F.3.A.R. (F.E.A.R 3) Preview


This has been known for a while now, the third installment of the saga FEAR no longer developed by Monolith Productions but by Day 1 Studios, who were to be the console port of the first installment of the series. Interactive, inside a room dedicated and decorated for the occasion that we could not discover the first son of Alma, now pregnant with a new offspring. This year the fair has decided it was time to freak again.

Game Story:

F.3.A.R. is a stressful emotion aroused by approaching danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is genuine or expected. An elite and covert squadron of dedicated soldiers recruited from the planet’s top underground military organizations, built to react to national fear of a paranormal or mystical nature. (F.E.A.R. – First Encounter Assault Recon).

About 9 months ago, Point Man and his F.E.A.R. squadron were tapped to end an unidentified man who had commandeered a undisclosed division of telepathically-controlled super soldiers at the Armacham research facility in the Northwestern US city of Fairport. At some stage in the mission, Point Man learned that the guy wasn’t functioning alone. In fact, the very people Point Man was functioning to wipe out were his telepathic, cannibalistic brother, Paxton Fettel, and his tormented and psychically powerful mother, Alma Wade—products of Armacham’s perverse telepathic experiments. Despite this disclosure, Point Man moved ahead with the standing F.E.A.R. team orders to bring to an end the targets at anyhow. In a last-ditch effort to end the pair’s homicidal rampage, the F.E.A.R. squad set in motion an volatile series of actions that apparently accomplished their purpose but at the cost of ravaging the town, its population and almost all of Point Man’s team mates.

For months after the blast, events in Fairport have made it apparent that Alma’s psychic influence survives—and inferior, her paranormal power is rising and spilling into actuality. Now her supernatural agony constantly rocks the town as she endeavor to secure the survival of her family background and bring back together her family. Armacham’s security strength remains violently focused on eliminating all proof of the events in the city, and the remaining F.E.A.R team carries on the mission to end Alma. With the chain of command broken down and Point Man calling his own shots, where will his loyalty lie? With his brother Paxton Fettel, back from the dead, appraoching with an undecided agenda and refusing to leave Point Man’s side?

FEAR 3, which will be released in fall 2010 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC (Windows), will immerse players in a frightening world where the paranormal is law. Intense fighting scenario and panting on the program, while the unique system of cooperation differ mark a new evolution of the franchise. FEAR . 3 sees the return of Alma, and especially his two son, and Paxton Fettel Point Man, players can learn to embody two distinct mode cooperation. Players can then use the different abilities of the two characters, which will affect their own game and that of their partner.

In single player or cooperative gamers will embody Point Man, a genetically enhanced super soldier who had already appeared in FEAR . The first part of the series, and co-op mode only, to his brother Paxton Fettel incredible telepathic powers that enabled back from the dead. The game is developed by Day 1 Studios, which had already developed the first FEAR in conjunction with Monolith Studios.


Paxton Fettel:
Paxton Fettel is the second prototype of the secret experiment run by ATC. He was scientifically created as Harlan Wade’s insurance plan in case his older brother, original prototype Point Man, didn’t perform as planned. Fettel grew up under constant testing and monitoring, to eventually be able to telepathically control an army of clone soldiers.

Fettel transformed from a prized weapon to a homicidal cannibal as a result of his synchronicity with Alma where she was able to transmit commands to Fettel through a merging of consciousness. He seized telepathic control of the clone army built to do Armacham’s bidding and killed anyone and anything that got in the way of reconnecting with his captive mother. During the rampage, he faced Point Man, who killed him with a bullet to his head.

Fettel’s psychic powers overrode his corporeal fate and now Fettel’s spirit is bound to Point Man, haunting and taunting him with an unclear agenda.

Point Man is the original prototype of a secret experiment run by Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) to create powerful telepaths with the ability to control an army of supersoldiers. He was strategically incubated in the womb of a paranormally gifted and scientifically tormented Alma Wade – Harlan Wade’s personal donation to science.

Harlan wanted the original prototype to be completely malleable to the needs of the project, so he was assigned only a secret name that very few know. For his purposes of his later assignment with the clandestine, government funded First Encounter Assault Recon (F.E.A.R.) team, he was given the moniker “Point Man” so at least his teammates would have something to call him. As an elite soldier with reflexes well beyond the human norm, Point Man was recruited into F.E.A.R. and adopted his squad mates as his makeshift family. His extensive military training in tactics, problem solving, hand-to-hand combat and super-human speed make him a key member of the team.

During his first mission, Point Man strictly followed orders that resulted in him putting a bullet in his biological brother’s head and setting off an explosion to destroy Alma that killed thousands of innocent civilians, including his F.E.A.R. squad mates. With the chain of command broken and Point Man calling his own shots, where will his allegiance lie? With his brother Paxton Fettel, back from the dead, arriving with an unclear agenda and refusing to leave Point Man’s side? With his pregnant mother Alma and her horrifically twisted, yet immensely powerful paranormal existence? Or with his remaining F.E.A.R. squad brethren who are hell bent on saving the world, but at the cost of destroying the only blood ties Point Man has ever had?

Founded in 1964, Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) started out as a domestic technology firm with interests in aerospace and medical innovations. They soon expanded into additional fields, such as cryogenics, nuclear technology, and genetics and cloning. ATC prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology, with R&D occurring primarily for military applications. They can be extremely unethical with regards to their methods.

Due to the sensitive nature of ATC’s business, ATC has a few security forces to maintain the secrecy of their technology. This includes aggressive and disciplined soldiers that intelligently utilize cover to search for and ambush their target. They coordinate with other squad members to provide suppressing fire, execute flanking maneuvers and to patrol and search an area. Phase Soldiers are human soldiers but they possess a technology that allows them to become momentarily insubstantial; granting them the ability to simply pass through solid matter like walls and other flat surfaces. Phase Casters are human soldiers as well but they possess a technology that allows them to transport conventional soldiers in to an encounter via phase portals on flat surfaces. ATC also has mechanized armor such as the Power Armor, Enhanced Powered Armor, and the Mech Mule for squad assistance.


The scenario of three FEAR takes place nine months after the events in the second episode and Alma, the enfant terrible, is pregnant to the teeth. It seems that her pain and her contractions are one of the reasons leading to the emergence mass of monsters and other foul creatures. A story that always boosted and will also reintroduce the hero of the first episode, The Point Man, now faces the ghost of Paxton Fettel, he killed a few months ago. But instead of confronting them directly in a fight to death to find out once and for all which one is strongest, Day 1 Studios has decided to bring them to work together and enrich each powers and abilities they have in their possession.

In fact the whole point of this F.3.AR was truly designed for cooperation with two completely different characters, offering two distinct gameplay. On the one hand, The Point Man is rather the kind of soldier who wields complete firearms as a person. Inevitably, with liabilities of former elite soldier, no weapons secrets from him and the triggers easy opt more readily for its arguments. Paxton Fettel however, because of its status wandering ghost, can appeal to psychokinetic powers. Constantly surrounded by a red aura, it is capable of stopping any enemy attack to turn against the sender, or better to levitate his opponents to force them to implode of themselves. The other peculiarity of Fettel is also the option to take possession of the body of any individual to embody during a specified time. This allows the character to benefit equally from firearms, which are still the main ingredient of any self-respecting FPS.

Neo And Goku:

One finds the duo shot a son of Alma cursed with one side very bearded Pointman (hero of the first FEAR ) and the other his charming brother Paxton Fettel, back from the dead for the occasion. These two protagonists who disagreed really like hand in glove will return to the scene of events cursed from its epic confrontation eventually meet the newest addition to their family so functional. Viewpoint gameplay , it means that a player will live experience “classic” series Pointman flying a heavily armed and skilled in bullet time while his companion will play a ghostly Fettel can launch energy balls (sic), to levitate enemies for better water Kamehameha or to possess any target to inherit his abilities and / or weapons. Former bad guy in the first FEAR will also be a much different view of events (death makes colorblind apparently) with a color palette that gave a very noisy very ketchup-esque appearance with hemoglobin kindly shared by our victims.

The architecture of levels traversed during this presentation seemed to further break with the original spirit of FEAR to accentuate further the concatenation of corridors FEAR 2: Project Origin , skirmishes with the missing mass and enemies to tail single file in a total indifference. The alternation between action scenes pechu and anxiety characteristic of the series also seems to have taken a blow with the arrival of the cooperative mode, since only “full hallucinations” we were offered this time instead of the usual (and subtle) fleetingly limit our field of vision. The concatenation of massacres and the flight in front of our two “heroes” accentuated the transition between the action-horror and complete buggers to end in a climax when almost comical Pointman Fettel and each found themselves in command of a big mech armed with heavy machine guns and a big laser cannon front.

Finally, you need to know is that the developers have pushed the vice further by providing the opportunity for two people to join forces and fight more effectively together. Faced with tough bosses or creatures that die hard, team is often the best way to stay alive as long as possible. Side realization F.3.AR part of FPS who received an allocation of production comfortable. The textures are detailed, vibrant colors and different characters of the game carefully modeled. The action, on the appointment, offers good punchy sequences, while the reintroduction of the horror will allow players eager thrill of getting their money. We do more than slow the game to test knowledge that has come forth to Little Miss Alma.

As it stands, it is still too early to know whether this new title will be a good shooter at its output end of the year, but it is already more or less guaranteed it will be a very bad FEAR in the mind. A transition from a classic PC franchise to the wonderful world of the console, really.


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