Red Faction: Armageddon Preview


This generation of action games have lavished much, no doubt, which means that often differentiate between cost, as many common elements and just take resembling each other. Still, many action games added a new feature and hope that they make out in front of others. Sometimes that’s enough to rise above others, especially when it involves changes at playable and exploit opportunities. Other times the game is somewhat curious, but does not go deeper. The developers of Red Faction: Armageddon have wanted his game stands out for a new feature and, having seen a demo of the game, we believe that they can get, because the concept can give a lot of game.

Red Faction has always enjoyed a little touch of originality to stand out. The ability to destroy the scenery, dear to the series, has evolved over the episodes to become both fun and realistic. But this new episode will also bring its own set of ideas so that the player did not feel going in circles.

The short presentation to which we attended and we showed the fighting underground, on a very hostile planet Mars. The aliens who assaulted many ugly and the hero could be pushed back with conventional weapons, but most importantly, interactivity with the backgrounds brought a lot of creativity during the fighting. A magnet gun, sort of gravity gun remodeled, allowed to play with such enemies as puppets, and send them merrily explode against a wall. The objects could also be handled, opening the door to many options and mechanisms of play

About the Game:

Half a century following the Red Faction resistance and their Marauder allies secure Mars from the vicious Earth Defense Force, harmony on Mars is once more in danger but this time by a deadly force masked in mystery. When the enormous Terraformer that materials Mars with its Earth-like air and weather is smashed, the atmosphere turns to chaos, super-tornados and lightning hurricane overwhelm the planet. To stay alive, the Colonists run away to the underground mines and assembled a network of livable caves.

After 5 years, Darius Mason, grandson of Martian Revolution heroes Alec Mason and Samanya, carrying a lucrative business from Bastion, subversive hub of Colonist movement Mining, scavenging, mercenary work–if the task is unsafe, Darius is your man. Few sane citizens now venture to the destroyed surface, away from service provider like Darius and the smugglers who run goods between the settlements.

When Darius is tricked into reopening an inexplicable shaft in an old Marauder temple, he discharges a long-dormant evil and set free Armageddon on Mars. As Colonist and Marauder defrayal are torn asunder, only Darius and the Red Faction can prevent mankind. The encounter will take them crossways the storm-blasted planet, and under it, to the very heart of the disgusting danger.

The game is set in a pretty bleak future in which infection is spreading around the globe making terrible monsters appear everywhere. Humans remain underground in huge underground complex in the struggling simply to survive. The demo we saw was located precisely in one of these complexes that the protagonist be cleaned to allow passage of a convoy. Appeared shortly after arriving hordes of creatures that seemed mutants or demons or creatures that ultimately populate these games of this type. But fortunately we will not have to face them with the usual weapons, but we will have at our disposal a terribly useful tool: electromagnetism.

A weapon that will give much play:

The idea is that we can launch magnetic beads that stick to the surface where they shoot. With the first shot, nothing will happen, but if you shoot a second time, the two elements on which shooting will join in, destroying everything in its path there. For example, if you shoot first and then a box at the top of a crane, the box will fly to the crane and the crane until the box, destroying the move the rest of the structure and everything that is near (for the collapse of the structure). It is really great and can give the game a lot. It is amazing as well as affected the stage, which is completely destructible. But not only can we use our weapon magnetic objects but we can shoot enemies and watch as they come through the air. Very funny.

But if this gun is the center of the game, not the only thing that makes Red Faction: Armageddon, because we have other weapons rather novel, one that allows us to create some structures similar to the concrete. This can be used to create us coverage, for example, although you will go broke, but also to make things more complex. In the demo that we showed we could see how the protagonist created a room around cube-shaped, being defended from attacks by enemies (though of course they could not be reached for his soul). No doubt this also opens up many possibilities, since we can create structures that serve for the plans we have drawn. Another interesting detail is that the structures that we believe can also be used with magnetic weapon and therefore become weapons in themselves. We do not know if there will be a time limitation to use these two weapons, especially the second, it seems quite powerful, but certainly we can give much play and little that the designers have developed good levels, we can find to a reamente fun and innovative concept.

When playing, as mentioned, the game allows you to use cover, although the system is slightly different from Gears of War (great news, because today it seems that all shooters must have third party the same system), though of course the concept is the same. As we saw, at least in the version shown, the enemies are quite numerous, which will have to find a good strategy for survival, for which we will be tremendously useful to the possibilities discussed earlier.

Destroy everything in your path:

Graphically the game looks quite good, with a high graphic level, looking really good. We found a very solid game with at least what we saw in the demo, very large scenarios, even underground. As discussed earlier, the whole scenery is destructible, which is particularly well seen when we use our weapon to bring two surfaces. The character models are very good too and the enemies, if somewhat generic, look good and appear in a fairly large number, putting things difficult.

The truth is that this Red Faction: Armageddon has done enough grace and believe that both the magnetic gun like that can create structures can give a lot game. It remains to be seen whether it will draw well, of course, but really it seems that the result is quite spectacular, especially seeing as the scene is destroyed by the use of arms. It also seems that the game will have a pretty intense action with a very high number of enemies. The truth is that we are looking forward to the game to test ourselves and see how it all works, but the truth is that when the thing promised.

A special artifact also allowed the hero to rebuild what was destroyed, which could for example be used to rebuild a shelter to take cover there. Used in the heat of the action, this kind of small discovery gave a very dynamic confrontations. While it will obviously wait to test the thing throughout the game to see if this will work only in carefully planned sequences thereto, or if the player can really use his head to adjust his tactics in battle by his desires. To remain in the arsenal of futuristic and we could see the hero get into a high-powered metal armor. Once in control, the alien no longer weighed very heavy, and such sequences should also be made in respect of the dose killing frenzy that can also wait for a shooting game for the third person.


The level of demolition appears on par and the fresh apparatus look like suitably oriented for using damage as a weapon as an alternative of just causing it as a purpose. Not very beautiful but not ugly either, and with some interesting ideas, Red Faction: Armageddon may have an outside chance to exist when it arrives in 2011 on HD consoles and PC.



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