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The young guys at Kaos Studios have found a publisher’s foremost THQ,for their next production, a Frontlines: Fuel of War. Despite the result in below expectations, this collaboration continues today with a new action game for THQ subjective invited to discover the local New York studio, Homefront. Kaos Studio’s Homefront will be a FPS where the U.S. are occupied by North Korea, which may remind some events taking place right now in this country.

Homefront is set ten years into a worldwide energy crisis, and follows the American Civilian struggle as they battle to regain their homeland from an cruel North Korean occupation. With the fourth leading standing military in the earth, the now nuclear North Korea has overtaken not just South Korea, also has turn into a major internal peril to a harassed United States. Information of the profession will be exposed in future updates, over and above having mysteries unraveled in the single player operation.

Homefront isn’t on departing to war on the other side of the globe or battling aliens from another planet; it’s concerning combating foreign occupiers in your personal backyard and protecting your right to live. Featuring a private, story-driven sole player campaign and a complete suite of multiplayer options, Homefront is planned for release on the Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3 and Windows PC.

Game Story:

No wonder New Yorkers Kaos Studios, creators of Frontlines: Fuel of War, have decided that the enemy of his new title is the North Korean army. And North Korea is the victim of several offenses committed, they say, by the United States and the U.S. intention to invade the country during the Korean War that ended in the year 53. North Korea is one of the few countries where they could talk about brainwashing of the population and that the system of propaganda (and punishments) has successfully completed its mission to alienate the population, and the information that the North Koreans outside have little or directly lie. The atmosphere, at least for the information we know from the journalists who visit the country incognito, posing as tourists, not far from the situation described by George Orwell in the book 1984.

The current president of the North Korean Kim Jong-il (the son of Kim Il Sung, the previous ruler) allows the death and starvation of its people spending all the money the country to strengthen its army, the fourth military power in the world and in the maintenance effective system of propaganda. It is estimated that there are horrible concentration camps in those charged with human evidence as well as all types of medieval torture and punishment that sometimes stretch, but have not committed any crime, even the children and even grandchildren of arrest. A crime in North Korea may be, for example, across the border in search of food or simply to speak well of Japanese capitalism.

On the other hand, the last Stalinist utopia needs from nuclear weapons to defend itself against its enemies, threatening to them whenever you can, and today, when writing this paper, the relations between North and South Korea are in a state of maximum tension, following the sinking of a South Korean ship on 26 March that killed 46 members of the crew. A new war in Korea is possible and would mean tensions between China and the United States, both of which influence economic, political or military on the North and South respectively, with obvious repercussions worldwide.

As you can imagine this is a perfect enemy for a game and a fresh and contemporary context, here treated from the context of fiction or what if, as the North Korean government is militaristic, brutal, manipulative, and leaves no gray areas as to the morality of their actions. And is that the script will run Homefront in 2027 when, after a series of events that will discuss later, the North Korean army will invade San Francisco and much of the United States.

Game Features:

  • Discover a terrifyingly plausible near-future world – the familiar has become alien in this nightmare vision of Occupied USA.
  • Fight for a cause – join a cast of memorable characters as your resistance cell wages a guerrilla war against overwhelming military odds in the name of Freedom.
  • Witness the human cost of war – a gripping story from the pen of John Milius is told through immersive, interactive 1st person cut scene.
  • Experience explosive FPS gameplay – battle through a dynamic mix of infantry and vehicle combat in a gripping single player campaign boasting intense, memorable set pieces.
  • Take the battle online – experience large scale multiplayer action like never before in epic infantry and vehicle warfare.

A script worthy of a movie:

The great challenge of Kaos Studios was to answer the following question: How is it possible that North Korea invaded the U.S.? That is why to make history himself called the Homefront John Milius, screenwriter of such films as Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn, and give even more credibility has been advised of Tae Kim, a CIA agent specializing in Asian territory. He himself was on hand to explain during the presentation of the game that took place last week in New Yok, the facts that would allow a North Korean invasion of the United States, step by step and year after year, posing as if it were a future possible.

According to the script of the play, the course of history changed completely when he dies the current North Korean President Kim Jong-Il and his son succeed him. Thus the only communist dynasty would continue the fiction proposed by Homefront when Kim Jong-A came to power in 2012 a fresh start and the intention to put an end once and for all the differences between North and South Korea.

His charisma and youth have a positive impact on public opinion and achieve their goals of unification in 2015, when the Koreas are unified, bringing benefits to the North in the form of money, troops and military-technological power (largely obtained from the previous alliance U.S. and South Korea). In 2018, Japan invaded seizing its economy, its nuclear weapons and the human personnel, thereby creating the Union of Southeast Asia in 2021, which would soon require the U.S. government to withdraw troops from bases in Asia. Korea’s economic power would be enormous to cause a recession in the U.S. and also that year an unknown flu would hit North America, killing millions of people and intesificando further the country’s economic attrition.

Finally, in 2025, North Korea would invade the United States, entering by the San Francisco Bay, after launching a satellite into space as a Trojan horse postmodern Actually it would be an electromagnetic pulse that would prevent communications and provoke chaos across the country, allowing the North Koreans away to enjoy the west coast of the United States. In 2027 appear small American resistance would use guerrilla tactics to attack the invading army.

Humanized Action:

Homefront is a FPS that reflects the horrors of war to count the unhappy unbalanced progress of American resistance, formed by men and women with no military experience, on a desperate mission to regain their freedom. Interestingly, the North Koreans will pollute the Mississippi River nuclear materials, thus separating the east coast the rest of the country and this is the place where you will develop multiplayer game. Although boys Kaos Studios have refused to reveal more about the Homefront online, all you have told us it would be “something incredible and never been done before in the field of multiplayer modes.”

But, returning to single player campaign, we must say we did not expect much from Homefront a week ago, when we travel to Kaos studies in New York and explained to us the exceptional script. In fact, the game produced by THQ is presented as a title that could be located halfway between the action of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and how to tell of Half Life 2, using a web of fiction in the future but with situations names, countries and real weapons.

In a mission that showed us we saw how the protagonist, a pilot who suffer an accident, wakes up in a camp of resistance. The camps are crowded, even though life will be very happy there: All dressed in torn clothing resistant and survive on food they prepare themselves and grow, ammunition and medicines in short supply and is often heard groans of the sick, the children sleep beside the fire to warm and people will have mercy on his current misery, having been the most powerful nation on earth. There is no doubt that the situation is dramatic and desperate. Useful members of the resistance will invite us to participate in their particular battle against the North Koreans and everyone has their own personality, but interact with them as happens in Half Life 2, that is, in a scripted.

Once in the battlefield, the resistance will use guerrilla tactics combined with modern weapons recovered from the U.S. Army. In another of the missions we had to wait for an incendiary missile is divided into parts to end impacting against a Korean base, having to finish off the survivors with the sniper rifle. The show will be Dante and the maximum pressure, as many of our allies will not withstand the extreme of these situations and see them crumble psychologically endangering the mission. Also make mistakes because, as we have said, there will be professional fighters, but ordinary people have been forced to fight his release. In Kaos Studios do not expect the gameplay is what surprised the player, as it will play like any other FPS, but the way they tell the story and the tempo at levels that will be developed.

Seems that in some missions also a pilot helicopters and it is very possible that other vehicles. During the presentation we saw as a combat vehicle, like a tank but more modern and fast, automatically had enemies who had set previously.

Technically, Homefront will have a good lighting and detailed models of characters and scenarios. It worked a lot on the design of scenarios to be credible locations and typically American. We will see backyards, parking lots of stores, public parks, military bases improvised, etc. The sound is excellent, certainly one of the best features of the game, which will feature music orchestrated and dynamic multi-layered, different shooting distances loudly and speak to include a licensed soundtrack, auque nothing is confirmed yet.

Homefront has left us pleasantly surprised by the originality of his proposal and the excellent depth of the script. It is destined to become one of the sleepers of the year because they have been waiting to have something good and consistent before releasing information and images circulated among the media. Coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC later this year if the development does not suffer any delay, but the truth is that THQ has not yet unveiled the final date. It is likely that over the next E3 know new information about the new title of Kaos Studios.


A display that is visually impressive, although the game – then Xbox 360 – still suffering from a lot of approximations in the management of textures in the character models or initializing. So many points on which the developers are still working while the output should not take place before – no doubt – the beginning of next year. A presentation that we subsequently allowed to ask many questions of the young guys in Kaos.A demo explosive and nervous, full of promise, especially as it was then that the first public appearance of the title they expected a lot. The future we will discover other motorized devices.


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