Satisfashion Wii Review


A new game based on fashion is out on Wii now. The game has already rocked PC and now Destineer (the game company) plans to release the same for Nintendo Wii and DS. The date scheduled for release is May 10 for $19.99. It is a time management based game where the players have to guide the young girl Grace. Her life is going to take her from the level of Clerk to high fashion world as a fashion designer. Your proper guidance to makeup can make her a big designer of fashion world. In the game you have to helpu Grace to makeover beautiful model and help her to reach at the top of fashion world. Players are provides with lots of seasonal and stylish themes of fashion comprising different types of fashion shows. You must have a little bit knowledge of applying makeup, wigs and other stuff used. This must be done as fast as possible to sent models on the stage to show out your work.

The game is best suitable for girls.  It is developed by TechFront and Destineer is the publisher company of Satisfashion. The game will is going to release of Nintendo Wii but the same is available for PC and DS. The game offers you to deal with a Design house with young designer Grace Style which is the main character in the game. You can create your own trend and style and makeup to get yourself the most deserving. The new looks will offers you more money and buyers. So just show your hottest design and new looks across the world on various fashion shows.  

You can provide better hair and makeup looks. It is possible to earn more money in the game and buy special makeup upgrades with jewelry for Grace. So for this you will need to earn a little bit of extra cash. That can be done by winning various shows. Satisfashion has already done well on other platforms and now this will be going to rock Wii. The game offers you numerous customization options which help you to give the best look to Grace. You can choose blouse-skirt-shoe a pack of all stuff and send Grace instantly for the catwalk before the time gets expired. This will also help you to earn some bonus money if you finish the task within the time limit. You can then buy special accessories from that money and utilize the same for better upgrades.

As the fashion show ends, you will encounter buyers who will come backstage to buy the outfit they like the most. For this it is quiet necessary that the gamers must use the style which matches the needs of a buyer. This will help you to earn lots of money. In the Wii version of Satisfashion a sketch meter is added which is a plus point. So here you can draw your creative designs and then transform them to original outfit. The same will be added to your portfolio.

The game design and play is really nice. The game sometime takes much time to get finish up fast soon. The time limit is hasty. I enjoy the game play while providing makeup to grace. The best suitable summer game for Girls of all age. Satisfashion lets you to step in the world of high fashion and lifestyle. You are here to help Grace to enter in the glamorous journey of Fashion world and help him to reach the top. You can create new trends of your own with fashion, models, funky markup and good looking hot models. Your each new innovative trend will let you to climb higher and reach the top of Fashion World.

In Satisfashion your primary motive to help Grace Style a talented designer who wants to win the Fashion World. The game will give you a chance to provide your sense of fashion by offering the best make up style, hairstyle and designer outfit. Send your models to catwalk and your design can give you lots of money. Utilize your cash to get new design upgrades and hire new models for a much better fashion show. The full version of Satisfashion game will give you more than 60 stylish levels. That is really long hours of constant game play. You can provide your ability of fashion and show your outlook towards t. There are around 3 modes of game play in Satisfashion.

Features of Satisfashion :

  • See the World: Show off your collection and designs at exotic locations spanning 60 levels set at the hippest locations around the globe.
  • She’s Got the Look: Each fashion show has a theme. Choose the clothing and makeup that best fits the fashion scenario to impress the buyers. Show off your hottest outfits with the all-new Lookbook Feature.
  • Make it Work: Design your own clothing to wow buyers on the runway! Thousands of design possibilities let players put a personal twist on in-game clothing!
  • DS Exclusive Features: Hold the DS like your favorite fashion magazine for big beautiful pictures of the clothing and models. Play the game with Face Buttons or guide your fashion choices with just the Nintendo DS Stylus.
  • The dress up mode offers you to choose the needs of high demanding fashion world.
  • Choose new outfits of models
  • Provide the most latest looks by makeup, clothing and wigs
  • Use the Sketch meter to create your own original ideas and designs.

Game play :

The game beings with the introduction of Grace Styles a young energetic girl who had a good sense of fashion. She wants to be part of fashion world. She in the beginning satisfies herself  by dressing here dolls and making nice designs on her clothes. Her friends always ask her about some fashion tips which show here good knowledge about fashion. She looks back for a chance where she can prove herself and show out here outlook. In the mean time due to widespread of his talent discussed by the people a famous fashion designer offers Grace some options to join fashion world. Now you as Grace will get a chance to become the a fashion designer where in the beginning you will get a chance to learn about the most latest trends followed in the market. You will learn to choose and apply proper make up with color co-ordination of various designs. You will learn to design skirts, shoes, clothiers, makeup, everything which a designer first needs to learn.

It is necessary that your designs must have proper combination and it must need the current trends so that you can attract more buyers. It might not be just a fashion show but a business too. You have to send models instantly to finish up your show in the given time limit for getting good bonus points. It is recommended that you must first study the most current trend and then put up your designs. You must designs models quickly to send them for catwalk. There is a trial version of the game  which can help you to get a feel of this game. The game controls are quite simply where you just need to click a button to choose the items along with make items and then  dress the models. There is only selection and then applying works to be done here.  I had before that played the game on PC and there are lots of new things for the fashion lovers in the game.

The only problem which I noticed in the game is that there are many similar things going on. If you keep on passing out the level you will get the same thing gain and again which makes it boring. This can be the theme of the game. You can go online and play an online version of Satisfashion which will give you a clear idea of the game weather to buy it or not. The game is basically a time management type which needs to finish up some task in quick time. There are sometime in the game you will came across, that the choice of choosing cloths and stuff are limited. AT that time lots of time is wasted.  Satisfashion follows a path of making career of Grace Styles who is gifted with fashion sense. She has the ability to get the right style. She use to first practice on dolls in highs school and now pursue for a better chance. She had already designed lots of clothes for kids before. She graduates from the School of Fashion Design and now she is out to make her carrier. She works as a clear in a clothing store and at the sprat time she follows her hobby. Suddenly as I had mentioned above a famous fashion designer approaches here and give her the first break.

Satisfashion offers you three modes of difficulty. The first is the student where you are going to learn lots of stuff. The other one is Intern where you work and learn and the third one is final Designer where you are enough confident to give your own designs. The start first you need to begin from applying market and wigs to the models and slowly you will keep on graduating your position. You will be provided a theme of fashion show which is going to come soon. Each Fashion Show has its own different type of style and a seasoned based theme. You have to them chosen the right color and a proper number of clicks on the models face will make her look as you want. You have to dress here make her look casual and trendy as needed. Choose various colors based on various season and the wait back for the result.

In the game you will be offers a some wigs which fits the style you are up to. Try to us the wigs as per the season an style of fashoin  theme offered to you. A much better match in all sense will give you some money to earn. If you had done with everything and you feel that the match is not proper then you can use the recycle bin and the restart your work. Try to add more new accessories to the models, like for example the jewelry which you can earn from bonus cash. Once finished with everything quickly send you model to the stage to display your design. You will here need to repeat all the steps again and again on each model and send them as fast possible on the ramp. The models will try to work much faster as the time looses out. The game only have some ugly looks which our can if want present.

Talking about the other part of the game you will not found any difficulty there. It is quiet more similar as what you have played before. There is similar procedure to play the game and everything applies similar action in the game. Same you will be provided with the Fashion show theme with some examples which will give you a broader idea about the concept. Choose a shoes, blouse, and skirt and send the model on the ramp. Just this much you have to do. The only thing you need to care is dress the model quickly before the time limit. Then you can pick up your sketch meter and figure out how was your performance on the show. Try to add more accessories to give a better look. Like hat, purses which will provide you more money. Sometime in the game you will be asked to dress up a model with certain design which is the time to earn bonus cash. The much fast you do the much more you earn.

Adding on extra accessories offers you to put more in your design and earn extra cash. As the show ends the buyers will buy your outfit and they will evaluate your scoring points on the design. You have to hear choose a nice match for your models. The money also differs on the basis of outfit you usually provide on the ramp. The only difficult in the game is that the you must be aware about the style  and fashion which is based on the themes of the show. The sketch meter here can be much more helpful to you. You can simply fill up new outfit and create your own portfolio. Just choose on the clothing style and the pattern you link . Like for example you can select from 14 different style of pant. You can then determine the texture and the brush for he base color also. You can then use the pencil for a detail color. In the game the colors does not seems to be play a vital role but the texture gives out a good properties to the outfit. You can then add your best design to your portfolio and change as per need. Then you also buy more cutes with the help of money you got in the game by selling out your designs. It is possible to design more than one pieces in a single time which depends on the sketch meter.

There is a portfolio meter added in Satisfashion which provides you information the type of clothing you have and the number for seasonal clothing you had owned. So it is quiet necessary to balance your collection. This is because they will be needed afterwards to dress each type of you models. You must not get out of stock here. The problem here sometime rise due the collection where you are having winter clothes and you are said to work for summer show. The game sounds to be simple but there is a strategy based on this game. If you work on this then you might get some easy win. Like if you want to choose a buyer for your outfit and here you will need to first ensure that your design fists the need of show theme or seasoned. The main challenge appears when you have two season and style at a same time like  the spring or casual fall. Here you will need to balance the theme and you must have proper outfit for that. So will need to work within the limit to going popularity.

Just style straight and try to give the most you want to as per the theme offered to you. You must co-ordinate properly with the outfit that you have designed  based on the theme or season. AS you complete the second half of the game the time limit hears becomes much more strict. You’ll have to work with many models at a single time here. So you must be now aware of the strategy outfit to provide. You can if want choose frequently your designs. Some time the game becomes really tough here and you get confused with the choices. The game senses the fashion very nicely and you can play and enjoy your fashion. The game has a very nice touch towards the fashion world and you have almost everything to do here. From makeup to dress code you can show up your best design. The makeup portion of the game has nice touch with must more options. The elements in the game are well designed and you can just choose what you want.

System Requirement :

  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • No. of players: 1 Player
  • Release Date: Q1 2010
  • MSRP: $19.99
  • Genre: Time Management

Conclusion :

I had played some similar games where this one has a different position. The game covers everything in it weather it is making, dressing, designing, etc. And the best thing you can design your own portfolio which offers you your all collection in one pack. You can then display you on unique design from that. The design work and market combination is really nice. The game gives you a nice combination of time management and arcade game play. You can play up 48 levels continuously and enter the internal fashion house.  The main goal here is to get nice clothing with jewelry add up and unique makeup to the batch of model. You have to provide them unique style but on the base of theme provided to you. You can also earn design points here and you can generate your own trend. You can participate in other event which is added as mini games.

Travel around 8 different cities and be a start. The fashion shows are held on different locations which three game play modes. Your designer’s promotion and the photo shoot conducted by you will give you much help in the game. You can conduct photo shoot and get awesome pose p pictures of models.  The game is out now and you can simply grab your copy if you are fashion lover.



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