come, there is still work to do. It is therefore hoped that as usual some technical problems will be solved by the game’s release Apart from these reservations, Dead Rising 2 looming as a worthy heir actually the first part … is to say as a crazy. No doubt the designers have thought of other possibilities and that Dead Rising 2 should find another blow when a buddy will be in the house, and not just throw together after a binge a bit rushed. Now all eyes are worn on the E3 2010, the next event where Nintendo is expected to reveal another major aspect of the game See you in two months.


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