Samsung GT-B7300 Omnia Lite Mobile Phone

If you thought Windows Mobile 6.5 were an extinct species, then you need
to think again. We have actually tested the Samsung GT-B7300, better
known as the Omnia Lite. We have previously praised some Omnia models up
in the clouds, such as Omnia HD. Other times, we have not been little
impressed, something test by Omnia Pro is an example.

The question is whether the Omnia Lite is a new highlight in the Omnia
series. The price is certainly no obstacle, namely the Omnia Lite is an
affordable Windows-phone.

Too old Windows Mobile operating system

Although Windows Mobile in version 6.5 is hardly years old; it is
tempting to think of dinosaurs and extinct breeds. When Google and Apple
wonder every street corner in the mobile world menu, you have to be
quick in the labs to keep up with developments.

Although Windows 7 Phone is launched for a good while ago, it is of
little help for you to have phones in the near future. For many people,
there is very little temptation to buy a phone with an OS that will soon
be replaced, especially when we know that upgrading to Windows 7 Phone
hardly be possible.

An established operating system has of course its advantages too. This
is a proven platform where children diseases are pruned away. The number
of applications that is available is also good. Although competitors
can set with a host application, they are also, not to mention more
accessible, not controlled applications for business users who do not
immediately require for each mobile platform that appears.

Steady Case

Omnia Lite is not particularly colorful. On the contrary, radiates the
functionality in a compact design. Although this is not extremely thin
Windows-phone, so it is quite narrow. This is a phone that slips into
the pocket without any problems.

The strong impression is unfortunately somewhat muted by the fact that
our test items creaked when the pressure at the bottom of the phone.
Omnia Lite is a pure touch phone without the sliding keyboard or other
moving parts.

Narrow Screen

Omnia Lite is as mentioned quite narrow. This obviously puts limitations
on how big the screen can be. Even if the screen fills out the front of
the phone, it is not more than 3 inches. Combined with it is quite high
and narrow, the result is quite impractical.

Screen rotates though in some situations, for example if you type a
message. Unfortunately, this applies also rare, and if you're in the
menu or the calendar, you must settle for portrait view. When the
resolution is not near what you find on some other pro phones, get the
whole thing a slightly cheap feel, understandably, given the moderate
price tag Omnia Lite has.

The monitor itself is working or usable even if it is a bit washed out
compared to the colorful AMOLED displays.

In press

Screen of Omnia Lite is pressure sensitive. This means that you can use
pen or a fingernail to press the screen. The advantage of this is that
you can be very precise when you press the screen but

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