Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Review


A new episode of the saga’s most furtive history of the PlayStation (and
MSX) is always expected at the turn by its fans as well as its
detractors, who often turn out to be the same elsewhere. With Metal Gear
Solid: Peace Walker, as in previous Metal Gear , the scenario will be
scrutinized and intricacies of the game will be analyzed from every
angle. Fortunately, this is a great vintage. Proved once again that a
good idea is worth a thousand millions of polygons. Metal Gear Solid
Peace Walker is not just a portable game but rather a series that will
address many of us. Following the third episode, Big Boss aka Snake,
resumed service and is on the trail of a new threat in Costa Rica.

The game is indeed an actual episode of the saga by providing more
answers on the few remaining patches of shadow scriptwriting still lit.
Thus, the closer it easier for Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops which
incorporates the graphics engine and the most gameplay elements. For the
rest is new, it’s all beautiful.

Game Story:
Stories tell of a legendary solider who once waged war against the
world. The story takes place in 1974 and features the aptly named Naked
Snake, a.k.a. Big Boss, and the truth behind this legend will finally be
told. Big Boss, who helped several of his clones and Miller, will have
to complete various missions located mostly in Costa Rica. Big Boss had
stationed his soldiers without borders in Colombia, South America, where
he was approached by visitors from Costa Rica, a "nation without a

In the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis, as Latin America became a key
to maintaining the power balance between East and West, Costa Rica had
miraculously managed to maintain its peace and neutrality. However, in
various regions of the country, a mysterious armed force seemed to be
engaging in suspicious activities. Now, to preserve peace in this nation
without a military, the soldiers without borders move into action. In
time, they would be known as the founders of "Outer Heaven." Forge a new
path and live the legend with METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER, the first
official Hideo Kojima game on the PSP system.

Checkout the Gameplay Trailer of Metal Gear Solid:Peace Walker:

Game Features:

  • Solve
    an Endless Number of Puzzles:
    Unscramble over 3,500 jumbled words
    that will test your trivia knowledge and expand your own daily
  • Travel through 150 Different Stages: Complete a variety of
    levels with imaginative backgrounds and colorful graphics
  • Pick From a Variety of Game Modes: Play through Quests,
    unlock Time Attack games, enjoy Timeless play or discover Secret Puzzles
    for endless replayability
  • Collect Bonuses and Discover Secret Puzzles: Unlock
    additional Game Modes and achieve badges as you work your way to the

Game Play:

The Metal Gear Portable comes in the form: you have to perform tasks as
listing. To move from one stage to another, it will perform during your
quest. The principle is simple, you go from point A to go to point B.
The goal is to accomplish your goal with different tasks. As retrieve an
ID card on someone to complete your work as a soldier. For experienced
the trigger, count more than twenty hours to see the end of the game Add
to that subsidiary solo missions, recruit soldiers to form a strong
team, and you get a full game where Boredom does not exist. You get
tired anyway? So invite your friends to parties intense. Playing Metal
Gear Solid together is a pure delight. Suddenly the game experience is
different. Anyway, with all that Peace Walker is proposing, you will
have plenty to satisfy you.

An idea like another to introduce a tutorial that allows us to make the
hooks on the gameplay. First, know that we find the displacement of
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. In fact, the cross direction allows
including crouch or lie down then combined with the four action buttons,
you can quickly select an object or weapon. In short, it’s classic,
it’s not really instinctive, but after some adjustments mentally used to
it easily.

Besides, an icon will appear above our opponent when the best time to
use the Close Quarter Combat comes. The best part is that the story
moves from body to body remain very straightforward. In fact, besides
the possibility of releasing a few combo moves by tapping the R button,
you can also use the latter, coupled with the stick to take down your
opponent. Of course, it is always possible to strangle an enemy or use
it as a shield. In this regard, note that now the L button, you will
spend in View mode, using the R button while shooting.

That is roughly what it’s all about playability issue. We regret all the
same, despite the fact that the title speaks for itself in the 70s,
that Konami has kept the radar Portable Ops, based on sound waves. As
before, this is not really convincing and if you can spot enemies
represented by red dots, all that we have a little trouble to evolve in
peace. This leads me to another problem synonymous with progress further
punctuated by gunfights that infiltration.

Indeed, whether solo or coop., the title does not actually favored the
fine even though by using mechanisms for cooperation, it was possible to
create a diversion for one of our comrade goes behind an opponent to
neutralized. In this regard, we should point out also that he will very
often required to rely upon his companions in misfortune, even if only
to block a door while we go through here, do a shootout, helping us
reach inaccessible areas, we energize, etc.. However, in some levels
presented, the most radical solution was often to go free to eliminate
the guards. All buttons on our PSPs are taken into account, even if we
had trouble us, the actions of Snake fit perfectly in a few minutes. But
do follow the explanations of the beginning not to get lost during the

It is always difficult to tell the script for a Metal Gear … Note that
since the episodes PS2, one of the hallmarks of the series remains the
convoluted stories of drawers and other questionable situations,
turnarounds, and widely discussed on the forums. This time, it is a pan
"founder" of the saga that is revealed to us on PSP, since the player
will live inside – four years after the events of Portable Ops – the
creation of Outer Heaven and the genesis of the military structure that
gives rise to FOXHOUND, among others. At a time when the hula hoop was
the epitome of fun for the proletariat, our brave Big Boss and his
single eye leading an elite squad known as "Soldiers Without Borders,
which offers its services to world peace. Stateless persons, those brave
legionaries to see the extreme however, offer the chance of a lifetime
if one can say: to restore peace in Costa Rica in the grip of a coup led
by the CIA in exchange for abandoned oil platform in international
waters, ideal place to host an independent armed force. The gruff
Cyclops decides to leave the snack-pipe, sauce and stealth warrior.

PSP requires the defects of the most talkative episodes are living here
or scanned relegated to mere audio briefings optional. No more extension
missions interspersed with cut scenes pretentious, here is the machine
to cut the ham is in the spotlight. Like a Monster Hunter , as the most
popular console in Japan, the missions are short and occur in "areas"
are small enough to be crossed between two big railway stations, or
using the toilet called recalcitrant. While we cannot say that the saga
had anyway accustomed to long sequences of uninterrupted play, but here
who knows why But the tension in the idea of detection is greater than
ever. It must be said that the PSP is not a model of comfort in terms of
ergonomics and the fact they cannot always put his camera can play

Experience mobile forces, it will often be able to play with the helmet,
something you could not in any way you advise, the soundscape and
dialogue fully lined advantage of special care. These short missions to
cross consisting of small areas will however not devoid of interest,
quite the contrary. That’s where that is one of the most impressive
title: care in construction and architecture levels simply impressive.
From the smallest piece of forest in a disused hangar, everything has
been thought of in terms of raw sensations, with a personality unique to
each playground were also discovered here and there with many byways
and we are surprised to find in these areas , yet so small, at least two
different paths available to achieve the target.

Reaching the goal as always is the purpose of small tasks that we will
achieve. They form a whole, but it could quickly think that having to go
through the levels, well built, moreover, could become overwhelming.
Fortunately, the many opportunities offered to the player in terms of
interactions that are, again, we discover more than they suffered.
Hidden objects, prisoners of war well hidden alternative routes, it
still manages to find something to do in a level believed to be yet so
familiar, until the player finally manages to understand that he has
mastered field, without realizing it. From this point of view, Peace
Walker is a lesson in design, which will bluff professionals and other
specialists. Of course, he can always go into force by killing everyone,
or otherwise playing the stealthy shadows leaving no trace of its

The change in strength is generally little punished size required
levels, it was feared that the game quickly loses its interest on the
length. However, the boss will give the required single player in his
place. Echoing the old adage of fine particles which means that the
pleasure comes from the multiplication of the guests, Hideo Kojima gives
the lure of coop with two, three or four players depending on the
mission, versus the up to six are also included. Beyond the advantage of
numerical superiority against the enemies, team play offers additional
movements and ideas of gameplay found particularly well leave it to
readers the pleasure of discovering for themselves. Admittedly, the
whole adventure may be made to several, but let’s face it, it is
especially at the boss that you will need a friend.

Difficult, the bosses are also not human soldiers with specific powers
rivals. Vehicles or robots, these enemies are hyper-resistant and do
very poorly, forcing you to better manage your rations and ammunition if
you play alone. In several, we can not say that it becomes a health
walk, but it feels like rain and cooperation will lead the watchwords of
victory most of the time. This is practical if one has good friends,
but very frustrating when playing alone. We think that is only beginning
to exploit the good side, "8-bit" panels of different behaviors to
remember to get by, but usually one or two errors can be fatal and
extremely frustrating. What then? Exploiting some anomalies like the
second boss , a tank able to jump twice in a row behind a car where you
can heal yourself while still bent on bombarding you with unnecessary,
or go hunting for talent. Because yes, Big Boss is paid to save Latin
America, he does not forget its business as foreign legion Empowered.

Between missions, Big Boss could indeed deal with its basic management
options rich enough. And given that this part of the game is complete
and complex, we must make room for the inevitable by a few descriptive
pad, which will develop in detail a tantalizing menu, but can be
daunting. For in this, everyone has a role to play. Snake begins with a
few dozen men recruited from the local militia, knowing that these
soldiers will have different levels of skills in five areas: combat,
research, medicine, administration and radio. The aim will be to place
the right medicine at the controls of the hospital, for example. Your
database intelligently named Mother basis can be developed on the same
five criteria. Every man that you put in a category, you can sometimes
gain a level of competence. Of course, all this will be crucial for the
continuation of your operations. A good level of research you will get
better weapons, like rocket-propelled grenades or higher significantly
helpful. A high level of radio allow for him to develop gadgets such as
motion detectors. A high level of stewardship will finally be mandatory
in the sense that if the food runs out, your men are likely to desert.

In turn, a good combat level will improve weapons that have been
developed by the research sector. But that’s not all business men
"fighting" may be embodied in special missions (Extra Ops) or sent on
operations (Ops Outer) which, once completed, will bring such ‘recipes’
for unseen items, ranging Doritos chips required to camouflage
unpublished. The victorious soldiers will gain further in strength, thus
enabling them to send on missions increasingly perilous. It also
happens that they are injured, which brings us to the last sector, the
infirmary, which will ensure a high level quicker recovery of your men,
but also the development of more effective weapons anesthetic. The game
within the game is definitely not optional and must therefore be best to
manage our teams in the continuity of adventure to develop equipment
essential to our progress, as for example the C4. Finally, if you play
alone, you will have every interest in recruiting up to staff to have
the best possible weapon to fight the boss frustrating.

To recruit his men, Big Boss has certainly never even read what the
header of a collective agreement, since it will do so willingly or by
force, on the ground. With a device called Fulton fun, kind of a big
balloon that carries a man in heaven waiting to be recovered by a
helicopter, Big Boss will be able to recover the prisoners hidden in
various levels to join the team. But that’s not all, since it can also
"remove" the enemies he has previously neutralized. Weighed down or
sleeping, he will do more than their surround a large balloon to see
them fly directly to your base … even when they are inside a building.
If you have injuries before, it will take a band-aid over the hospital
before recovering.

Most of them are not good, but using an object to analyze their
statistics, they will sometimes surprised to come across rare gems that
have a level A or S in some jurisdictions. Of course, these characters
are often well stashed in optional missions or nestled in places
inaccessible to the top of the game, the image of A or S snipers stashed
high in the first missions and which cannot be captured as Using an
advanced Fulton, invented by your team much later in the game syndrome
Pokemon strikes out here so strong, as players will be invested from
hunting for elite troops, test the level of potential recruits in
various missions, make them earn experience points and especially the
exchange with their friends.

Technically speaking, the realization is sublime. Making full use the
little portable Sony , which bends under the weight of evidence, Peace
Walker enjoys a rich graphical rendering false "messy" in perfect
harmony with purpose. The game is beautiful, but requires artistic
director, he is in no way comparable to other demonstrations of force
made in Square Enix . Detailed environments, textures and quality
modeling, animation cared … Everything is displayed without the frame
rate the game does not cough, and it commands respect. Add further way
of cinematic comic inherited from Portable Ops very successful in
addition to being interactive and reaches the pinnacle of satisfaction
… almost. Blame it on a second analog stick away, forcing the player
to choose between a camera control buttons (the Super Mario 64 DS ) or
the directional pad. Whether we choose one or the other possibility,
complete control will take some time, and the best soldier in the feline
world is taking it a shot.

Forced to stop in full career for many check that no one around, or put
the camera straight to target, it often takes it before reaching perform
maneuvers fluent and satisfactory. It was in the early hours of the
game that the player’s patience is most sorely tested: not used to the
camera, and will be continually discovered, they get angry sometimes and
we finally depart from a game that finds its depth and power after a
certain command. We can blame their genes enemies apparently disabled,
their bearing demand as three meters and their ears are not more
effective. But would sharpen their senses to make the game horribly
difficult to target an enemy’s head from time-especially at the
beginning of the game is also noted that until the third chapter, the
use of holy CQC prove enough (too) easy, pick up a certain enemy meaning
neutralization. But gradually as you progress through the game, the
combat soldiers know your entries, and apart from taking them by
surprise, our attacks will turn against us generally.

Beautiful, long, rich and filled to the brim with gags hilarious or
impulsive, we certainly want our hands a UMD richest ever produced to
date. So large tote tribute to what the PSP has offered the best since
its market launch, the title takes the liberty of not limiting his
references to the saga, Metal Gear, but the great family of the console.
The Boss singing at Project Diva , the hidden island of monsters to
play a game of Monster Hunter … It would be tedious to list references
that will grow a little yelp of joy to the players cultivated. Just
can’t be blamed under a facility management data rather strange. Unlike
other titles available on the console and offering such an option very
comfortable, the use of installed data is automatically canceled if you
dare put your console on standby. Note that the levels are not very
large but well filled and so many by putting them end to end, it still
gets a great playground and not just in the architectural sense of the

The Review you have just read does not reveal everything. That’s why we
let you discover the pleasure of surprising moments … its like
building or recruit … You failed us! No, we will say no more! Remember
that Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is a sure bet not to be missed. It
is without doubt one of the best current games on PSP. A real breath of
fresh air which is good for our PSP and the series. Do not hesitate, go
for it!


Heir to a great tradition of hide and seek filled with treasures
themselves well hidden, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker embodies one of
the richest mobile titles released in recent months. In addition to
passages stealth action as they are waiting, we also offer a lot of
sides to exciting and addictive that will increase the life span in
proportion to your curiosity. Capturing enemies, your database
management, manufacturing and inventions of new weapons, management of
mercenaries, the immense opportunities available to the player evoke the
richness of a Pokemon . Achieving flamboyant does remember, however
painful the first two hours are needed for the player to select and tame
a very special handling, because the physical limitations of the
console. The imbalance of difficulty found face bosses will also force
the player to dig up some friends to play together if he does not feel
frustrated to multiply missions annexes to improve his arsenal. For the
rest, it’s all good. One of the games of the year on this machine, no




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