Nokia 3720 Classic Mobile Phone Review

Nokia's latest power plug has seen the light. It was ahead of the
release much talked about phone, as Nokia put out more videos of what
the phone would accept since it is IP54 approved. That means it will
withstand water and dust.

Unlike other phones that come under this category, we see that the Nokia
3720 Classic has a more normal appearance, and is not near as bulky as
one of their competitors Samsung B2100.

Nokia 3720 Classic is a phone for people who know you must have a phone
that can withstand some punishment. Whether you work on construction
sites, spend a lot of in the forest, or just one of those who have a
rather indifferent view of how you treat your phone.

The phone is like saying "only" IP54 approved and cannot tolerate large
amounts of water such as the Samsung B2100 and the Sonim XP3. This
phone can withstand more realistic accidents that fall in the ground and
floors, rain splashes, dust from pockets, bags, and other places you
store your phone.

A lot of padding

At first glance, phone does not look particularly robust, but when we
take a closer look it will clear up that this is no ordinary mobile
phone. The battery cover is screwed down and must be opened with e.g. a
screwdriver or small coin, and the parties make it difficult for both
water and dirt to enter.

The entire phone is also made of hard plastic, and we detect no cracking
or other unusual sounds often found in "normal" mobile phones in this
price range. Moreover, the phone is great and has good key with plenty
of room for clumsy fingers.

On the right side of the phone you will find two volume buttons to
adjust the sound during conversation and music. It should be noted that
these buttons are extremely hard, and they do that to control music via
the phone may be a rather good experience.

At the bottom of the phone include a rubber cap that conceals 2.5
millimeters jack output, Micro USB, and charger input, but this is also
available even if the lid is left. We surprised a bit that there is a
direct opening to the charger input, as this will be a place dirt can
easily enter.

When we tested this phone, we had no major expectations for 3720 came to
bear. We got us a real surprise when the phone survived all exposed it.
The phone is said IP54-certified, which means that it partly tile water
from all directions. We did the phone soaked by throwing lots of water
on it, which it did without any problems.

This phone is not authorized to survive under water, so we failed to
swim with the phone, and instead focus on how much beating the phone
actually stands in terms of falls and blows. We have taken a lot of it on
video (upper case) so readers can see the extreme events of 3720 were

In short, the phone survived the fall from around 15 meters, to be
beaten with a wooden and

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