Nokia 3720 Classic Mobile Phone Review

Nokia’s latest power plug has seen the light. It was ahead of the
release much talked about phone, as Nokia put out more videos of what
the phone would accept since it is IP54 approved. That means it will
withstand water and dust.

Unlike other phones that come under this category, we see that the Nokia
3720 Classic has a more normal appearance, and is not near as bulky as
one of their competitors Samsung B2100.

Nokia 3720 Classic is a phone for people who know you must have a phone
that can withstand some punishment. Whether you work on construction
sites, spend a lot of in the forest, or just one of those who have a
rather indifferent view of how you treat your phone.

The phone is like saying "only" IP54 approved and cannot tolerate large
amounts of water such as the Samsung B2100 and the Sonim XP3. This
phone can withstand more realistic accidents that fall in the ground and
floors, rain splashes, dust from pockets, bags, and other places you
store your phone.

A lot of padding

At first glance, phone does not look particularly robust, but when we
take a closer look it will clear up that this is no ordinary mobile
phone. The battery cover is screwed down and must be opened with e.g. a
screwdriver or small coin, and the parties make it difficult for both
water and dirt to enter.

The entire phone is also made of hard plastic, and we detect no cracking
or other unusual sounds often found in "normal" mobile phones in this
price range. Moreover, the phone is great and has good key with plenty
of room for clumsy fingers.

On the right side of the phone you will find two volume buttons to
adjust the sound during conversation and music. It should be noted that
these buttons are extremely hard, and they do that to control music via
the phone may be a rather good experience.

At the bottom of the phone include a rubber cap that conceals 2.5
millimeters jack output, Micro USB, and charger input, but this is also
available even if the lid is left. We surprised a bit that there is a
direct opening to the charger input, as this will be a place dirt can
easily enter.

When we tested this phone, we had no major expectations for 3720 came to
bear. We got us a real surprise when the phone survived all exposed it.
The phone is said IP54-certified, which means that it partly tile water
from all directions. We did the phone soaked by throwing lots of water
on it, which it did without any problems.

This phone is not authorized to survive under water, so we failed to
swim with the phone, and instead focus on how much beating the phone
actually stands in terms of falls and blows. We have taken a lot of it on
video (upper case) so readers can see the extreme events of 3720 were

In short, the phone survived the fall from around 15 meters, to be
beaten with a wooden and partly to get run over by car. This means that
the screen was the evening after the tenth time we drove over it.
Despite this worked both sound and vibration in the phone. Since this
was an extreme test we had to also test whether it could withstand our
eminent shop rifle. It did not.

All in all, this is a mobile phone that can withstand much punishment,
and should fit very well if you have a tendency to postpone his phone
for the beating.

Good screen

Most people spend much of their time on the mobile phone text messages.
Nokia 3720 Classic has a very simple and a good setup for this. It is
made as simple as we might wish for, and it is a small matter to enter
the receiver, text and any multimedia elements. All this is added on the
same page under where you write text messages, making this a very good
solution for the user.

T9 dictionary is fairly well informed, and we found no major
deficiencies in this area either, when we tested the phone. If you plan
to spell a word, you do not need to erase the entire word must, for
example, Samsung B2100, but one can take away the parts that do not
match and spell the last letters to form the word you are seeking.

Something that was a bit annoying in the test period, the alarm sound is
somewhat muffled if you put the phone with the screen down. Vibration
feature seems a little weak.

1 GB memory card

The phone has 20 MB of internal memory, and is nothing to shout hurray
for. The included micro-SD memory card of 1 GB is there for a welcome
supplement. This allows you to add your music, and save quite a lot of
pictures and videos.

There is basically no multimedia phone, and you’re one of those who want
to watch movies and take high resolution pictures, this is not the
phone for you.

In the phone box you get:

  • Cellular phone with battery
  • Charger Cable
  • Handsfree
  • Nokia BH-104 Bluetooth Handsfree
  • 1GB microSD memory card
  • User’s Manual

As the observant reader

we followed
it with some sort of cable.
This is something we put into question when the phone, as mentioned
earlier, is equipped with a Micro USB port. Nor is it with some
software for transferring information between mobile phone and computer.
This may need to be downloaded from Nokia website.

Nokia 3720 has no 3G or super-3G, and put up the fastest EGDE surf
opportunity. Despite this, Nokia has added to Opera Mini on your phone,
which means that browsing is surprisingly good compared to the default
browser on the phone.

Screen size also means that there is no problem to pick up the latest
news, Facebook updates and Twitter messages.

This is not a phone that is basically designed as a surf-mobile, but if
you have something important one should be examined, the Nokia 3720
Classic job even though you should not expect any super speeds.

E-mail setup on the phone is also a dream to use, it is extremely easy
to set up and this is a great plus in the margins. The synchronization
may take some time first time, but the page is not talking about many
seconds to synchronize the phone and e-mail account.

You have the ability to enter multiple accounts, which are positive in
terms of, for example, can both work and private e-mail your right to
your phone.

Otherwise, the phone comes with built-in chat feature, which lets you
easily can connect to MSN Messenger.

Map Feature

Nokia 3720 Classic also comes with built-in Nokia Maps. This is a
simpler version of Ovi Maps that is found in Nokia’s Symbian phones. The
maps give you good overview of addresses and places, but the phone
lacks GPS receiver, it has not so much for them.

It works fine if you need to plan a route, and do not have a computer
available, but beyond this is more an entertainment item than a tool for
navigation. It is possible to use GPS on your mobile but you need a GPS
receiver that connects to the phone using Bluetooth.

We had wanted a full GPS and Navigation on this phone, but when you
consider what price range the phone is in, as well as the other
functions it has, it is natural that such "luxury functions" thrust.

Nice sound

The sound of the 3720 Classic is quite good, using the speakerphone
feature you get very nice sound, and better than many in the same class.
When talking directly into the phone is the sound in the middle of the
tree, it cannot compete with music phones to Nokia, but it does the job
in a straightforward manner.

When it comes to battery life, it’s also quite straightforward. We charge
the phone approximately every third to every fourth during the test
period, and when they said that the phone was used actively. The little
use you can probably estimate that it lasts a good week before you have
to recharge it.

Music player works fine enough it and, it has a good overview of
artists, albums, songs, etc., but this is something we expect in most
phones today. There are some simple settings for audio playback, but
nothing can compare with the real music phones.

One can choose between a few preset settings, but much more than what is
not. The phone is only equipped with a 2.5 millimeter jack which is not
the case we see in many newer Nokia phones, namely that you can plug in
to any standard headset.

It should be mentioned that the handsfree that comes with it do not have
any volume control, and has only one dedicated button that allows you
to jump forward from song to singing. It has no play/pause button or a
button to skip backward in the playlist.

Bluetooth Handsfree BH-104 which also included allowing you to have a
wireless headset, which can be very handy. It is okay for ear but cannot compare with today’s heavyweights from Nokia.

The sound is quite good, but we miss the noise filter and that the
BH-104 is quite large in relation to the quality it delivers. It sits
two volume buttons on the handsfree, which in practice does not work
particularly well when the handsfree is not good enough in the ear.

Hands-free kit, according to Nokia, has a talk time of up to 10 hours,
and has a standby time of 200 hours which is good compared to others in
the same class.

Mobile Radio Function

3720 Classic is equipped with FM radio, it works fine, but here it uses
headset as an antenna, and we’d love to have a built-in radio
transmitter. The phone rapidly has all available channels and stores them

You can also save their favorite channels and the radio itself works
very well, but it is recommended to purchase a better headset for music
and radio to be used widely.

Funny Games

The phone comes with seven games pre-installed, which means that you
have the opportunity to entertain them if you take a good. The
games included are classic and entertaining game that can keep you busy
for hours. Among these we find Block’d, Bounce Tales, two different
puzzle games, Platinum Soli Kelp, Sudoku and reviewed their favorite

All games are easy to understand, and has good entertainment value. This
is a positive surprise in the robust Nokia chap.

Useful camera

3720 Classic comes with a camera with 2 MP resolution and LED light. You
will never get the good shots with this camera, and unless there are
very good light the images are rather poor. To have a 2 MP camera makes
it the center of the tree, and the lack of autofocus is selected.

The pictures you take with this phone are only suitable for MMS use. The
camera works fine enough for easy use in order to keep the memories of
those moments you have nothing better camera available, and color
reproduction is quite straightforward.

The biggest disappointment at the camera, when we had no specific
expectations of the camera initially, must be the absence of any form of
lens cover. On a phone that becomes an important one; the camera is
very susceptible to damage if it gets a punch.

The camera has a few settings such as white balance and flash, and
various effects such as grayscale, etc., but this gives us no good
picture experience. Are you looking for fishing and the darkness begins
to descend, you may regret it if you only carry your 3720.

It should be noted that the camera is considerably better than what we
find in the Samsung B2100, and in relation to the price of the phone it’s
not too bad. Despite the LED light on the phone is suitable enough,
this is best as a flashlight in practice.

Nokia 3720 Classic can also record video, but this is not recommended.
The phone can record movies in just 15 frames per second in very low
resolution making the feature film rather useless.


Messaging: SMS/MMS
Camera: 2 MP
Physical features

  • Form: Classic
  • Colours: Grey, Yellow
  • Dimensions: 115 x 47 x 15.3 mm
  • Weight: 94 g
  • Volume: 69 cc

Display and 3D

  • Size: 2.2”
  • Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA)
  • Up to 16.7 million colours
  • TFT technology

Keys and input method

  • Numeric keypad
  • Dedicated volume keys
  • Voice commands
  • Navi key
  • Large island keys
  • Durable & leakproof keypad


  • Micro-USB connector
  • 2.5 mm Nokia AV connector


  • MicroSD memory card holder, max 8 GB
  • Up to 20 MB internal free user memory


  • BL-5CT 1050 mAh Li-Ion standard battery
  • Talk time: GSM up to 7 h
  • Standby time: GSM up to 450 h
  • Music playback time: up to 14.5 h

Operating frequency

  • Tri-band GSM 900/1800/1900
  • Automatic switching between GSM bands
  • Flight mode

Data network

  • CSD
  • GPRS, Multi slot class 11
  • EDGE, Multi slot class 11
  • TCP/IP support
  • Capability to serve as data modem

Local connectivity and synchronization

  • Bluetooth version
  • 2.5 mm Nokia AV connector
  • Support for PC synchronization with Nokia PC Suite


  • Supported protocols: IMAP, POP, SMTP
  • Support for e-mail attachments up to 600 KB

Web browsing

  • Supported mark-up languages: HTML, XHTML, WML
  • Supported protocols: HTTP, WAP
  • TCP/IP support
  • OSS browser
  • Opera mini browser
  • Nokia Mobile Search

GPS and navigation

  • Supports external GPS receiver
  • Nokia Maps application


  • Video recording up to 11 fps (QCIF)
  • Video recording file formats: MPEG-4, H.263
  • Video playback: H.263 (QCIF), H.264 (QVGA ), MPEG-4. File
    formats: .3gp, .mp4
  • Video streaming: H.263 (QCIF), MPEG-4. File formats: .3gp, .mp4
  • Video ring tones

Music and audio playback

  • Music player
  • Music playback file formats: .MP3, .MP4, .WMA, .AAC, AAC+,
  • Dedicated volume keys
  • Stereo FM radio
  • 2.5 mm Nokia AV connector
  • Ring tones: mp3, 64-tone polyphonic, True tones, MIDI tones


  • Java MIDP 2.0
  • Flash Lite 2.0
  • Instant messaging:
    • Windows Live support (Windows
      Live Messenger pre-installed)
    • Instant messaging client (OMA)
    • Audio messaging
  • Opera Mini browser
  • OSS browser
  • Nokia Maps 2.0
  • Ovi Share
  • Windows Live Messenger


  • Bounce Tales
  • Sudoku
  • Backgammon II
  • Brain Champion
  • Block’d


  • Nokia Bluetooth Headset (BH-214)
  • Nokia Bluetooth Headset (BH-216)
  • Nokia Display Speakerphone (HF-510)
  • Nokia Extra Power (DC-8)
  • Nokia Accessories Car Pack


The Nokia 3720 is the latest in a series of rugged handsets from Nokia.
The phone is IP-54 certified and should withstand both dust and water
splashes. The phone is also very well padded, and therefore can
withstand both the fall and stroke.

We are exposed to extreme amounts of 3720 beating, and it came mostly in
surprisingly good condition. We did phone wet, dug it into the snow,
lost it from 15 meters and ran over it with the car. After all this, the
phone still in relatively good condition, no scratches had been, but
these were still superficial. The screen was evening when we drove the
tenth time over it by car.

The phone has good sized keys. The whole message page is set up so that
one gets added to the recipient, message and any multimedia
elements in the same place. This allows it to write messages on 3720
very smoothly.

The screen of Nokia 3720 is also targeted in the price range it belongs
to, and is considerably better than the one we find in Samsung’s rugged
B2100. The size, resolution and colors are good, and work well in all

To surf with 3720 is not very fast, and this is not mobile for those who
love to be a lot online. Nokia has pre-installed Opera Mini browser on
the phone, which means that it’s surprisingly easy to get on the
internet to check things.

The phone also has built-in maps, which is easy to set up any routes or
watch current hiking areas, but we miss the GPS on this phone. This had
made the phone a bit more appealing to those who are much out in the

The phone comes with a 2 MP camera, which is standard in this price
range. It does not take particularly good photos, but in good sunlight,
it is not entirely wrong. The camera is best for images to be sent by

It also included a 1 GB memory card, which is a nice complement to the
phone, but it has no great use too much memory on your phone, as there
are only 2.5 mm audio output, and the headset that comes with it is
rather poor.

The photos you take with the camera are so small that they will never
fill up the memory chip on the phone. This is not a multimedia mobile,
but you have the ability to use it as an mp3 player if you really want.

The Nokia 3720 is a phone where you get a lot of money if you’re in the
market for a phone that is both good on-call and SMS front, has a good
camera, good web browser, despite it only has EDGE technology, while the
resistant to have a real impact.

There are few alternative phones that can withstand a lot and that also
deliver so well on other points that 3720 does. 3720 costs also only
right lobe of thousands. Want a phone that can withstand even more, for
example, to immerse in water, take a look at Sonim XP3 Quest.


  • Withstand much punishment
  • Ease of use
  • FM radio
  • Flashlight
  • Good build quality
  • Good conversations


  • No GPS
  • Not 3G
  • Missing 3.5 mini jack


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