Sony Ericsson Elm Mobile Phone Review

Sony Ericsson Elm is one of the so-called eco-friendly phones by the
company. The company's 'green' handsets are mostly made of recyclable
plastic and will thus contribute less to the pollution of the planet
than any other mobile. It is quickly apparent that Elm is a phone for
SMS freaks.

Genius SMS keys

The keys are large and clear. These are organized into four rows down, a
clear distinction between each row. Vertically you will find very
little space that shares with the keys but because they are so big you
may find yourself press wrong keys.

The keys are also good at press and the semi-soft plastic makes Elm to a
suitable tool for communication freaks.

Navigation keys are nothing to say on; these are well marked and most
likely to be key locations that quickly fit into the fingers.

Curved back

Another thing that makes Elm a good phone is the design of the actual
phone. The reverse is actually curved so that it fits better in the hand
grip than the others with quite right angled phones. The lower part of
the back is also fluted giving you extra grip.

On the back, there is a camera. This is quite unprotected, and can
quickly get scratches when bring together with sharp objects. There is a
small abolished ring around the lens glass, in addition to the phone's
circular curve, so that you can put the phone on the table without
damaging the camera.

Elm has two shortcut keys, both on right side: a camera button and a
double key to control call volume with.

Elm is very easy to operate and the weight of 90 grams helps to give
your phone a "cheap" feeling. But it is not a creaking track somewhere
and that set is build quality ensured.

Elm's screen is of 2.2 inches high. The menus are pretty much the same
as other simple Sony Ericsson phones that has been released in recent
years. A small exception is that the menu icons in Elm have a slightly
different look than other models.

Smart Sleep

Although Elm is a "dumb" phone, it works well as an example that even
dumb phones is getting smart in their own way. Elm has received some
nifty shortcuts in standby mode.

By pushing up the four-way button brings up a new menu. Here are five
features that you can choose to display in standby mode: Calendar,
Facebook, and MySpace, Twitter and Walk feed eco (pedometer). You can
only see one of the features of the screen at a time but all may well be
activated simultaneously.

A little slow

Otherwise there is little to remark. Menu Options and functions are
logically set up and should not bid on the major challenges for young
people as well as older users. The menus can unfortunately be a little
slow sometimes. Are you fast on labs, you may get annoyed when you find
the phone take a bit more time to respond than your fingers!

Since Elm is a so-called environmental phone, the package is quite
small. There is not

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