The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Preview


If you thought that you had done with The Lord of the Rings, you were wrong. There are still many nooks and crannies to explore in the world of Tolkien and Warner intends to scrutinize. With this new adaptation, and you’ll discover how the progression of Sauron has been hampered in the northern territories.

Developed in involvement with Middle-Earth Enterprises, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North discover both recognizable and unique narrative elements, since Warner Bros.. Interactive Entertainment owns the privileges to develop games based on fictional works and films of The Lord of the Rings franchise. A game for adults, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North will occur in Middle-earth and seem to reform the music all the way through an online cooperative mode that let players interconnected to form a company individually, consisting highest of three members, to clash the forces of Sauron in the North.

Game Story:

The storms of change are blowing throughout Middle-earth, and disturbing developments are forcing its population into battle. Some have crooked a blind eye, uninformed of the actions in distant lands, and others have been aggressively but faintly observing the developments. Yet the time is impending when all the population of the Middle-earth will participate a role in its future, happily or not.

By means of The LOTR: War in the North, Snowblind will offer a set of action-RPG for players, along with actions and places from the inventive book by JRR Tolkien Geithman. This game symbolizes the natural progression of the legendary role-playing game system urbanized by Snowblind in recent years. The gamers and fans will experience a ground-breaking approach to online two-way play.

Within The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, players can turn out to be heroes of the huge encounter of the North, a major event in the gory combat of the Ring. They will notice unknown lands, but also fresh characters and picture of Middle Earth, while finding the common essentials of the films. They have way in to customization and a principally rich development of their idol, lots of options for cooperative play, and a range of weapons, ability and talents to get better.

Race of Man:

The Dunedain are descended from the Men of Numenor, who were the most advanced and noble of the houses of Man. They have fallen on hard times with the destruction of the Kingdom of Arnor, but a remnant of their race still labors on to make the North a safer place and to keep alive the claim of Isildur’s Heir.

These people live a hard life, constantly fighting against the forces of darkness, yet distrusted and unappreciated by the very people they protect. Most people consider them rough and possibly dangerous.


The Elves of Middle-earth are the oldest of the races, and most have left for other realms. Those that remain do so out of a love for the land and a sense of responsibility and friendship for those who must remain behind.Elves have long memories and have seen many sorrows in their time. Naturally they have the greatest sense of history since even the events of thousands of years before were lived by their parents or grandparents.

One of the things that great age and wisdom teaches the Elves is that whenever possible the small pleasures of life should be enjoyed. Thus this race has a love of song, dance, art, and a deep connection to nature. Outsiders often misinterpret this behavior, considering Elves carefree and unconcerned with the troubles that beset the world.

Nothing could be further from the truth however, since Elves have the deepest understanding of the nature of the evil that threatens Middle-earth. At need, Elves are among the greatest and most skilled of warriors. In the hidden refuge of Rivendell, there are Elves that keep alive the ancient arts and sciences of their kind, making them skilled healers and practitioners of mystical arts.


Dwarves are frequently gruff, but many are heroes—wise, compassionate, and thoughtful. They can be quick to take offense at slights and do not suffer fools lightly. While they usually prefer the ways of their own people, they also respect and value others who display courage and wisdom.

Their short stature and brash nature betrays their strong loyalty and dedication. Once deep ties are established, they will fiercely defend their territory. Those who underestimate their ability to burrow down and hold their ground will be surprised by their unwavering allegiance to their values.In short, Dwarves can be strong friends and dangerous enemies.

History to remain faithful to the idea of the brotherhood, rather crucial in the original work, the studio has decided to focus Snowblind beat’em all his / slasher on the cooperation between three individuals. Three characters with the heavy task of preventing the domination of Sauron on the northern territories. Whether playing online or locally, or even alone with the AI, so it’s always a group that you have to face the danger in relying on the complementarity of a dwarf, an elf and a wizard human. Each with special abilities which will serve both as the rest of her group. The sorcerer, for example, may create a protective bubble where everyone can come and shelter history to avoid bad beats.


It is also the only one who can combine ingredients to create items for other characters. The Elf on the other hand is able to follow a track seeing the traces left on the ground and will therefore often lead the rest of the troupe. The dwarf has a similar ability being able to distinguish the weaknesses of a wall that then cheerfully smash with a sledgehammer, revealing a hidden way. And besides these special abilities, each has its own strengths and weaknesses in combat, the dwarf particularly effective in close combat, the elf more useful at long distance with his bow. We know the refrain very fashionable these days: cooperation is key. And indeed, during the two big fights presented, it was better able to work together than to remain in his corner.

This is an opportunity to experience a part of the War of the Ring rarely operated with a scenario certified 100% faithful to the original work by the penny-pinchers of Tolkien Enterprises. This mark of authenticity does not mean that The Lord of the Rings: The War of Northern we will suffer the whining of a gardener too curious or delusions Emocore a regent since suicide is an issue here adventure “brutal” and especially “badass”. Let. To help recreate this ode to the school of thought CliffyB-ian, the development team we plunge straight into the action for a little ride on the backs of giant eagles interrupted by an attack on a Nazghul necessarily aggressive.

Because it is obviously no question of playing the lone wolves in The Lord of the Rings: War in the North , even solo where our teammates will simply be managed by artificial intelligence. Combining the strengths and weaknesses of each character is undeniably a must win for the servants of the enemy, especially as each person inherits unique racial abilities inaccessible to his companions (the elf can hunt down the enemies, the human manufacture ointments using herbs found on the road and the dwarf will find secret passages in some structures).

Throughout the game, it should be possible to further enhance the interdependence and / or specialties of our trio, thanks to the presence of a character sheet in good and due form, but also an inventory screen to fill with trinkets unearthed across the region. We never found a better use of the loot to justify the massacres in the chain, but all our meetings will not be translated by a giant stick in The Lord of the Rings: War in the North . A dialogue system quite similar to that of Mass Effect has been effectively integrated into the game by Snowblind Studios.

The battle against the troll has also demonstrated the importance of such coordination. Considering the size and strength of the beast, it is preferable to put all the odds in his favor. The shield is the best way not to pick up rocks on the face and the dwarf has more chances to hit the creature while it is employed to avoid the arrows of the elf. And in the worst case, if you fall in battle, you can always expect to be revived by a potion crafted by the sorcerer. Obviously, the question that arises is that the effectiveness of the AI if you play alone. Outside of combat, the E3 demo also flew over the system dialogue that gives War in the North RPG aspect.

Here we find a tree to conduct a conversation, ask questions or simply choose whether you prefer good luck to a person or direct to be careful. If the options are complete, the demo has however not really clarify the importance of these dialogues and their potential impact. And what we have seen, we doubt that they really have. Similarly, many questions relating to the customization of the characters remain. In sum, if the game has proven itself in terms of action, it remains a little hungry on our appearance RPG.

Rather nice and reinforced by a scene-oriented spectacle, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North promises to be an action-RPG cooperative (a mode split-screen two is expected on consoles, the third player will apparently invest in a second machine) rather nice, is expected to be able to try out its planned for next year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


Snowblind follows the formula of cooperation in a universe that lends itself perfectly and we propose a new “brotherhood” made a trio whose complementarity seems quite relevant. All seems to work quite well but this brief overview raises many questions that intrigue. However, difficult not to trust the creators of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, despite a change of angle of view, remain in a style of gameplay they can.


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