UFC Undisputed 2010 Review

As last year about this time at an event in Dublin, the producer
suggested that one could expect a year with new UFC matches, rang the
alarm bells not loud, but clear. For at that time was not foreseeable
that show UFC Undisputed 2009 such a sweeping effect and would be a
87-percent rating is not only a gold award, but eventually even the
title "Sports Game of the Year" would catch us. Average only in terms of
the career was summoned, but the fighting mechanic was fresh, unworn,
and extremely diverse and seemed to the Mixed Martial Arts needs to
become more than just combine the traditional fighting styles with
ground combat. Convince was also the setting which was able to score
despite problems with the collision detection in the repetitions and
weak viewers with supple movements and painful results. But where is THQ
with Yukes to again this year to offer a fresh experience in martial
arts can be? It is precisely in view of the success might well be
tempted to put something on the lazy and punish the impending
competition from Electronic Arts MMA with disrespect.

The success of UFC 2009 took many by surprise. When THQ decided to resurrect the Ultimate Fighting Championship games, no American company itself was hoped that his first attempt at a best seller almost four million units. The growing popularity of this competition, combined with the quality of play and the popularity achieved by the generous demo released weeks before its release, became the reborn franchise in one of the surprises of last year and, of course, the sequel was guaranteed. Like any other sports game, but it fits more in the genre of the fight, UFC 2010 returns a year later with many new features to round the result of last year. Last year, with UFC Undisputed 2009, "her first major video game released the same time and thus loose a couple of 4 million copies sold worldwide it.

The ultimate fighter :

What in 1993 as a barely regulated tournament discussion of athletes of different fighting styles began, is now a sports body to be taken seriously, which from year to year, new fans can present worldwide sold-out halls and new records: the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Unfortunately, the UFC is still ridiculed by many to be wrong or even a barbaric bloodthirsty spectacle or condemned, when it was just about to hurt the opponent in a cage. Yes: It may cause injury. As in any sport, be it football, boxing, basketball and motor sports. But this is solely about the sport and ultimately respectful examination to the duel, the struggle of athletes in various styles, ranging from boxing, the classic wrestling, Judo, or up to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, karate and kickboxing.



  • Team UFC and the best fighters in game – All aspects of the "Octagon" passed with overwhelming certainty, and with special attention to detail. Referees, coaches, enthusiastic rostrum, stirring beauty Octagon, attach battles even more realistic. In addition to brilliant graphics component, UFC Undisputed 2010 (PS3) boasts excellent voice acting in the game you will hear the voices of Bruce Baffera, Joe Rogan, and Michael Goldberg.
  • Advanced Battle – Technology Sway System detail simulates movement torso and head, and Posture System allows powerful knockout blow, and finishing off. Arsenal men filled with new impacts, capture and hold.
  • Setting characters – If you are unable to choose among the hundreds of soldiers, then no one will disturb you to create your own. You’ll be able to combine techniques from different martial arts to form his unique style. At UFC Undisputed 2010 list of martial arts added sambo, karate and Greco-Roman wrestling.
  • The massive online battles – Fight to network with friends, start an online tournament, create their fight clubs. Your accomplishments will be displayed in the rankings.
  • Sports career – System Game is Watching You use different information about the character, to ensure its progress from nameless soldier to champion UFC. But do not expect an easy road, on the way you will meet with the best of the best, to win fame. Participate in sports, attract sponsors, giving interviews and, most importantly win.
  • Title – In the game mode Title Mode, you can win the championship belt in five different weight classes and won, not relax, in the mode of Title Defense Mode you immediately with the numerous contenders who will try to win you the title of the fittest.
  • Uncompromising tournament – In individual and team tournaments in the same system may take up to 16 players playing both for the real fighters, and for established characters.

Facts Highlights :

  • More than 100 fighters
  • Comments by Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg
  • New Posture system for position-ground attacks
  • Now right arm is possible
  • Sway system allows improved evasion
  • Cage can effectively be used for attack and defense
  • New attack techniques, task handles and "Transitions" in ground combat
  • New fighting styles: for example, Sambo, Karate, Greco-Roman wrestling
  • New online features: Fight own leagues and camps buildable
  • Game is watching you system: performance of the player are stored, comments, and CI adjusted
  • Career is enhanced by on-line sparring fights
  • Interaction in the career outside the ring
  • New game modes: track-mode title-defense, competition for up to 16 players
  • Brock Lesnar as a cover-Star



Belarus Andrei Arlovski 
Antoni Hardonk 
Brazil Antonio Rodrigo
Brendan SchaubDLC 
Brock Lesnar 
Cain Velasquez 
Cheick Kongo 
Dan SevernPS 
Eddie Sanchez 
Brazil Fabricio Werdum 
Frank Mir 
Gabriel Gonzaga 
Heath Herring 
James McSweeneyDLC 
Junior dos Santos 
Justin McCully 
Kimbo Slice 
Marcus JonesDLC 
Croatia Mirko Cro Cop 
Mostapha Al Turk 
Pat Barry 
Roy NelsonDLC 
Shane Carwin 
Stefan Struve 
Todd Duffee

Gameplay :

You can drove the fighter with the left analog stick, using the right for the grab and submissions, and controlling each limb with the front buttons on your controller. You can then cover the top to the right, and apply changes to blows with the upper left. So far, so familiar and like last year, and in the early fighting, if you can look at the tutorial, the feeling is very similar to the previous game. Combine melee with grips and attempts at domination, the struggle on the ground continues to be a trap that is difficult to escape, and if we fit a blow tremendously strong, or we give the opponent, can we win the battle suddenly , dropping it, or our fighter, completely knocked to the ground. But playing as we see that things have changed, like a traditional sports game in question. It has changed the control system for the grab completely, making all movements to be with the right analog stick, whether you are submitting (turns 90 degrees to stick to trying to change position) as if trying to rid us of the dam (180-degree turns in desperation), making submissions to be made by clicking the right stick and then turning at full speed. The fighting is now more balanced, although there is still no power bar that tells us how we, the look of our fighter and the speed with which it moves is a good indicator, but there is always room for surprises.

The new system allows for more positions and situations, and escape with his life. Are still very important, as in the previous game, but there is a better balance between melee and these. In the previous game, it seemed that once the fighting was precipitated to the ground everything was going to end there, in one way or another, but now things are not so clear. Also added new moves to dodge and counterattack a gap in the previous game, and the chance to change fighting styles. The fighting system that was already very good in the former, properly evolved, becoming more balanced, probably thanks to lessons learned from the millions of online fighting were held with the previous game. But in addition, have added a lot of fighters, with over 100 in total, more fighting styles, and more differentiated. Racing fans will find all your favorite fighters, both present and in earlier times, and now the fighters are much more personalized, with more motions, and a higher level of characterization.

Paradoxically, the experience more changes so that no advantage of the new fighters and their major differences because it is the career mode and character editor. Now we have many more options for customization and configuration of our character, both physically and how to fight, and much more variety when it comes to take him from anonymity to fame.The career mode is re-organized with a calendar, in which we mark our next rendezvous with destiny, after election opponent, and how many weeks are missing for her. The training system, as used in the previous game, has changed considerably and now is not as simple as in the 2009 edition. We have two variables that determine how our fighter comes to battle, the physical condition and fatigue. Training improves fitness, but we get tired, while resting energy recovered but worsen the condition. It is extremely important to reach the fighting in good condition and, above all, on energy, and it is impossible to do with a 100 in both attributes it to leave our tiredness to zero inevitably have to rest.

The system of evolution of our character returns to take into account three general attributes (strength, speed, and cardiovascular) and a set of control attributes. The novelty here is that if we do not exercise our fighter in all categories will begin to lose points. If we rely too much on the gym to increase general attributes, combat skills come into decline. If we change all the time with the sparring, our wrestler will miss the gym and lose points in these general attributes. It is important to combine both types of training or else lose the job done, and although coach tells us where some of our fighter is damaged, it is always when you have already started to deteriorate, and perhaps we are too tired to remedy the current week.

While general practice is automatic and can choose between various degrees of intensity (with better results but also more tired), training with sparring can be done automatically or manually, and focusing on a specific skill or general. The training manual i.e. fighting ourselves in sparring, potentially gives better results but is time consuming and, if we put too much sparring "silly", we may end up taking too many hits and even receive less reward than the automatically. However, assuming that we are good fighters, it should do it manually to get more points and increase our skills.
As already mentioned, to avoid any deterioration of the work done is very important in career mode, although the game is generous enough to establish a "base line".

Once skill reaches 30, 50 or 70, and hence will not fall, leaving a breath and not all the time checking if they decline our skills while others are exercising, or training with teachers who teach us techniques specific. Because this time, in career mode started with a repertoire of movements rather limited, and only on the basis of hard training were able to increase our repertoire and techniques to achieve truly effective. Finally, we have increased the overall difficulty of career mode, paying more attention to how to fight the opponent you face us, equally, we consider them to us. The result is way better than last year, it was too linear and easy, and in this we will soon taste the bitterness of defeat if we are smart about how to improve our fighter, and if we take into account that we face, we can find a nasty surprise if we face strong rivals too soon.

Career Mode:

The success of the UFC brand was moved last year to the world of UFC 2009 Undisputed video game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as a result of purchasing the rights from THQ. The four million units converted to the title in the most valuable asset of the company, which puts high hopes in the 2010 work just as well. Thus, THQ invited last week to New York to press all over the world at a launch event, which also had the opportunity to play a few matches. The presentation focused on the news of the surrender of 2010. Special emphasis was placed on the career mode improvements, particularly in relation to the creation of fighters. He was an editor of the complex. Can select from basics such as the name or nationality, to fitness, with modifiable attributes. As a novelty, the editor of tattoos and logos, easy to use and with features like rotate, zoom implemented in an intuitive way with the analog sticks. We can also edit the style of fighting (i.e., wrestling, muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, karate, etc…) Fighter movements and poses to certain actions, or opt for a specific wrestler template and work on it. Naturally, throughout the career mode wrestler gains experience, going up levels and earn points that can be used to improve the disciplines that we want. The idea to develop this editor was to get two wrestlers had not the same, becoming more sophisticated and yet in the ease of use.

The career mode is also simulating the usual path of a fighter in the UFC. That is, we began participating in MMA fighting lower that help us to gain experience and accumulate fame. After a time, a scout for the UFC will give us participates in the championships, which will be held to a higher level if we do not want to be expelled. The schedule also would continue to attempt to imitate the professional wrestler, taking into account training, smaller battles and championships. Other developments in the career mode are related to the evolution of our fighter. On this occasion, age will not be in vain, will affect our performance and modify our attributes. Moreover, as in the real UFC, the player can change the weight category, provided a reasonable and consistent with his physique. Also, the behavior that we in "The Octagon", the octagon in the fighting taking place, equally affect the battle. The respect we show the nerve or affect the fighting and our style of fighting. If you always end up fighting the same way (looking for a ‘KO’ or running the same key, for example) this will have consequences in our career, it is likely that rivals learn to defend themselves.

The battles look just as spectacular in the 2009 edition. The submission commented that he has worked on improving sequences of submissions, with closer camera shots that allow better see the action. We saw this as we take a pair of fighting. In the place where they were played on giant screens projecting recordings of the best fights of UFC, and it was really shocking to see how it was sometimes hard to distinguish what was playing and what was television. The movements and models are incredibly realistic.Playable maintaining the complexity and simulation that characterized UFC 2009 Undisputed. As a novelty, submissions are now controlled by the right analog stick. Once we get to shoot down enemy begins the sequence of submission, with the nearest plane. Turn the stick in blocks of 45 º modify our position in seeking a position that gives us advantage, moving in all directions as quickly as possible move into the key to ensuring that our opponents give up. This change is especially fun to play with a friend, because the stress of the fight moves to the controls.

The event was attended by various personalities from the UFC, demonstrating the strong support he has the game by the organization. Among the star guests was Dana White, president of the UFC, Chuck Liddell, former world champion now dedicated to advocacy of sport. White gave a brief speech in which he was happy with the brand finally have a set of critical and sales success. Then both played a couple of games to local journalists visibly excited.


UFC Undisputed 2010 game to those who have long wanted to try the "skin" of a professional soldier with no rules. Understand what it means to be targeted by multiple cameras to show his opponent, who’s on this octagonal ring, and after a thunder of applause, feel the sweetness of victory. You are waiting for more than a hundred best fighters from around the world, easy operation, weight of various attacks and combos and new game modes and these online tournaments.

At UFC Undisputed 2010 (PS3) system is used Sway. Masters of martial arts are modeled in great detail, the movements of the body and limbs as realistic as possible. Various methods of demonstrating the perfection of the animation. The game has a master of every conceivable martial arts school: sambo, taekwondo, karate, Greco-Roman wrestling, pankration and other arts. Among the available game characters are real stars such as BJ Penn, known as Prodigy, the reigning champion in the UFC lightweight title. Players who were waiting for another chance to get their hands on a good fighting game and realistic martial arts, will find UFC 2010 Undisputed title as recommended. THQ and Yuke’s are familiar with the market and have managed to overcome themselves to give this new installment in the franchise looks high-level enough to succeed in the stores and to please all types of users. Those who most enjoy are the followers of the UFC, but if you know it you’ll also find a sporting event game that profit.

This year more than ever expected, however, the career, which in the last issue, although entertaining, but little was more than appropriate. Why do we still hesitate to take the Ultimate Fighter series, at least a cornerstone of the UFC’s popularity in the real world, as the basis for a career? But perhaps, have THQ, Yukes, and the UFC still one or the other ace in the hole that is unsheathed until the release in late May. I wonder what it feels like the new UFC and look forward to the first playable version.


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