Aqua Panic PS3 Review

Aqua PanicPS3 is a puzzle type game which is at an underwater world of fun and colorful. Players must save all the little fish as possible, using an entertaining mix of action and concentration. Aqua Panic PS3 offers a host of challenges that must be met in order to finish the game the right way, living a crazy experience 90 levels. A giant cyclone has sucked up thousands of fish from the oceans. It’s an ecological disaster! Tanks of water are immediately assembled throughout the world, so that all the fish can be returned to the oceans. As the sea creatures start falling back to Earth, someone must make sure they land safely and quickly since they cannot survive for long out of water.

Aqua Panic  tells the exciting story of a fish shoal, which is carried by a whirlwind into the air. Far removed from her element, the fish course, their fear of death. In order for the economic disaster is averted, it must intervene now the players. Your mission: Acquire the fish regained access to the water and they carry quickly deployed in water tanks. Aqua Panic is a game of skill that demands for the Lemmings principle quick thinking.

The game was an unprecedented success and several sequels, apart from adjustments for all computer and console platforms in the nineties. Multiple clones of this system of play we have seen over the years, both at amateur and programming in the commercial, although some more luck than others. The point is that the game system continues to operate today, unchanged, engaging even thousands of players to the ancient saga starring rodents, or any of the multiple clones of the original game that are circulating.

The game was created based on the popular belief that Lemine (or lemmings, as they are popularly known), rodents living in certain areas of the Arctic and the North American continent, commit suicide en masse due to their powerful demographic explosions as a mechanism self-regulation of the population.

Key Features:

  • 90 levels with 6 different environments
  • 3 Modes to choose from – Adventure, Free Play modes and Survival
  • 2 players mode
  • Over 10 types of tools available – from destructive items like Bombs, Harpoons and Fishing Nets, to more unique tools like Fans and Freezers   

Plot :

The story begins when a hurricane draws thousands of fish from the ocean, they land on Earth. To meet this huge disaster is constructed a water tank around the earth to accommodate all the fish and thus get send back to the sea. The goal for players at every level is clear: to help a specific number of fish to return to their natural habitat, ensuring that they do so safely. To do this you can use different tools that allow you to interact with the environment in which it is located and thus guide the water currents that move the fish. There are five completely different environments: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Hell.  At each station there is a proper graphical environment, special effects and interactive elements.

The first animation shows the action of the game by way of introduction, we will see a massive cyclone enters into the sea and eliminates an enormous amount of fish, shellfish and mollusks, causing a real environmental disaster. Apparently, more than ten million fish have disappeared, and our mission is to rescue them from the places where they have been caught and take to the sea, dragging with the liquid element for the different scenarios for each of the eighty levels game, saving all the unevenness of the environment and avoiding (or destroying) the different enemies that we are. In this sense, water is the logical behavior of the dynamics of fluids, i.e., always down to reach the sea.

Yes, we will have a series of tools that will make the company a little easier, as well as certain objects in the scenario that we must take into account to our success at every level, because they can alter the movement of water by the stage, changing the way our fish, or altered in various ways. The tools that we will have will be seven in total, and some of them can only get through the game shop, bought with the coins that were lying on the different levels of adventure. Even so, most of the unlocking go as we move forward in the title, responding to the specific needs of each environment as we move forward in the game. It should be noted that each group of levels with climate and environment different from the rest as well as certain specific enemies and objects on stage, so we need to adapt our game plan as the need arises we each level.


The tools which we will use in the game are the bomb, which will allow us to destroy areas of ground to make holes that allow water to pass the lower level, or break walls that prevent water from flowing normally, taking into account that yes, the gray areas of land are indestructible, the harpoon, which will allow us to destroy our enemies just by clicking on them, the plant will grow to prevent the water runs back into a specific place or to prevent an enemy from reaching to our fish, the fan, which will create powerful gusts of wind, which move the flowers that make up the different gears of the stage, or move the clouds (of which speak later), the freeze, allowing us to freeze the water and keep our fish still for a moment, the nucleus of attraction, which serves to regroup our fish in the water, and, finally, the fishing net, which will help us catch the fish lost or trapped by some predatory enemy.

Each enemy will respond to different behavior patterns that display, typically by contact with water and our fish. The enemies will always have these enormous sharks at the bottom level, who will limit the space where we fall with our fish. At other times, other sharks, will have two buoys which will further limit the space, which entries are valid only fish in space delimited by both. Other enemies will find carnivorous fish, flamingos, brown, etc., Depending on the group level where we are and the atmosphere that pervades them.Finally, we will find a range of objects typical of the scenario that we must also take into account to achieve our success, because using them wisely depends on our success or failure at each level. These objects will be launched on its own initiative to contact with water, or we connect ourselves, by clicking on them with the stylus and handcrafts.

Among them, find some snails assayed the flow of water at our discretion or opening the passage from time to time, the clouds that, according to which they belong, when activated, the rise of a waterspout, a thunderstorm that will end our enemies or freeze fish remain paralyzed our time, we also find eggs used for shutting off water for certain gaps, or place teleporters that will change the water at the moment, and some elements will damage perverse our fish, like sea urchins or poisonous mushrooms.

Control the whole adventure through the stylus, select the skill that we want to carry out the directions of the cross side control or using the arrows at top right on the bottom screen. Double-clicking on an item on the screen, immediately take the cursor there, and can deploy a specific skill by clicking the Start button we have on the bottom right of the screen. On the other hand, if only drag the stylus across the screen, we will move in the direction of the line on the map of the stage. We will have only two modes of play: the main quest and a free play mode, in which we can return to play each of the levels we have previously completed, in order to save a greater number of fish or get more coins. The gameplay is always the same, but every few levels, after a group of scenarios, we will have a special level in which the concept will be slightly different playable.

Aqua charts Panic! are really fit, although they are somewhat simplicity and repetition in design. Characters and enemies that we will find, on the other hand, are small, so sometimes we find hard to see (something very disturbing in the case of hidden predators). Yes, the animations of the game have been developed with considerable grace and good taste, offering plenty of humor to the game notes. On the other hand, music and sound effects have been quite careful with care. The soundtrack is composed of a series of themes and fun and catchy songs, sung by a child looking little voices ring loud and these issues are certainly a good complement to the action of the game, and are not at all heavy or tiresome. The sound effects are pretty funny, especially the cries of the fish to escape or attack by a predator, but ultimately end up becoming something purely functional and too repetitive.

Game Mode

Aqua Panic. PS3 has three different game types:

1. Adventure Mode: In this type of game the player has a specific number of fish that should successfully guide out of each level. When we complete a level (the players have to complete the levels in a particular order), we will travel to the next, through the five stages, and with a level of difficulty will increase. In each of the new scenes there is a video explaining the new elements and tools that players are going to find.

2. Free Mode:
In contrast to the adventure mode, here you can choose the specific level in which you want to play as long as this is unlocked in Adventure Mode. In this case, they have access to the store to get new tools. This mode improves the score saving all fish in each level and gets as many medals as possible in order to buy more and better equipment.

3. Survival Mode:
Here, players start with a number of fish to those who have to save through the different levels. There is a definite goal in each level, but the player must save for each phase at least one fish among those rescued from the previous level. The game ends when no fish left to save.

Tips and Tricks :

  • Angling (Bronze) – Finish 20 levels in a row Mode Random Survival.
  • Dip net fishing (Bronze) – Finish 25 levels in a row Mode Random Survival.
  • Like a fish in water (Gold) – Finish the adventure mode.
  • Net Fishing (Silver – Finish 32 levels of Survival Mode mean any row.
  • Sea Cucumber (Bronze) – Save at least 1400 fish in Adventure mode or Freeplay.
  • Sea Horse (Bronze) – Save at least 4200 fish in Adventure mode or Freeplay.
  • Sea Urchin (Bronze) – Save at least 2800 fish in Adventure mode or Freeplay.
  • Starfish (Silver) – Save at least 7000 fish in Adventure mode or Freeplay.
  • Sunfish (Bronze) –  Save at least 5600 fish in Adventure mode or Freeplay.
  • Too easy! (Bronze) – Finish the first level in Adventure mode.
  • Moon Fish (Bronze) – You can save at least 5600 fish in the adventure mode or Free Play mode.
  • Too easy! (Bronze) – Finish the first level in adventure mode.
  • Fishing (Bronze) – Finish 20 levels in a random row in Survival mode.
  • Dip net fishing (Bronze) – Finish 25 levels in any row in Survival mode.
  • Net Fisheries (Silver) – Finish 32 levels in a row in any Survival mode.
  • Like a fish in water (Gold) – Finish Adventure Mode.
  • Shoal Member (Bronze)- Send a score on the scoreboard.
  • Everything went to the lake! (Bronze)- Save up to 100 fish in at least 10 steps (without additional tools).
  • Voracious Shark (Bronze) – Fault plane so that all the fish die.

Positive Points :

  • The aesthetics of the game: graphics and sound.
  • Very addictive.

Negative Points :

  • Simple in principle.
  • Little variety in game modes.

Conclusion :

The life of a fish is not necessarily easy. If these aquatic animals spend most of their time to laze around peacefully, they may also be drawn from the water by passing a nasty tornado. Aqua Panic gives you the chance to help them so they can return to the sea safely. Aqua Panic already appeared for Nintendo’s Wii and DS on both systems and was the motley no revelation to solve logic puzzles to puzzle friends. The small program is basically a clone of the popular Lemmings cheeky game of principle – this time, however, charges are your helpless little colorful fish. The scaly guy was sucked through a cyclone from the water and now hangs in a liquid bubble above sea level.

Lurk between this bubble and the wet habitat of the fish ravenous sea creatures and difficult terrain in which piles up the water flow. This little creature you cannot find the watery grave, it paves with all sorts of tools such as bombs, harpoons and plant dams a way for the fish and then I watch as they drive along with the water safe to sea. This is hardly demanding for a long time, only in the higher levels you’ll have to strain your brain a little. Sony’s PlayStation 3 also makes less fun due to the controller option.

Both the graphics and sound are the aspects that stand out especially. Aqua Panic has a very simple interface, rounded and very colorful graphics with good animations, accompanied by lively and fun melodies.  Aqua Panic is a game that captures its logic and making us think before making a decision. Together, Aqua Panic is a good alternative for those who want to spend a long time without a lot of headaches and thousands fleeing the training that populate the Nintendo DS.

Aqua Panic is a good example of what a small company can do in terms of video games if you have a good idea and appropriate resources? While the original game concept is not far, original, yes it is true that the developers have taken the title game system to its fullest, offering the player a lot of tools and options of play, and a good number of enemies that things get slightly more complicated. Too bad it only has two game modes, no multiplayer options, although the duration of the game is more than enough to keep us hooked for hours on the screen.


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